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Chapter 376 - Everything is leaked!

nly now he was done with the forging of the dozen ravens.

He looked contently at the twelve bird ghosts standing in front of him, all of them emitting a fierce ominous aura.

”Not bad. Not bad at all. ”

”Hmmm… It ’s about time… things should be… ”

Liam grinned and then casually flicked open the system interface to see if the drama had begun.

Just as he thought, his inbox was blowing up with messages.

He stared at the various messages he had received, a couple from people he knew but mostly from strangers whom he had no intention of replying.

Liam opened the messages from Alex and Berat first.

”Only these two messaged me? Good. Good. It means that the others are still busy in the nether realm. Mia should also be doing that quest. ”

He opened the message from Alex first.

She had sent him a few screenshots, and in that people were messaging her to see if she was willing to sell the strategy for less than 5000 gold coins as that was the going market rate.

”5000 gold coins? Heh. What a bunch of greedy little pigs. The higher you fly the faster you will fall! ” Liam chuckled and then sent her the response.

”Don ’t reply to anyone. ”

Ding! Alex immediately messaged Liam back in a hurry.

”Hey, what happened? Everyone is sharing our strategy openly! Everything is online! That Assassin ’s guild also got a clear achievement. What is going on? Are you aware of this? ”

”Yes, I know everything that is happening. You can say that I am behind all of this in a way. ”

”What? Do you have some sort of plan? I mean, at this rate, won ’t people discover about the nether realm easily? Won ’t that be bad for us? ”

Liam could hear the woman ’s panic even in her words.

”Relax. Nothing like that will happen. Just don ’t respond to any messages or anyone and watch the show. ”

On the other end, Alex was going crazy. ”Relax! How am I supposed to relax? ”

But she knew this person too well now to ever doubt his words. She only wished that the demon would explain things to her once in a while.

She typed a few things, erased them, typed again, and finally, after a few seconds, sent another message.

”One of the guilds, Rising Dragon, is claiming that we surrendered to them and that ’s why they have access to our fighting strategy. ”

She expected some sort of response from Liam at least for that since she knew that he was a prideful person, but Liam only shamelessly grinned.

”Oh? That ’s nice of them to take the fall like that. ” He replied to her.

”Huh? I am not able to understand anything. I have no idea what is happening. ” Alex finally folded.

”Just wait a few more minutes and everything should be clear, ” Liam replied and then added. ”Don ’t you want to see our guild residence? If you are free, you should join me. ”

He also sent the same message to Berat whom he had not seen in a while and asked the two of them to meet at the location of their new guild residence.

Liam then picked up Luna from the ground, who had fallen into a deep sleep, and pinched her neck, waking her up. ”Let ’s go. ”


The small fox sleepily nodded. In the next second her size unexpectedly became several times bigger and a big white bed appeared in front of Liam.

”He He. ” Liam smiled and climbed the cute fox.

He could have also used Talon to fly around but sitting on the soft-furred fox was much more convenient than the wind ripper with the metal wings.

He dismissed the soul ravens and soon the fox kicked its hindlegs and rose up into the sky. Talon as well flapped his wings, and the group started moving towards the southern part of the Kingdom.

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