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Chapter 368 - The true form of the black dragon sword

Chapter 367 – Playing with fire

Inside the main hall in the garrison tower, Liam sat on the huge throne-like chair, with the armrest on both of his sides occupied by the two beautiful demon girls.

Their hands and legs were all over him, one kissing his neck and the other kissing his earlobe.

They had already removed his clothes revealing his bare upper body and pushed their naked plump breasts up against him as they tried to seduce him.

And when he did not comply, they began removing the items from the lower half of his body as well, licking and sucking on whatever they pleased.

Liam groaned as the two nymphs tempted him to no end. He scooped them up every now and then and tried to cool things down but nothing was helping.

They went right back to it and began to work even harder.

Liam took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. With great effort, he freed one of his hands and rubbed the middle of his forehead and his eyebrows.

If only he wasn ’t suspicious of these two, he could have had some fun with them. However, he had come far too long to falter now because of something like this.

He closed his eyes for a moment and then pulled the first one up. This was the mother as he could recognize her bigger cup size and more experienced seduction method.

She was also the more difficult to handle so Liam decided to tackle her first.

Of course, he already had plans for both of them. Otherwise, he wouldn ’t have stepped into this danger zone in the first place.

”Yuki, come here. ” Liam pulled the slender curvy woman up to his chest. He kneaded her melons making her moan and then kissed her trembling lips.

Meanwhile, his hand traveled down and rubbed her wet sensitive area. ”I need something from you, Yuki. I wonder if you will help me. ”

”Ah~~ Husband~~ Anything for you… ” The demoness swayed her hips in pleasure, clearly wanting him to do more.

But Liam did not comply and left her begging for a couple of seconds.

”Do you know about something called the essence crystals? Perhaps nether essence crystals? ” He slowly continued.

The demoness twitched in pleasure, her answer coming out in between her moans. ”Ah~~~ yes, husband. I know. They are very rare. Ah~~ ”

”Good girl. ” Liam kissed her again. He then pulled the other one Misa as well up and held the both of them tightly in his embrace.

”This is important. Listen to me. I am going to need more strength to protect both of you. So I need your help. Can you both try and get some nether essence crystals for me? ”

”Or perhaps fire essence or lightning essence? Any essence crystal would do. Can I trust you both? Will you be able to do this? ”

Liam stroked the two women in his arms as he earnestly asked them. Though he was portraying a confident image outwardly, he couldn ’t help but be slightly nervous on the inside.

He was after all trying to manipulate two high-leveled demonic nymphs who seem to have a mind of their own. They did what they pleased when they pleased.

He had a feeling that the two were extremely volatile.

He did not want to test their loyalty and allegiance too much and more importantly, he did not want to test their so-called love and adoration for him.

So he only tested the waters a little, prepared to quickly double back to safety.

Liam stroked the duo gently and then placed kisses on their foreheads. ”If this is too much trouble, then forget about it. I don ’t want to trouble my wives. ”

The two women who were up until now purring calmly on his chest and enjoying the attention suddenly perked upon hearing his words.

Their eyes were twinkling like bright stars and they looked at Liam the same way Luna looked at her favorite meatballs.

”Mmmm… is everything okay? ”

”Yes, husband. ”

”Yes, husband. ”

The two demons hurriedly nodded their heads. They licked their lips and sat up straight.

”I will bring husband a handful of essence stones! ” Yuki declared proudly.

”No, I will bring my husband more essence stones. I will bring him a ram ’s head full of essence stones! ” Misa retorted back.

”I will bring him an ogre ’s head full of essence stones! ” Yuki snorted.

”I will bring him a mammoth ’s head full of essence stones! ” Misa did not give up.

”Where are you going to find a mammoth, you dumb witch! You are as dumb as rocks. ”

”Then, you are dumber than a rock. Even dumber. Like a pig! ”

”Snort. Pigs are more intelligent than rocks! Who is the fool now? ”

Cough. Cough… Liam tried to zone out from this squabble but the fight did not seem like it was ending any time soon.

”Ahem. Ahem. ” He waved his hand, and the two did not notice him at all and were clearly in their own world.

Nope. Liam stood up in one smooth motion, making the two startled and fall down on the ground on their naked butt.

”Ah~~ husband! ” The mother and daughter pair pitifully looked at him, rubbing their ass.

They looked like they were sulking, but Liam could see that they were clearly smiling, enjoying the pain.

His face twitched.

”I don ’t like it when you both fight. The next time I catch you both fighting there will be more punishment. Ahem. Get up and bring some essence crystals. ”

He ordered the two and turned around, with his back facing them. A drop of sweat trickled from his forehead.

A weird silence ensued after that and when he turned back to look a minute later, the duo had already disappeared.

Liam sighed in relief and then sat back in the throne chair, now more freely and comfortably. ”This should buy me some time at least. ”

He shook his head helplessly and looked around. His two hardcore fans had been busy in his absence as the whole hall was grandly redecorated.

Not just that, but unlike before, the demons did not casually wander in and out anymore. There was a lot of structure and order.

”Hmmm… are those two really going to bring me a giant ’s head full of essence crystals? ” He chuckled wryly.

When there was too much to do, it was best to delegate some work and that ’s precisely what he did as well.

But as for whether they would come through or not… only time can tell.

Liam took a second, rubbed his face with his palms, and then waved at one of the guards standing at the entrance. ”Get me something to eat. ”

He then moved on to the next task that he had planned.

With the dungeon runs and the items that he had looted both from the demons and from the other plates, he had now gathered a lot more ingredients and raw materials.

So Liam wanted to start feeding them to the sword he had.

More importantly, now that he had the special ability [Soul Sensing], he wanted to look at the sword again. He wanted to really see it.

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