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Chapter 357 - What did she see?

Chapter 356 – lt ’s lit!

Zing! Derek used his shield to block another attack and almost dropped it when he heard Liam ’s words.

However, he had absolute trust and faith in Liam, so he did not question him. Instead, he tried to see what he was missing.

Earlier, when Liam used the same attack, the consequence was terrible. Now, they were planning to use a bigger version of the attack.

How could this be good?

But when Derek glanced at Liam ’s face, he seemed highly confident. There was no doubt or hesitation.

Meanwhile, Luna revealed herself. Liam had dropped her off at a distance for emergencies, and now after hearing his command, she dashed towards him.

[Yes, master]

Luna blinked and opened her tiny mouth.

A big jet of fire appeared from that tiny mouth the next instant, completely dousing the area in front of Liam and Derek in flames.


Immediately, a dozen energy nodes lit up in the area, and all of them sparkled brilliantly. The very sight was breathtaking.

However, each and every single one of them was deadly. They were ticking time bombs. They were fat and pregnant, ready to burst and zap the two of them alive!

They were filled to the brim with energy.

They vibrated, jumping up and down, floating in the middle of the air and occasionally sending out bolts of lightning to do their damage.

Judging from their tiny size, it was hard to believe that these were capable of so much damage, but when Liam looked closer, he saw a silver net-like, thin, almost invisible structure connecting all of them.

So these small nodes were part of a big formation, and the two of them were currently standing in the middle of that formation.

Liam now understood why they began to lose health drastically when they tried moving.

This was a very tricky voidling.

From the looks of it, when the voidlings grouped together their power exponentially increased, thereby making sure that the target was helpless like a fly caught in a spider ’s web.

But Liam was not done yet.

As soon as Luna opened her mouth, he was already ready with the next plan of action.

He took a quick look at the bulging nodes, and he closed his eyes tightly shut. He immediately churned every ounce of mana in his body.

”This better work. ” Liam gritted his teeth and released all the energy at the same time.


A cold chilly, icy aura spread from his body as the next second several icicles shot out from the man.

And each and every single one of them hit their target perfectly. The icicles clashed with the bulbous bodes, piercing them as if they were merely balloons.

But instead of releasing all the pent-up energy from within, the entirety froze and started dropping one after another to the ground.

They were now just oddly shaped frozen balls, cold and lifeless.

”Phew. ” Liam let out a small breath, thankful that his gamble had paid off, and bent down to take a look at one. ”So this is a voidling? ”

The entire thing was still frozen, and he could not observe anything. He also knew that this was not the time to think about this.

The more time they spend inside this spatial crack, the more voidlings they would have to face. Each one would be stronger than the previous one.

And if the first voidling is this strong…

Liam quickly dropped the ice sphere to the ground. It was time to get moving.

However, before he left, he quickly collected all the frozen droppings and tossed them into his inventory space as an afterthought.

”Let ’s go. We need to clear more demons. ”

Derek nodded, and then the two of them began to search for more wandering demons once again.

While they were searching, Liam also made sure to relay the information he had gathered so far in the group chat.

He was now getting more and more used to working with this group of people so their coordination was becoming better.

Everyone worked tirelessly without slacking and pulled their weight in the team. The number of demons in the rift was also steadily decreasing.

More importantly, the demons themselves had not realized that several of their comrades had already been taken care of.

They were only used to fighting together as a group, so this caught them off guard.

Liam knew that they probably could not use this strategy for too long because it was inevitable that the demons wised up to what was happening.

But he had given them far too much credit.

After encountering the first cluster of voidlings, they did not have to face them again, and the demons only realized what was going on after about three-fourths of their force was slaughtered.

Once they realized this, the remaining demons became enraged and loud horns resounded throughout the desert.

”Ok. Time to get back together. ” Liam as well gave the orders. This was the final push they had to fight for, and there was really no other way around it.

However, everyone was now more than ready. They were invigorated by the scam they had managed to successfully pull off

The sight of the demon army now was completely different from the fear-inducing huge horde from before with only a couple dozens or so of demons still standing.

They had lost their numbers and along with it, also their upper hand.

When compared to the bloody battle that they had recently fought with the dark elves, this was absolutely nothing in comparison.

The group organized themselves quickly, taking the most straightforward formation.

Derek, Shin Soo, and Alex stood at the front. Liam stood back along with the healers and the long-range dps.

Attacks flew left and right, and since the number of magic spell casters on the side of the demons were far and few between, there were no other surprises.

The battle was over even before it began.

Unable to withstand the assault of Liam ’s giant fireballs, and Luna ’s fire blasts, a part of the army burnt in agony.

Derek tackled the main leader of the demons who was a strong-armed barbarian. With Alex assisting him, the two of them together finished off the leader quickly.

Shen Yue and the melee players targeted the second group that probably functioned to assist the leader. The group kept them busy, led them away from the leader, and also finished them off.

Mei Mei as well used all of her group buffs and debuffs, significantly increasing the efficiency of the group ’s attacks.

As each demon fell, the attacks snowballed, and soon there were no more demons left standing.

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