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Chapter 372 - Scoring goals on both sides

es. ”

”They want to form a group and work together but at the same time they want to be better than their piers. ” He sneered in disdain.

However, after waiting for two more minutes, this same thing pricked his mind and he was beginning to get restless.

”Hmmm… should I have maybe given a lower gold fee? ”

”Did I give these idiots too much credit? ”

”Hmmm… maybe I need to give this some more push. ”

This measly 200 gold coins did not matter to him, but the thing was if he reduced the price even further they wouldn ’t take him seriously.

And he definitely needed them to do that. For his plan to work, he needed this strategy to spread. Now the only thing that was missing was a good scapegoat!

A couple more seconds passed as Liam contemplated reducing the price further when suddenly he received another message. This time it was from the Assassin ’s guild.

[Brother, I thought we were friends…]

Liam hit his forehead with his palm and chuckled wryly. Sometimes even if he did not intend to trap someone, they come begging to him. What was he supposed to do?

”You only have yourself to blame, but who knows. Maybe if you act fast enough, you might be able to pass through before the shit hits the fan. ”

The timing was very crucial in his plan, so he quickly messaged Abraki back without any delay.

[You want the strategy? 1000 gold]

”Damn it. So ruthless! ” Abraki saw the message and scratched his head. The others had gotten a lower price tag, so why was theirs alone so high?

He looked at Elijah, who also had a disgruntled appearance, and sighed. Liam was still clearly holding a grudge?

[Alright. I will transfer the 1000 gold coins to you. Where are you?]

[Royal city]

Liam promptly replied, and within a few seconds, 1000 gold coins arrived in his inventory space. He also did not delay and quickly shared the strategy with the Assassin guild.

Abraki ’s eyes widened in surprise on seeing the simple yet elegant strategy. It was no wonder they had been able to take care of things quickly and even got the first achievement.

This method was simply ingenious. The number of demons was too many to face head-on so all they had to do was split up and start grinding them down.

This was just too good!

Abraki gave a stink eye to Elijah who remained silent and then explained the tactic to the core members of their team.

Everyone gulped nervously and clenched their fists in excitement. The second achievement for clearing the spatial rift was definitely going to be theirs!

The group quickly decided to try their luck again now that they knew the secret to success. They immediately departed to attempt the battle.

Shortly afterward, the news began spreading.

Since Abraki had only shared the method with the core team, the exact method was not out just yet but everyone knew that they had purchased the guide.

So all the other guilds who had first contacted Liam and rejected him again started sending a flurry of messages.

They could only curse themselves for not being decisive when they got the chance the first time around.

After all, it was just 200 gold coins. It was not a big deal compared to the various gains they could obtain in the spatial rift. Not to mention the fame.

Right now, there was only one guild that had successfully managed to clear the rift. No one else in the entire game, in the whole world had managed to do the same!

So there was way too much riding on this.

Also, after they get this information in their hands, they could also potentially sell it to the other guilds and make more money.

No matter what they do, only profits and gains were waiting for them! So they would lose out if they hesitated any longer!

[Bro! Please share the strategy. I already sent the payment]

[Expert, send the strategy. We won ’t target your guild any longer. We made a mistake]

[Brother, if you share the strategy with me, apart from paying you, I will tell you about all the nasty things some other guilds have planned for you. Don ’t trust anyone. I am saying this for your good!]

Liam swiped all the messages one by one. It looked like his plan worked after all.

In just a couple of minutes after finishing the transaction with the Assassin guild, he had already received a sum total of 1200 gold coins, 200 from each of the guilds he had contacted earlier.

It was clear that all of them wanted to be the second guild to get the achievement and he as well did not hold back and generously shared the information with everyone.

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