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Chapter 352 - A guild with a rule

Chapter 351 – Time to open guild recruitment

”Huh? ” Liam blinked his eyes, waking up to the sound of his sister. ”You all are back already? ” A big yawn escaped his mouth.

”Back already? Brother! ” Mei Mei huffed, putting both her hands on her hips.

”We struggled for like 10 hours to get this achievement! And you are asking back already? What are you talking about? ”

”10 hours huh… ” Liam cleared his throat awkwardly as he saw the group of people crowded around him.

He looked well-rested with a prominent grass head. Anyone who saw him needed only one glance to guess what he had been up to.

While the rest of the group had been tirelessly working hard, fighting with their lives on the line, staring point-blank at death numerous times, and eventually slaughtering their way through the dungeon to obtain the glorious first achievement, this guy was sleeping.

Anyone else might have been conscious of this fact, but Liam only shamelessly grinned. ”Not bad. You guys actually did it so soon? I expected you all to take at least a day. ”

Liam was laughing, but everyone knew that he was not joking. The difficulty of ’Rock Temple ’ dungeon was simply ridiculous.

It had strong earth attribute mobs, solid elites, and lastly, an insane boss that loved throwing tantrums, rock grabber Grull.

He was the biggest headache in the dungeon. He had a signature attack called Rock Fall that rained big dense boulders from the sky.

This attack required the players to observe the shadows on the ground and move accordingly.

In theory, it might sound simple but when actually doing it, the attack was hellish and unforgiving.

Nevertheless, there wasn ’t a single person regretting running this dungeon at the moment.

This was because the dungeon was as equally rewarding as it was difficult.

Though the dungeon mechanics tended to test the players ’ limits, most of the drops were precious raw materials, skill books, and recipe books.

Particularly, an abundant amount of herbs and ores could be obtained from this dungeon.

Below Level 50, this was the single most valuable treasure trove for raw materials.

In his last theory, there was a theory that if one ran this dungeon enough number of times, it was possible for them to obtain every single ore and herb in the game.

Hence, this was the first dungeon Liam thought of as soon as he decided to create a guild.

Soon it was inevitable that certain infamous guilds would try to occupy dungeon territories and monopolize grinding areas.

Other individual players and smaller guilds would struggle a lot because of this, finding it difficult to improve themselves.

Everyone would curse these guilds and call them greedy scoundrels, and heartless scumbags. However, Liam had nothing against these guilds.

In fact, he was planning to use the same strategy as them, but the difference was… he knew what he was doing.

And this particular dungeon, Liam was not going to let any other player ever enter.

Their guild would be the only guild to monopolize it and reap the rewards from the beginning until the very bitter end!

However, all that had to wait for another few hours.

Liam grinned. He looked at the bursting faces in front of him and again asked. ”So? How did it go? How was the haul? ”

EEEEEEE! Mei Mei was the first person to respond and she did it by shrieking, closing her eyes, and clenching her fists.

”Brother, I got two amazing skill books in the dungeon! I learned both of them! One is a group buff and another is a group debuff! ”

Since Liam asked, she did not hold back and started chattering excitedly like a little monkey.

”Brother, too bad you did not see! It was amazing! I was amazing! You can ask sis Yue! ”

”My buff increased everyone ’s speed and debuff decreased the speed of those rock reptiles. ”

”Imagine. Add 5% and then subtract 5%. In total, I alone gave 10% buff to everyone, brother! ”

She even turned to look at Shen Yue for corroborating her story, and poor Shen Yue could only helplessly smile.

She was far too embarrassed to be associated with this kid in front of everyone, but she also understood her plight.

Everyone around the poor girl was more talented and had more combat power. She must feel excited to finally do something significant.

So even though she was embarrassed, she still nodded her head encouragingly and said a few kind words.

”Mei Mei was amazing. We only finished the dungeon thanks to her. ”

What? Shen Yue ’s words made half the group smile bitterly.

If this little girl was amazing, then how were Mia and Derek who basically carried everyone?

However, no one had the guts to say this out loud.

The thief Kim Hyun tip-toed closer to Kang Minah, ”See, that ’s how you should shamelessly flirt. Otherwise, you will not have a chance in this group of beauties. ”

The healer immediately blushed and became flustered at this remark.

”Shut the hell up! What if someone hears you! Do you want me to let your ass die in the next run? ”

Though she chided the idiot, she knew that he was stating the obvious. To get closer to the big boss, this brat was probably the only option.

And clearly, Shen Yue ’s words had a big effect.

Hearing her, Mei Mei looked even happier. She brimmed with joy and looked at Liam who chuckled silently and patted her head.

”Is that so? You did a good job then. ”

Liam then looked at Derek, ”Let me take a look at the raw materials. ”

”Yes, Sir. ” Derek nodded and then emptied his inventory space to form a huge pile of raw materials.

At this stage of the game, no one had probably seen these many ores and herbs dropping from a single dungeon run.

Even they themselves had not realized it as they were fully focussed on other important things while running the dungeon.

And now that they had a chance to see everything together, the glorious loot in its full entirety, they gaped in shock and awe.

Liam was also grinning. ”Just as I expected ”, he muttered under his breath.

Of course, this time the drop was staggeringly exaggerated probably because it was the first run and first achievement.

It was impossible for them to obtain such a huge haul every time they ran the dungeon, but it would still be significant enough to make a difference.

”Sir, there are also these equipment drops and skill books. ”

Liam shook his head. He was not interested in those and he also did not want to monopolize all the drops.

”Feel free to distribute the equipment and skill books. You guys can roll for it. ”

Derek nodded and started working on that.

Alex, who was standing next to him, could not remain silent any longer. She looked at Liam and asked him the obvious question, albeit very hesitantly.

”Ummm… is this a special dungeon for raw materials? ”

She tried her best to be polite and careful with her words and it showed.

Liam was amused. ”What do you think? ” He added with a wink that made the redhead quickly look away.

”Alright. Let ’s not waste any more time. We now got three top-tier achievements back to the back. ”

”This is the perfect time to open guild recruitment. ”

”Mia, you can proceed with the announcement. ”


Immediately, there was a big round of applause.

This was big news. Everyone excitedly congratulated themselves. They had worked hard to get these results. Very hard.

Now it was going to be entertaining to watch the other players scramble to join them and be a part of their group.

They were now only one step away from becoming a famous guild! They might even become a second-tier guild or a first-tier guild directly.

At that time, their guild would become even more famous.

While everyone was boisterously chatting with anticipation and excitement, Mia alone looked hesitant.

”Liam, are we talking about the same settings? Are you sure? ”

She approached him and asked nervously because she knew something that the others did not know yet.

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