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Chapter 355 - lnvisible enemy

Chapter 354 – Derek was losing?


Liam watched the motley group of demons rage towards the area where their group had been previously standing.

”Just like I thought… this is a ridiculous number. ” He grinned, observing the huge herd of demons pouring out like ants.

They dumbly looked around, wondering where their prey went.

With these many demons, a guild ’s entire force was required to face their strength.

Moreover, they did not have just numbers on their side.

Most of the demon soldiers were very experienced fighters, high leveled, and they had an extreme penchant for murdering and slaughtering.

This gave them a berserk power.

Liam was well aware of this both from his previous life and from this life, from fighting side by side with this same faction.

This was why it was better to divide and conquer, at least for now, when their guild strength was not enough.

This difference in numbers was not something that could be easily overcome.

If someone underestimated their strength in numbers, they would only be making a grave mistake.

This was what other guilds were doing, and Liam was not planning to make the same error.

He cautiously moved away from the horde, ensuring that his [Stealth] was still active.

A couple of seconds later, the horde of demons as well dispersed and scattered, now only one bigger chunk hanging around the demon who looked like he was the leader.

”This is my cue. ” Liam hurriedly started moving around the desert.

Luckily, the landscape was not flat, and apart from the huge rocks in between, there was also a thick hazy purple fog in some parts.

Liam used this chance to spot the first group of stragglers.

There were four demons patrolling the area. All of them were around Level 25, and about a mile or so away, there was another group patrolling.

He observed the surroundings and silently unsheathed his purple sword. This was not a job for mana. This was a job for his sword.

He needed to finish the first group without alerting the second group and then finish the second group as well.


Before the demons could wise up to his presence, he dashed forward and swung his sword.

Every single one of his moves was aimed at the enemy ’s vital points, and before anyone could even let out a cry of pain, the fight was already over.

Crimson blood dyed the desert ’s purple sands, and the lifeless bodies of the four demons dropped down.

”4 down. Hundred to go? ”

Liam was calm and steady as he did not stop and rushed toward the next group.

This time there was one demon who was Level 35 and he knew that he wouldn ’t be able to finish this as quietly as before.

”Luna, you are up. ” He let the little fox out, who sprang forward with glee.


The three demons turned to look at the little fox who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Where did this strange creature come from? Was it a friend or a foe?

While they were trying to figure this out, Liam used the element of surprise. He started bombarding the demons, particularly the Level 35 demon at the center, with a variety of attacks.

Luna as well opened her mouth wide and sent out a huge fire burst at the same demon.

While Liam ’s attacks contained precision, control, and strategy, her attacks only contained pure unadulterated power.

Liam was envious of the little thing, but unlike her, he did not eat any flame fragments, so he used the other resources he had at hand.

Without caring about his mana, he used three-fourths of it pretty quickly sending out flashy attacks and then he bolted forward with his sword in hand.

The three-horned demon grunted in pain and bashed Liam with the ax in his hand.

However, when the attack landed, Liam had already evaded in and slashed the big boy with his sword.

This combined with Luna ’s second fire blast swiftly took care of the second demon group, and everyone ’s health bottomed out.

”That was fast. ” Liam activated [Stealth] once again and fed some Stealth potion to Luna.

The duo then once again moved. There were still a huge number of demons that needed to be taken care of.

Meanwhile, the other members of the group were equally busy.

After the first few minutes of nervousness dissipated, everyone began to treat this trip like a competition and started hunting for demons very energetically.

At the top, the team with the highest kill count was unexpectedly Shen Yue and Mei Mei.

Shen Yue had easily charmed a demon and used him as her slave to locate the other demon patrols. So their efficiency skyrocketed.

Standing next to her, Mei Mei also pulled her weight by doing decent damage.

Next to them, in second place was Mia.

Mia had unexpectedly paired up with the Korean mage, Chung Hee, who frantically pulled all sorts of things out of his ass to impress the ice goddess.

Just like her, Alex also teamed up with someone weak, the healer Kang Minah, who did not have much to do as the red-haired beauty took care of everything.

She single-handedly bashed all the demons who came her way and upped their team kill count. They were currently in third place.

The other parties were also not that far away.

As everyone killed more and more demons, they began to realize the awesomeness of this plan.

It was a unique method that was simple and elegant but also brilliant at the same time.

With all the demons spread apart, they were extremely easy to pick on. They were not intimidating at all. Their numbers also did not come into the picture.

Also, these demons gave a lot of experience points.

So the initially tense battle was now nothing more than a sweet grinding spot for fast leveling.

Everything was proceeding very smoothly.

At this rate, without a doubt, their guild was going to be the first one to conquer a rift crystal.

Everyone couldn ’t be more excited. The vigor and the energy with which they hunted for the demons clearly showed this.

However, standing on one side of the desert, Liam alone had a grave expression on his face.

His gaze flickered coldly as he watched Derek ’s health starting to rise and plummet. He also had not typed in the group chat for a while.

Clearly, something was wrong because not only was Derek talented but he was also a tank.

So what could possibly make his health go up and down this casually?

Others might not know this but Liam was already aware of what this might be.

He calmly gazed, his figure already rushing in the direction where Derek was present.

”And now it starts. ”

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