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Chapter 369 - we are being targeted

Chapter 368 – The true form of the black dragon sword

Liam clenched his fist in excitement. The Black Dragon sword was a soul weapon made from black dragon souls.

It was an imperfect weapon, but still, its power was astronomical.

If he could somehow remove the seals binding the weapon, this could become another cornerstone of his strength and power both inside the game and in the real world, just like his army of soul undeads.

However, more importantly, his understanding of soul forging might also deepen.

Even if he managed to remove a single seal, he would gain a lot in return.

Steadying his mind and focussing completely, Liam withdrew the old rusty Black Dragon sword from his inventory space.

As soon as he took it out, his eyes widened, and his hands trembled. A tremor swept across his body.

The thing that he was holding…


Liam dropped the sword to the ground. His body was drenched in a cold sweat.

His gaze was still fixated on that sword as he took a step back. Not that he wanted to stare at that thing, but… that thing was staring at him.

The sword was alive!

There were at least three pairs of evil and sinister eyes on that sword that were locked onto him, watching him, observing him, discerning everything about him.

If he stared at them any longer, he felt as if he would be devoured alive.

”These are… dragon eyes? ” Liam mouthed in a raspy voice, his throat parched. It was even difficult for him to breathe, let alone speak.

This was the true form of the black dragon sword?

The oppressive killing intent emanating from the sword was too much for him.

It was not something he could handle, even though he went through so much in his two lives combined.

This was not an aura that he could get accustomed to or adjust to. This was like an emperor ’s aura that demanded absolute domination.

In front of this mighty being, he was but an ant.

And there was not just one but three mighty beings, three black dragons!

There could be more?

At this point, Liam was not sure of anything.

He had vastly underestimated this sword and the black dragon souls.

These dragons could not be compared to the lesser drake Niria who he had fooled a while ago.

In front of these mighty beings, just like him, Niria was also an ant.

Just their mere gaze was enough to make him freeze, and that too they were not alive. These were just their souls.

Liam gasped for breath, his body, mind, and soul still being assaulted by the three pairs of eyes.

He felt as if he was on the verge of collapsing. Something inside him was crumbling, and he instinctively knew that it was not a good thing.

He needed to act, and he needed to act now.

But what was he supposed to do? This much pressure was suffocating. He couldn ’t breathe, and he couldn ’t think of anything.

At this time, right when he felt as if he was about to plunge into some sort of darkness, Liam remembered something important.

He could just unsee it.

He snapped out of his trance and closed his eyes quickly. His skill [Soul Sensing] required his utmost concentration and focus.

And if he did not, he could just not see the dragons or their eyes?

It was just a spontaneous thought and since he did not have any other ideas, Liam opened his eyes again slowly to try it out.

His heart raced, and his heartbeat pounded loudly in his ears as he looked at the sword lying on the ground in a daze.

”That demon milf ’s big boobs. ”

”That demon milf ’s big boobs. ”

”That demon milf ’s big boobs. ”

He chanted the few words like a mantra, only paying some attention to the sword as he tried to fill his brain with that remarkable cleavage.

”Fuck. ” Liam breathed in relief. The old rusty sword was back to its previous state.

It looked as dull and harmless as it had always been.

Liam collapsed on the ground next to the sword. All his thoughts about unlocking the damn thing were quickly buried.

What if he unlocked it now and it became a bane instead of a boon?

He lifted the rusty sword and looked at it again.

He had seen the sword plenty of times before this, but the sword in his hand at the moment felt as if it was a completely different one.

Liam checked its description again to see if anything was different.

[Black Dragon] (Soul Weapon, One-handed sword)

[This is a sword made from forging the souls of a thousand dragons; It is currently broken and sealed]

Current Grade: Uncommon

Current Attributes:

Stamina: +5

Strength: +5

Defense: +5

Vitality: +5

Agility: +5

Intellect: +5

[Attacks have a 10% chance of ignoring the defense of the opponent]

[1st Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher grade weapons]

[2nd Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher grade herbs]

[3rd Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher ores]

[4th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand rare grade or higher gems]

[5th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand elemental essences]

[6th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand bloodlines]

[7th Seal: To break the seal, devour a thousand souls]

[8th Seal: N/A]

[9th Seal: N/A]

”No. Nothing is different. ” Liam ’s gaze lingered again on the details.

He then cautiously took out a unique weapon that he had prepared for this purpose and placed it on the rusty old sword.

The sword started to tremble a little and he immediately closed his eyes.

The next second, a loud roaring sound echoed in the garrison hall, but it did not last long. It disappeared just as it appeared.

Liam wondered if it was safe again and slightly peeked to see the rusty sword looking dull and lackluster. ”I guess this is fine? ”

Letting out a deep breath, he then patiently unloaded all of the herbs, ores, and weapons he had prepared for the sword.

He still did not have enough to meet the thousand mark but he was one-fifth of the way there.

Perhaps in a couple more weeks, he would even be able to lift the first three seals.

However, whether he should do that or not was now a completely different question.

”How did that guy manage these dragon souls? ” Liam pondered.

That too he only saw three pairs of eyes, and his condition was already this bad.

The sword was said to contain the souls of a thousand dragons.

What would have happened if he had by chance sensed the souls of all thousand dragons?

Would he have become retarded right now?

Merely thinking about it was enough to make him sweat.

Just how terrifying was this sword and if the sword itself was so tyrannical what about the person who forged it?

Liam stared at the wall in front of him in a daze. He had only barely scratched the surface of power.

To get overconfident with just this was foolish. It would only lead to his doom and fall. There was still a long way for him to go.

Liam gripped the sword in both excitement and nervousness and carefully placed it back into his inventory.

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