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Chapter 353 - Split and Run!

Chapter 352 – A guild with a rule

Guild creation. One of the yet to be uncovered truths in ’Evolution Online ’ was the fluidity and flexibility when it came to creating a guild.

In fact, only after Liam mentioned, Mia came to know that they could lay down the foundation of their guild in a variety of different ways.

And this basically answered the several questions she had.

All of them very valid and reasonable, the most important one being… how could someone who had trust issues bear to actually form and function in a guild?

That too they were not forming a small elite guild of few trusted players. Rather they were creating a big ass guild, welcoming anyone who came their way.

Luckily for Mia, she did not have to think about this for too long. The next second, Liam answered her doubt.

They were indeed going to form a huge guild welcoming every Tom, Dick, and Harry, but there was going to be just one condition.

There was going to be one main distinction between guild members.

And since Liam was a Duke, and already had settlement privileges, they were able to establish this sort of guild, a guild where one was able to completely set their own rules and regulation, no matter how crazy they were, an S-Rank guild.

And their only rule was that… every member who was pledging for the guild needed to pledge loyalty with their souls on the line!

This did not mean that they couldn ’t leave the guild.

They could leave whenever they want, but even if they left, they would never be able to betray the guild. They always had to be loyal.

Others might not know the significance of this rule, but Mia, unfortunately, understood it too well.

When she had asked Liam about it if doing this was really okay, he had simply shrugged and replied.

”I am not forcing anyone. They can join if they want to join. ”

Those who agreed to this rule would become inner members of the guild while those who do not agree to this rule but still want to join the guild would become the outer members, in Liam ’s words ’the cannon fodders ’.

It was just a discussion at that time, but now, they were really going to establish this guild and recruit members based on this rule!

The usually calm and composed ice-cold priestess couldn ’t help but sweat at this thought.

Liam watched her expression and gave another nod. ”Just do it. ” He said.

Mia looked at the guy who was casually resting on the ground in a relaxed manner and then took a deep breath before tapping on the system interface.

This was it. This was the last step and their guild was now fully established and functioning.

Almost a notification popped up on everyone ’s face.

[DING. World Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild for becoming the first S-ranked guild]

[DING. Kingdom Announcement: Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild for becoming the first S-ranked guild]

They got a notification about their guild? Everyone hurriedly opened the guild details and checked it out. It was really their guild!

Crimson Abyss

Guild Rank: S

Guild Leader: Mia Hofstadter

Guild Vice-Leader: Derek Thompson

The guild rank shone brilliantly and proudly, just like the names of the two top leaders.

Until now even the top 10 popular guilds throughout the entire world were only A rank, but now they had established an S rank guild?

This was simply unbelievable.

As members of the guild even they did not know the criteria for this and how this happened.

But just as they wondered about this, everyone suddenly received another shock. Another notification popped up.

Since the guild was re-established in a more formal manner, everyone again had to sign up as a member and promptly received the ’new ’ guild contract.

Well everyone except a few selected individuals.

Liam had already instructed Mia to include another minor rule in the guild formation that excluded him, his sister, Derek, and Shen Yue to sign any contract.

And surprisingly as an afterthought, he also added Mia ’s and Alex ’s names to this list.

However, there were no more exceptions to this list. Everyone else had to sign the contract or else become an outer member.

Liam calmly gazed at each and every person currently standing around them to see if anyone had any issues.

He might know some things about the future, but human reactions were a mystery to him as well. So he was curious how these people would react.

Logically or …

The next second Liam ’s lips curled upwards in a pleasant surprise.

Without any exception, every single person currently in their group readily joined the guild and also signed the contract.

Not one single person hesitated. Even though there was no annual salary, fixed remuneration, or anything of that sort mentioned, no one hesitated.

”Good, ” Liam mumbled in satisfaction. He dusted his back, standing up. ”Now that we got this out of our way, shall we start doing some real work? ”

Everyone excitedly nodded, feeling their pulse rising in anticipation.

Partly because they now felt as if they were a part of something huge and partly because they already knew the next stop on their express train.

They were going to raid a spatial rift!

Unlike a dungeon, this was an entirely different challenge.

Even though conquering a dungeon for the first time was a great achievement, this was a special event that everyone was experiencing for the first time.

Currently, all the limelight was on this event and the general consensus was that the rewards would be unimaginable.

So an achievement in a special event like this was far superior to an achievement in a typical dungeon run.

They might even be able to upgrade their strengths several times and gain some unique treasures or items.

More importantly, no one has yet conquered one of these spatial rifts, so the reward for the first victor was also probably waiting.

Everyone couldn ’t wait to step into a mysterious treasure-filled place like this.

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