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Chapter 379 - Everyone is getting massacred

Chapter 378 – New Guild Residence

As Luna circled the huge compound a couple of times, Liam eyed the spread of the different buildings underneath them.

They all looked grand with a marble exterior interlaced with gold patterns.

From its looks, it seemed like each profession had its building, and the smallest one was already five stories tall.

”Impressive, ” Liam murmured, taking it all in. Just the exterior was awe-inspiring.

He had only seen pictures before. He never had the chance to visit an S-Rank guild in person in his last lifetime.

”Let ’s go in, Luna. ”


The white fox shook her head and floated down to land near the main gate.

Two Level 30 guards were standing at the gate who immediately bowed in front of Liam and then stepped away.

He as well nodded at them.

”So a basic edition guild just gets me Level 30 guards, huh? ” He took a look around, and the few guards he spotted were all at the same level.

Though it was inconvenient to have Level 30 guards standing around the compound when the guild was located in a Level 40 region, this was already a better deal than what other guilds were getting.

Only S-Rank guilds received these ’free ’ NPCs like the guards. So Liam did not complain and kept walking.

As he headed down the main path, he saw a few players standing around at the entrance of the main guild residence and discussing.

”Oh my god, are you serious? Is this a guild residence? Why does it look like a city? ”

”Did you do the full tour yet? There are so many different buildings! ”

”He He. Wait till I tell my friends in the so-called top guilds about this. They were showing off last time. Mu ha ha ha. Now it ’s my time. ”

”Did you go in and see, by the way? ”

”Hmmm. That is still a problem. I am only able to access the halls and the ground floors of the different buildings. I am not able to go to the higher floors. ”

”Ya, me too. ”

”I think we need more guild contribution points. ”

”It looks like it, but we can get quests already. So it should be an easy grind. Alright. I am going to get more quests now. ”

Liam chuckled as he walked by the bunch of excited players who barely noticed him as they were in their world.

He first headed straight to the stables to give Talon a proper place to rest.

Unlike Luna, who he doted on constantly, the poor guy never asked him for anything and had even leveled up all the way to 34 all on his own.

Though the wind-ripper bird did not have much potential growth-wise, he liked his innate attitude to grow and become stronger.

He brought the two over to the stables, where a couple of NPCs were leisurely arranging some things. There weren ’t any beasts in the stables yet so they did not have much work to do.

However, on seeing Liam, their behavior quickly changed.

The players might not recognize him but all the NPCs working in the guild residence were already aware of Liam ’s status.

They quickly stiffened up and waited for his instructions.

Liam patted Talon and smiled at the men. ”Take care of this wind-ripper for me. He will be staying here for a while. ”

Squawk Squawk

Talon let out a couple of low noises and then walked into the grounds, choosing a spot on its own. He then laid down comfortably on a hay bale stack that was spread out like a mattress.

”Good boy. ” Liam patted the wind-ripper and then shifted his gaze to the second beast in his possession.

The little furry thing already had a suspicious look on her face. Her gaze met Liam ’s, and she instantly understood what he was planning to do.



The white fox dramatically shook her head and bolted out of the stables. Clearly, she did not want to rest here along with Talon.

She jumped around here and there like a cat with its tail on fire and then lastly jumped onto Liam ’s back again, holding on for dear life.

The two stable keepers watched this scene in utter shock.

This was the first time they were seeing a tamed beast behave in this fashion. They couldn ’t understand what was happening.

Judging from their dazed looks, Liam could already discern their experience. Once again, these two were just trainer beast tamers at most.

When compared to the loli beastmaster Seraphina, these two were probably only good for keeping a check on the overall physical well-being of the beasts.

Of course, nothing more could be expected from a basic guild model. Though the facilities and general ambiance were top-notch as he paid for them, the NPCs were still low-leveled.

”Hmmm. I will work on this later. ” Liam made a mental note and kept walking.

Scowling at the stables from behind his back, Luna let out a big sigh of relief and slumped comfortably, curling around Liam ’s neck like a winter shawl.

He also did not force her and only laughed in amusement. All her mannerisms were undeniably becoming more and more human-like.

The duo then proceeded to walk into the guild ’s main residence where some more people had gathered now.

Luckily, the guild residence was located far away from the main cities and on the outer edge of the Kingdom, where the level requirement was higher.

Otherwise, the entire place would have gotten chaotic with a flood of players barging into the guild compound due to the recent popularity.

Liam casually walked by the few players and entered the huge hall of the main residence.

In this place, there were a few comfortable seating areas, lounge areas, and a couple of NPC waitresses distributing drinks.

The interior looked extremely luxurious, like a 5-star resort.

This was also the first time for Liam to look at places like this so he took his time looking around and then walked further into the hall where a huge door led to the main corridor.

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