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Chapter 372 - Scoring goals on both sides

Chapter 371 – Mass Spam!

’Huh? The more, the better? What is this guy planning now? ’ Alex silently stared. She snapped out of her trance only when Liam called out to her for a second time.

”Do you have a list of the guilds who are openly against us? ”

”Huh? Ya. Yes. ” Alex nodded.

”Alright. Share with me that list. ” Liam smiled calmly.

Alex did not know why, but his smile felt a bit dangerous. This person was definitely planning something!

”Ummm… what about our guild members? ” She couldn ’t help but ask.

The main issue was that these people were not able to leave the royal city or the trade city. Every time they stepped out, they were easily hunted down.

If they could somehow leave the main areas to level somewhere else in the Kingdom then there won ’t be much of an issue.

However, even doing this was monumentally difficult.

No matter how much she racked her brain, other than fighting back, Alex could not think of any other solution.

This single thing might look like a small problem but if it was not properly taken care of, it had the potential to derail all of their plans.

Everything she and Mia did would also become useless, and no one would want to join their guild.

And all the momentum they had gathered would also become useless!

”In a bit, all these guilds should become busy. Everyone can move freely then. Tell them to use this chance and increase their level. ” Liam once again flashed another smile.

There he goes again… Alex was speechless.

”So… ” She asked, fishing for further information but Liam shook his head.

”The less you know the better. You should also work on your special quest. I will handle some of the matters. ”

”Ok. ” Alex did not question him. She then awkwardly said bye and ran away, not wanting to spend any more time with the guy than it was necessary.

Seeing this, Liam continued smiling. He then started walking, not to the administrative building but to a deserted ally on the side.

He made sure that no one was around him and opened his system interface. He then immediately began contacting the guild leaders from the list one after the other.

He did not say much. All he said was…

[Are you interested in purchasing the guide for conquering a spatial rift?]

All of his messages were short, simple, and exactly the same.

Without waiting for the replies, Liam then casually stood up, whistled, and opened a portal back to the nether realm.

”Let ’s go, Luna. We have more work to do. ”

With a devious grin, both the man and the fox promptly arrived back at Thol city. They then entered the garrison and once again started preparing a second set of messages.

However, these ones were different. They were not meant for other players or the group members currently in the nether realm.

Instead, they were meant for the…

”Hiriyu, come here, ” Liam called the demon over. ”What is the communication system here? ”

Huh? The demon blinked.

”I mean if I want to contact other garrison leaders, how do I do it? ”

”Leader, we have a set of boar owls that we can use. ”

”Oh? They have a boar ’s face? ” Liam badly wanted to shake that image off of his head. Luckily, it was easy to do so because he was thinking about several things right now.

”Yes, leader. And they are trained to deliver messages. ” Hiriyu explained.

”Alright then. Bring me a set of parchments. Write in that what I am about to tell you. ”

The demon hurriedly nodded and did everything exactly as Liam instructed.

A few minutes later, about a couple dozen parchments were readily prepared. Liam gazed at the neatly folded message and clicked his tongue.

”Not enough. ” He shook his head.

”Hiriyu, how many garrisons do you think are present in our Kingdom? What about the neighboring Kingdoms? Our allies? ”

”Is it possible for us to send a messenger boar owl to all of them? ”

”Ahhh… ” Hiriyu dropped the ink feather in shock. The leader wanted to contact everyone? Something huge was about to go down! He started sweating.

”Leader, are we sending this same message? ” He asked.

”Hmmm. Yes. Call other demons for help if you need it. Do whatever it takes. In two hours time, I need this message sent to every single garrison that we can reach. ”

”Spread this message far and wide. ”

Hiriyu gulped. He knew better than to question Liam or his actions so he silently bowed and got to work.

All the demons busily scurried in and out of the garrison preparing for this. The entire place was bustling with activity, all the demons murmuring and whispering in hushed tones.

Liam did not care about this. He understood their nervousness.

Heck! He himself was quite nervous.

But at the same time, he also thought this out as well as he could.

Even the message he was mass spamming now was very carefully phrased. It did not implicate him but at the same time, it provided the other party with valuable intel.

It basically said that there was a slight chance for the humans to act like petty little thieves and attack while in subterfuge and invisibility.

Since the humans were no match for the strength of the demon army, they might be trying to lure the demons one by one and kill them by ganging upon them.

Liam made really sure that he did not say anything definitely. He only said that there was a chance for this to happen and there were rumors that he heard.

So the message was vague but at the same time, it should be more than enough to plant the seed of doubt in the general ’s brain.

This ensured that no matter what he wouldn ’t take the fall.

If the humans followed a different strategy then they couldn ’t fault him and if they followed the same strategy that he mentioned, then he would be a hero!

And if this worked…

Liam grinned in anticipation. There was going to be a good show.


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