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Chapter 36 - Crouching Tigers And Hidden Dragons Part3

”You guys are idiots. If someone is buying something in bulk, it means that he is planning to sell them back at an even higher price and make a killing. ”

”The market will fluctuate and the price will increase further. There is no need to sell now when you can sell later and make even more gold. ”

Hearing the veteran ’s astute remarks, some players immediately stopped selling their wares, but not everyone trusted his judgment.

”Heh! That guy is just jealous and spouting nonsense. Maybe we will get more money later on but having a lot more copper and silver right now is more valuable. ” Someone else shouted and they continued unloading everything without caring too much.

After all, these were still beginner area items and their values would probably never really increase that much.

The veteran could only watch these noobs silently and move on. He didn ’t plan on wasting his time advising a bunch of sheep.

As he walked past the herd, he saw one particular young man moving his hand quicker than the others and shook his head helplessly. Everyone these days is an idiot, he thought.

The speed at which this guy was operating the system panel was extremely impressive and yet, he was also foolishly behaving just like the rest of them.

Not to mention his looks that seemed to be a notch above everyone else who had gathered.

Everyone by now knew that looks couldn ’t be altered in the game and so Berat couldn ’t help but feel a bit jealous and conscious.

The person in front of him was lean and muscular and had the body of a personal trainer. His looks were also superb and he could really be one of the top magazine cover models.

”Ah! That must be it. ” Berat banged his fist onto his palm. ”He must be a rich actor or someone secretly blowing off some steam playing video games. ”

”Have I seen him in a movie or something? ”

”Well, whatever. Doesn ’t concern me. ” Berat shook his head and walked over to the town vendors who were handing out various quests.

He had just now finished a bunch of them and was heading over to receive the next quests in the chain.

”Blacksmith, merchant, town ’s cook… hmmm… let ’s see. Next should be the old hag from tailoring. ” A frown appeared on Berat ’s face since he did not like the granny at all.

She kept finding faults at everything and nagging every player endlessly. Because of this not many people even accepted quests from her in the first place. It was just not worth the bleeding from the ears.

Berat, however, was a completionist. So he picked every single quest that he could. He mumbled something under his breath and walked over to the old woman ’s shop begrudgingly.

”Grandma Bertha, I have brought your pelts. ” He knocked on the shop ’s door and an elderly woman whose face was full of wrinkles immediately showed up.

”Ah. Thanks, young man. You have helped me greatly. ”

She took all the pelts from him and without the quest ending there, she sat down patiently and went through all the animal hides one by one checking out and complaining about even the smallest of holes.

”Ughh. ” Berat started messing with his status panel in the meantime. He could already tell that this was going to take at least an hour and he was prepared to wait.

As he absentmindedly leaned on the small shop ’s door, suddenly another person walked in and Berat looked up to see which other player had decided to bear with the nagging of the old man.

And as soon as he did, a familiar figure came into his view and he was immediately surprised!

”Ah! This person! ” However, that expression quickly changed and a sneer appeared on his face.

”Heh. I am impressed. This guy actually saved some wolf pelts and came here to turn in. ” He nodded slightly and went back to looking at his status panel.

But the next second something completely unexpected happened.

The old woman who had been nagging him all this time suddenly dropped everything and attended to the person who walked in just now. His own quest wasn ’t even completed yet.

Moreover, the treatment the other party received was also very different.

”Young hero! What brings you to my humble shop? ”

What the heck? Berat gawked wondering why he was being treated like royalty, while he was treated like an unscrupulous theif and it didn ’t stop there.

”I have brought some pelts for you, Grandma Bertha. ” He calmly muttered.

”Oh! Thank you so much, young hero. This old woman is very grateful. ” She even bowed politely.

He handed her a set of wolf pelts and like the other times, she did not bother to count or take a look and simply accepted the bundle and threw it into the back of the shop.

”Do you perhaps have more pelts for me, young hero? ”

He once again handed her a huge bundle of pelts and she of course again accepted it without as much as once looking at the contents.

To Berat ’s surprise, this continued going on for a while and he could see the man ’s body flashing in pale white light which could only mean he actually leveled up by just turning in a bunch of pelts.

”What the heck is happening? ”

A few more seconds passed and then he finally realized something that he had completely overlooked.

This person probably bought everything that was being sold and not the other way around!

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