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Chapter 364 - cosplay to the rescue!

Chapter 363 – When in trouble…

Yawn. With one eye open and one eye closed, Liam lazily looked at the scenery underneath as Luna continued flying or rather running all the way to Thol city.

This was why he had specifically chosen to do this rather than getting back to Xion and using his own portal to come back to the nether realm.

He was already familiar with Xion, but that was not the case when it came to the nether realm. There was still so much left to explore. In fact, the entire world was primarily untouched.

Unlike Xion, where Kingdoms and Empires dotted the lands everywhere, occupying 50% of the world, in the nether realm, only 10% was occupied.

So there was a much bigger chance of discovering a priceless treasure or other valuable items in the nether realm.

Even if these were scarce just the abundant raw materials alone should be reward enough for exploring these uncharted territories.

While Liam continued observing the land underneath their flight path and relaxing his mind and body at the same time, unexpectedly a message chimed in.

It was from Abraki, the guild leader of the Assassin guild.

”Hmmm? This guy? It ’s been a while. ” Liam opened the message because he knew that the other person usually would not contact him without a reason.

And just like he thought… he did contact him for a reason.

It looked like their guild ’s fame and popularity had instantly shot up in the wrong direction.

They wanted their guild to be banned for getting a few achievements?

They have to disclose their methods so that the public can confirm whether they are cheating or not?

If not the local government will take action?

Liam had already expected this much but wasn ’t this a bit too far?

It ’s not like they committed any crime. Well, actually he did, but nevertheless, he chuckled lightly.

The world was always like this. They only wanted the rich to become richer. If anyone else tried anything, they would inevitably be shot down.

However, he wasn ’t all that concerned. He leisurely read Abraki ’s message again.

The guy had apologized to him for the conduct of his guild and had asked him to overlook this matter if possible. He was even willing to pay compensation apparently.

”Am I really that scary? Or that petty? ”

Liam silently gazed at the distance for a second and then nodded. ”Actually, I am. ”

He then replied to Abraki with a smile. ”Don ’t worry about it. ”

He only sent a short message but the assassin started sweating profusely as soon as he saw the reply. He was not at all convinced.

”Can I do anything to help? ” He replied back quickly.

”Huh? ” Liam chuckled. ”You want to help? Sure. ”

Liam started typing out a small list of precious raw materials that were difficult to obtain. He only asked for 5 stacks of each without being too unreasonable.

This was because he appreciated the man giving him a warning out of respect for their past interactions.

After that, he also added. ”Everything will be handled soon. I have a plan. ”

He then closed the interface and went back to observing the expanse of the nether realm.

Meanwhile, at the other end, Abraki was chewing on his nails waiting for Liam ’s response and when he saw the message, he almost choked on his own saliva.

”What is this? A list of raw materials? ” His eyes bulged in surprise and then he burst out laughing. This guy was simply too much!

He was only asking for the sake of it and he really got taken for a ride.

Well, he couldn ’t place the blame completely on him as he had personally asked for this.

Shaking his head helplessly, Abraki, closed the first message and then looked at the second one.

”So he does have a plan… but what could it be? ”

He stared absent-mindedly wondering how Liam was going to take care of everything this time around.

These types of issues were sometimes even more challenging to deal with than an impossible uncrackable dungeon.

While one could just be forced to submit with brute force and power, the other needed to be tackled with tact.

Public opinion was very volatile. It was easy to rile them up but challenging to bring them down. Only an equal but opposing force can accomplish such a task.

But did Liam have any such trick up his sleeve?

Abraki racked his brain but couldn ’t think of anything. How was he going to settle this matter?

He silently pondered what he would do if he were in Liam ’s place, and the next second he started rubbing his temples.

Just thinking about it was giving him a headache!

What could he possibly do to get out of such a huge predicament?

If it was him, he would have definitely given up on the guild and silently started another one maybe.

But even then he would have to be under the radar to avoid attracting unwanted attention once again. In short, this person ’s gaming career was simply over.

And he was the first ranker on the leaderboard!

”What a pity. ” Abraki sighed. He could not understand how Liam could be so calm and relaxed even at a time like this.

He decided to log out and follow the news for a bit while also getting some shut-eye.

Just as he stepped out of the gaming capsule and switched on the TV in his room, the Sports Channel ’s spokesperson ’s voice blared loudly.

The Crimson Guild… blah blah blah

”Hmmm? ” The first two words caught Abraki ’s attention, and he immediately turned around. It looked like there was an interview scheduled for two guests from the Crimson guild.

”Oh, who are these two guests? ” Abraki quickly sat down on the nearby chair.

The interview was scheduled for prime time on a famous channel and the auditorium was brimming with a crowd.

So he had no doubt that this was the move Liam was talking about.

But how could a mere interview and a public appearance change the world ’s views? The situation had definitely gone past that point.

Even the audience on screen was not sitting simply. There were loud and angry comments.

It looked like the place was mainly filled with haters with all sorts of acidic remarks flying by. Some people even began repeatedly chanting.

”We won ’t be fooled by these theatrics! Ban the cheaters! Ban the guild! ”

In short, the whole place was ready to explode. In fact, the person appearing for this interview might not even be safe.

They were definitely going to be harassed with eggs and rotten tomatoes like what happened in one of the previous interviews.

Maybe this time they could even be beaten up since the situation is that much worse?

Abraki and everyone else nervously watched as the time for the interview soon arrived and the interviewer stood up to welcome the two guests.

”Hello! Our two guests are finally- ”

Not even letting the woman finish her words, everyone immediately stood up to shout loudly and hurl insults and the entire place went into a wide uproar.

The mob mentality had crescendoed and they were ready to tear a new one to whoever entered the stage.

The organizers also did not bother to control this because commotion and chaos led to more viewership.

But just as the flames were raging high, the awaited guests arrived.

Two people entered the stage and suddenly there was pin-drop silence…

Everyone including the lady who was doing the interviews could only dumbfoundedly stare, as no one, not a single person was prepared for this surprise.

Walking onto the stage with elegance and class were the two guests of the day… Mia and Alex… and more importantly… they were not dressed in their regular clothes.

Instead, they were dressed as… a priestess and a paladin.


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