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Chapter 365 - Adding to the army

Chapter 364 – cosplay to the rescue!

Abraki almost dropped the glass of water in his hands as he stared dazedly at the TV screen. Just like him, the audience present in person was also utterly shocked.

No one had expected the two famous idols to make an appearance like this.

In all the talks and the controversies, they had forgotten about this point, the guild leader of the accursed guild was actually Mia.

Not only her, but the famous player Alex was also present in the same guild. These two sisters had a cult-like following even before.

And now unexpectedly… they came here like this.

There was pin-drop silence in the big auditorium and everyone could even feel the tension from their tv screens.

Only the clicking of the metallic boots of the two goddesses could be heard as they casually walked over and sat down next to the interviewer.

That noise deafeningly resounded everywhere, with each of their steps matching the heartbeat of the millions of viewers.

In all honesty, the interviewer as well looked quite pleasing, but next to these two women, she paled in comparison.

She could not hold even a candle to them and just looked plain and ordinary.

Mia and Alex on the other hand… the two women looked absolutely ravishing as if they had stepped out of some sort of fantasy world.

The first one had a wild untamed beauty with long red hair while the second one had honey blonde hair and a pure angelic appearance.

Alex had donned on a two-piece metallic suit with a red and gold theme, matching her hair and a pair of thigh-high leather boots.

She also wore a similar set of leather wrist guards and all pieces of clothing had mysterious, beautiful engravings on them that made them seem real and legitimate.

And she did not stop there, she also wore a cloak and had a sword in her hands. Her entire attire was wild, unbridling and it made the sharpness in her eyes look fiery.

Those who looked at her couldn ’t help but want to submit to her beauty.

However, they couldn ’t do so because sitting next to her was the goddess reincarnate herself.

Unlike Alex, Mia did not wear anything revealing or provocative. In fact, the robe she had worn covered her from neck to toe.

It was a thin golden silver robe that outlined the elegant curves of her body and shimmered along with her honey blonde hair.

If Alex was fire, Mia was ice. She looked pure and divine like an angel.

The men and even women in the audience and the other countless men who watched her from the big screen, every single one of them wanted to worship her.

At the same time, they were also drooling at the beautiful goddess wanting to catch even a glimpse of her in person.

It was as if everyone was under a spell for a moment and this spell was finally broken when the interviewer awkwardly cleared her throat.

Everyone in the audience went into a wild uproar and everyone around the world who was watching the interview also had similar reactions.

Only now did they realize the weight of their actions and the err of their ways. How could they besmirch something that this elegant goddess started?

It was blasphemy!

However, things did not end here. After all, they had come here for an interview.

”Aha ha ha. Welcome to our show and thank you for going out of your way to entertain our viewers! Everyone, please give a big hand to our two guests Mia and Alex! ”

The interviewing lady only barely finished her words when a loud thunderous applause resounded in the auditorium.

Abraki gulped as he found himself slow capping as well. Everyone was anxious and was dying to see what was going to happen next.

”So Mia, let me first- ” The interviewer only opened her mouth when Mia unexpectedly interrupted her. ”Sorry, I would like to say something first. ”

Everyone knew that Mia was a woman of few words so they instantly fell quiet wanting to hear her speak.

The elegant and aloof goddess stood up and first bowed humbly.

”Hello, everybody, especially all our fans and supporters out there. I agreed to give this interview today because I am very sad. ”

Mia ’s icy facade broke for the first time, revealing a tinge of vulnerability.

There was not a lot of emotion but whatever was there was enough to make everyone else feel sad and guilty as well.

”There are a lot of nasty rumors going around bad-mouthing our guild. So I wanted to reach out and talk to my fans and supporters. ”

”Don ’t get discouraged because of these rumors. False news and fake rumors do not live long. In the end, only truth will triumph. ”

”And no matter what… I and our guild will always welcome the people who have supported us all this while and stood by me through thick and thin. ”

”Even if the whole world tries to make our guild look bad, as long as we are all together playing the game and having fun, that ’s all that matters to me. ”

”Thank you so much for your support and kindness. I hope that everyone will continue to stand by me and our guild until the end. We are all in this together. ” Mia bowed again.

As the last of her words echoed, a complete silence filled the auditorium. No one said anything or made any comment.

Mia calmly sat back down in her seat. Alex, who was sitting next to her, turned to her and patted her gently. It looked as if she was comforting her.

The world might not react if an ugly person gets hit by a truck but the same did not apply to a beautiful angel who gets a paper cut.

The sight of the two sisters supporting each other was extremely heartwarming. Some people in the audience even teared up. They had truly troubled and badmouthed such nice people!

Everyone began regretting their actions and then a second later, the crowd went into a huge uproar! Thunderous clapping and loud cheering echoed in the auditorium!

The rest of the interview did not seem to matter at all. The interviewer tried asking some difficult questions but at one point the crowd started booing at the poor lady.

And this effect was not just limited to this single interview.

All the online forums, websites, social networking sites, basically the entire internet blew up!

”Bitch! Who said Crimson Abyss cheated? Come out. Come out. ”

”Just because you are under an anonymous tag, you think you can type and get away with anything? ”

”If someone is more talented than your lazy ass then that directly meant they were cheating? What are you high on? Even this lord is better than you! Does that mean I am cheating? ”

”Who dares to talk against my goddess? Come out! ”

”Haters be hating! These idiots will never change! They just don ’t want to see a woman succeed! ”

”The person above. Who are you trying to fool? You are just a brainless fan. ”

”Who are you calling a brainless fan! ”

”Brother, calm down. I am a brainless fan too! Let ’s be brainless and support our goddess together! ”

”Eh? Is that person scolding or praising? I can ’t understand! ”

”What is the point in talking to these idiots? Goddess just announced that the guild recruitment was open! I am going to go join before all the spots disappear! ”

”Yes, yes. These losers only know to whine. If they win, it ’s by effort, and if we win, then we are cheating? How is this fair? ”

”You guys can keep whining like little bitches, I am going to join our goddess guild and bring home some more achievements! ”

”Me too! ”

”+1 ”

”+2 ”

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