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Chapter 374 - Back to back achievements! Again!

Chapter 373 – Setting up the guild residence

After pocketing the gold and spreading the strategy among the six small no-name guilds, Liam did not hang around and hurriedly portaled back to the nether realm.

There, he once again ensured that all the boar owls were on track and the mass spamming was happening effectively.

Only after checking everything he finally laid back on his throne to relax. This was it. The groundwork was now completed. The bomb was lit.

All he had to do now was wait and watch as the explosion rang loudly and the fireworks colored the sky in their sparkle.

Liam took a few whiffs of nether, eased his muscles, and once again portaled back to the Xion realm. Traveling back and forth, he was using his personal portal as best as he could.

However, in all of the information he shared, Liam completely omitted the fact about the portals to the nether realm being the spatial rift.

He never intended to share that apart right from the beginning.

”Now that this is done, I should start with the next order of business. ”

Liam checked the time and set a reminder for 3 hours. That was probably when things would begin to start blowing up.

In the meantime, he had other things to take care of.

Liam walked back into the administrative building and went to one of the free counters.

Since most of the guilds were focused on the demon invasions, thankfully the place wasn ’t too crowded.

”I am here to develop my guild residence. ” Liam rapped his fingers on the counter.

The beautiful woman sitting on the other side twirled her hair and arrogantly looked up to say something.

However, as soon as she saw Liam her expression drastically changed and she got up from her chair in alarm.

”Please forgive me for my manners, Lord Duke. Please come this way. Please come this way. ”

The woman swayed her hips and led Liam to one of the private rooms in the interior of the building.

She then sat very close to him, pushing her assets out cautiously. Liam did not care because he was in a good mood.

Letting the woman brush up against him as much as she wanted, he started reciting a huge list.

”I need the models for smithy, alchemy laboratory, stables, combat training, magic training, cooking, and inscription. ”

His words seemingly shocked the woman because she even stopped her advances and spoke hesitantly, ”Ah! But Lord Duke… ummm… guilds are only permitted a maximum of two training rooms. ”

She was very nervous because if the Duke got unreasonably angry, it would be her head on the platter.

The woman bit her lips and anxiously eyed Liam, but surprisingly the Duke still had the same indifferent look on his face.

”That should not be a problem. My guild is an S-Rank guild. So as long as I pay the required gold coins these things should not be a problem? ”

”Ah! Of course. Of course! Lord Duke, please forgive me. ” The woman sighed in relief and immediately stood up and bowed.

”Please wait a few minutes, my Lord. I will make the necessary arrangements for you right away. Please excuse me. ”

Liam lightly nodded, and the woman hurried away to take care of business.

He then stretched his legs and laid down on the huge couch in the private room, looking up at the ceiling.

A couple of minutes later, the first notification rolled in.

[Ding. Please select the grade of smithy you want to establish.]

[Option1: Third-grade – costs 500 gold coins]

[Option 2: Second-grade costs – costs 1000 gold coins]

[Option 3: First-grade – costs 5000 gold coins]

[Option 4: S-grade – costs 20000 gold coins]

The price of the building models increased rapidly as the grade became higher, with the first-grade and the S-grade smithy buildings costing a ridiculous amount of gold coins.

But Liam did not hesitate and directly selected First-grade.

He was currently a bit short on gold coins because of his other commitments so he couldn ’t directly get the top upgrade.

He was also short for the second-best upgrade, the first-grade building model, but he still selected that because Liam knew a small trick.

”Select option 3. ” He happily said.

After that, promptly the next notification popped up.

[Ding. Please select the grade of alchemy laboratory you want to establish.]

[Option1: Third-grade – costs 510 gold coins]

[Option 2: Second-grade costs – costs 1010 gold coins]

[Option 3: First-grade – costs 5010 gold coins]

[Option 4: S-grade – costs 20010 gold coins]

Liam once again responded with the same answer. ”Select option 3. ”

The next second the subsequent notification popped up.

[Ding. Please select the grade of combat training room you want to establish.]

[Option1: Third-grade – costs 490 gold coins]

[Option 2: Second-grade costs – costs 1020 gold coins]

[Option 3: First-grade – costs 5030 gold coins]

[Option 4: S-grade – costs 20030 gold coins]

Liam sat up straight and rubbed his hands in excitement as he selected the same thing. ”Option 3. ”

Surprisingly, the next instant a new notification rolled out.

[Ding. Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild for becoming the first guild with a Silver Grade Residence; 500 fame points are awarded to the guild; 5000 gold coins are awarded to the guild]

[DING. KINGDOM ANNOUNCEMENT. Congratulations to the ’Crimson Abyss ’ guild for becoming the first guild with a Silver Grade Residence; 500 fame points are awarded to the guild; 5000 gold coins are awarded to the guild]

Liam grinned. This was what he was waiting for.

Since only S-rank guilds could establish more than two guild workspaces, they would also obviously be the first ones to get this achievement.

In reality, there were also other ways for the A-rank, B-rank, and C-rank guilds to establish more than two workspaces, but that involved guild upgrade scrolls and a lot of reputation points which other guilds had not managed to acquire until now.

So now, all these easy first achievements were for their guild to take as they pleased, and Liam was planning to take all of them.

These might not be as prestigious as the dungeon first clear achievements that showed the strength of a guild, but every single one of these achievements came with a coin reward.

More importantly, this coin reward was cascading, which meant that the gold reward from one achievement was enough to fund the purchase of the other building models and, therefore, the next achievement.

In Liam ’s previous life, the first guild to grab this set of achievements had boasted about their luck and windfall, making everyone curse them in jealousy, and now it was his turn to use the same loophole.

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