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Chapter 363 - When in trouble...

Chapter 362 – Bad Reputation

Inside the Gu family mansion, young master Gu Donghai was resting on his bed under the sheets with his 70-inch TV switched on.

”Damn it. Damn it. Those bastards! This fame should have all been mine! We could have annexed that guild and those sisters. ”

”If they only did not upgrade their gear from the dungeon, we could have won. Damn it. ”

”And that annoying pretty faced bastard! Fuck! If he did not cheat and kill me when I was distracted, everything could have been different! ”

Gu Donghai tossed everything he could find left and right, throwing it on the floor and making loud noises.

”Boss, boss. Please check the forums. Something is happening. ” A servant ran into the bedroom and shouted anxiously.

”Hmmm? ” Gu Donghai quickly picked up his phone and logged in to check the latest developments.

The last time he checked everyone was singing praises of Crimson Abyss, but when he checked this time…

”Ban the guild? ”

”Kick out the cheaters? ”

”Ba ha ha ha! This is awesome! Ba ha ha ha! Serves them right! ”

”You know what. Let me add some oil to this fire. Put a bounty on all those guys. I will show them what happens when they oppose the Gu family! ”

”Yes, boss. ”

”Ba ha ha ha! Come let ’s post some more shitty comments. Get all our keyboard warriors. ”

”Those bitches are daring to show off? I will end them today. ”

”With this god damn flu, I was having a horrible day, ba ha ha ha! This is too good. Too good! ”

Gu Donghai chuckled, his entire body trembling in excitement.

In other parts of the world… another person was right now enjoying this same news.

Victor from the stormtroopers guild was burning in jealousy after seeing the latest development and especially after knowing that Derek was the vice guild leader.

However, seeing that the guild was suddenly being crucified, he couldn ’t help but display a big satisfied smug smile.

”That ’s right. You will always fail no matter what you do, you brainless dumb idiot. What is the big difference? ”

He He He.

”Trash. Trash. Trash. Trash. The trash guild should be disbanded. ” Victor continued typing relentlessly.

Hiding behind the anonymous facade, he did not hold back at all.

Meanwhile, inside the game, sitting around a tavern ’s table, the members of the Assassin guild were holding a meeting.

”Abraki, what do you think? Should we also join? ”

”A lot of the guilds are openly showing their opposition to the Crimson Abyss guild. ”

”I know that you have some sort of relationship with that person, but if we don ’t join the others now and say something, someone might start to paint us also in a bad light. ”

”Everything is utterly chaotic right now. It was just started, but that guild is already doomed. ”

”Hmmmm ”

”What I am saying is we need to make a move one way or the other right now. ”

”We could bring in those guys as a part of our guild, but I think that would put us at too much risk. ”

”It is just a matter of hours, the whole world is going to be against that guild. Some people are saying that the government might even take action. ”

”So it ’s best for us to choose option number 2. Let ’s just do what everyone else is doing and declare that we also condemn their actions. ”

”We all think that it is for the best, Abraki. ”

”Hmmm? What do you think, Abraki? You have been silent for a long time now. What are you thinking about? ”

Hearing his words, the middle-aged man sighed. Everything he heard was indeed logical. The reasoning was perfect without flaw… but…

”What are you thinking about, Abraki? That guy is done for. ”

”He has already lost his chance. If he had any experience, he would have gotten out in front of this issue. ”

”Now that it has snowballed this much already. It is useless. No matter what he does, that guild is done for. ”

Abraki nodded. He finished his drink and placed his mug on the table.

The man then opened his mouth finally and mumbled, ”All this is fine. I am not saying you are wrong, but I still think… ”

”Hmmm? ”

”I am sorry, we should sit tight. ”

”What Abraki! You can ’t be serious! ” Elijah stood up. ”You are simply giving that guy too much credit. Sure, he is able to make some potions, so what? ”

”Huh? ” Abraki also stood up, but rather calmly. ”Just make some potions huh? Ha ha. What are you talking about? Are you drunk or are you blind? ”

”Didn ’t you see all the achievements? ”

”What about the dungeon completion? What about the spatial rift? Everything is just luck? ”

”You do still remember how there was a guild named heavenly retribution and it disbanded because of one single reason, him! ”

”And you say all he can do is make potions? Do you really think that? ”

Abraki laughed loudly and stood up to walk away. ”As long as I am the guild leader, I will not be forced into taking any foolish decisions. ”

”And if you really want to force my hand, please feel free to kick me out of the guild. ”

”At least then I won ’t be dragged down along with you guys. Ha ha ha. ”

His laughter echoed loudly as he walked out of the tavern and all the other members of the guild stared at him speechlessly.

After a while, another person stood up and walked over to Elijah. ”Vice-leader, what should we do now? Are we really not going to show our stance? ”

”No. ” Elijah shook his head. ”Let ’s do it. If Abraki asks, then I will explain it to him. We cannot afford to have any more fuck ups. ”

”We cannot take any more chances and more importantly, we cannot allow that guild to grow any further than they already have. ”

”If we need to establish our roots in the Gresh Kingdom, we need to do this no matter what. ”

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