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Chapter 367 - Playing with fire

Chapter 366 – Mexican standoff

A couple of hours passed by, and Liam was now working on the fourth demonic imp. This was also the last fire essence crystal he had in hand.

However, he still had not figured out a solution to his problem, which was…

”Why am I not improving? ” Liam took out his frustration on the soul bead as the hammers responded to his anger and hit the soul bead that much more savagely.

So far, he had used three fire essence crystals and forged three demonic imps successfully. This was in addition to the two lesser dryads he had previously forged.

But despite his forging resulting in success every single time, there was simply no other progress.

He did not even receive the system prompt indicating that he had progressed in the legacy.

Earlier, he was just forging common beasts but now he was forging lesser beasts. Did that not matter at all? Did that not mean that his understanding had improved?

If it did not mean anything then why was it so difficult. Why was he not able to forge one without a fire essence crystal?

Liam could feel that he was missing something, probably something very crucial but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn ’t place his finger on the issue.

He was just walking around in circles without any end in sight.

Grunting in frustration, Liam finished the last imp as well, making his total count of imp soul soldiers to four.

The four imps stood fuming in front of him, looking like lean and mean killing machines, ready to wreak havoc at his command.

They gave off a completely different vibe compared to undead chicken ghosts.

Though the birds had their strong points, it was clear that common beasts ’ strength couldn ’t be compared to lesser beasts.

Liam ’s disappointment reduced a little after seeing the imps clumped together. ”I guess this is not bad for now. ”

He picked himself up from the ground and whistled loudly, calling Luna back. He was out of fire essence crystals so he couldn ’t forge the remaining imps even if he wanted to.

He could still try but sometimes the smart thing to do was to know one ’s limitations and weaknesses and more importantly when to stop.


As soon as he whistled, the white fox hurriedly dashed over to him and appeared in a second. Behind the fox, the soul undeads as well marched in a hurry and assembled.

All of them stared at the four imps in front of them and then at Liam.

Some of them had intelligent eyes and looked curious while others didn ’t seem to care.

Luna was in the former category as she jumped up and down, inspecting the ghost imps from all directions.

”What are you looking at? They are your newest underlings, Luna. ” Liam chuckled.

He then dismissed all the soul undeads, packed up their stuff, and once again hopped onto Luna ’s bigger version, resuming their journey to the Thol city.

They were not too far now and only had a couple more hours of travel time. Liam decided to rest during this time and also plan for his next course of action.

He absentmindedly ran his fingers through the luscious pelt of the fox, making the white beast purr contently.

”Let ’s see… first… soul undeads… I can try forging something which doesn ’t have an attribute. Maybe then I won ’t need a mana essence crystal. ”

”Second… There is still the threat of the spatial rift mission at the garrison. Hmmm… We need to overcome possibly a strong guild with just the strength of our garrison. ”

”Heh… My passive exp depends on it. ”

”And about my experience points… ” Liam rubbed his eyes vigorously and let out a deep breath. ”It should only be a few more hours, and I should finally hit Level 50. ”

”I need to make preparations for that as well… ”

”Not to mention the guild. We have the numbers coming in now, Luna. They need to stick. I also owe parting gifts to everyone who came to the party. ”

”Tsk. Tsk. Too much to do and too little time. ”

He closed his eyes silently contemplating things for a while. A few minutes later, he opened his eyes and grinned.

”Alright. Now we have a plan. Let ’s see if everything goes according to the plan. ”

Soon the white fox arrived near the Thol city, and Liam did not bother landing outside. The two of them directly entered the garrison tower.

Almost immediately two blurs bounded towards Liam and he felt a headache coming.

”Husband… it ’s been too long~~ ”

”Husband… I missed you~~ ”

”Yes, I missed you both too. ” Liam gave up and allowed the two to cling to him from two sides. He did not see whose cleavage he was resting his head on but it felt good.

As the one human and two demons walked side by side into the garrison tower or rather the two demons dragged the one human into the garrison tower, the white fox stared at the unbelievable scene with its blue eyes alarmingly wide.


She hurriedly reduced her size and ran behind the threesome, trying to find some hole or space to lodge herself onto Liam.

However, that seemed… a little too impossible.

The little fox first struggled and then pouted and then started snarling.

The two demonesses did not care about the beast at first but one of them turned to hiss at the fox which made Liam quickly take action.

Among the three dangerous women, Luna was still the most harmless and the most gullible, so he decided to start with her.

”Go and meet with Talon. The two of you should head out to nearby areas and improve your strength. Just stay on the outskirts of the city and train for a bit. Can you do it? ”

Liam squatted down and patted the small fox lovingly. He also took out some of the meatballs and fed the little furry creature.

After all, unlike the other two demon beauties, Liam knew exactly what the little thing wanted and how to coax her.

And as for the aforementioned demon beauties… what they wanted with him was still a mystery.

It took two seconds, but coaxing Luna was very simple. With just a few head pats and meatballs, the fox was already back to her happy mood.


She rubbed her head on Liam lovingly and then ran away to do her master ’s bidding.

Seeing this, the other two demon beauties also made a mental note. Perhaps the way to their husband ’s heart was through this little fox.

They made a small O with their lips and then nodded in understanding.

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