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Chapter 381 - Boss Luna

Chapter 380 – Back to training

”Boss, I heard from my different sources that five guilds have wiped out in the spatial rift at record time. ”

”That too, three out of those five guilds have directly purchased the method to clear the rifts from our guild. ”

”They are using the same method that we used, but they are dropping like flies. Everything is a big mess. Several people have started complaining about this. ”

”No one knows what is going on. ”

Alex read all of the messages calmly and then closed her eyes. She took a deep breath, recollecting what Liam had said right before leaving.

So this is what he meant?

Was this all planned out from the very beginning?

Now that she thought about it, the fact that Liam was so generous in revealing their strategy and letting it spread like a virus among the general public was a little out of character.

Since when was he generous and easygoing?

These people dared to trust a wolf in wolf ’s clothing, so they really had no one to blame but themselves.

The more she thought about it, the clearer everything became.

Knowing that this person was capable of commanding an army of demons, it was not impossible at all… at least for him to manipulate everything in this fashion.

But even so, that was just a small number of demons, but this was several armies, infinite demons. Could he possibly have some sort of pull over the entire demon world?

Alex shuddered. Just the thought of such a possibility was too… terrifying!

While the whole world was scrambling to get a foothold in this new world, this person was already close to ruling it?

And she was planning on making an enemy out of this person.

How foolish she had been!

She smiled bitterly. Hindsight was always 20-20. There was no point in thinking about all of that now. The past was the past, and the future was the future.

She clenched her fists and stood up to head to the divine temple once again.

When everyone was becoming more and more powerful with every passing second, she couldn ’t afford to lag behind.

”I need to do better. Rey ’s life depends on it. ” Alex muttered under her breath and dashed out of the room in a hurry.

Only Berat was now left behind, and he dumbly stared at the open door, blinking in confusion, still stuck at a previous time point.

”They die only inside the game, right? ” He repeated the same question again with a blank look on his face, but now the answer was abundantly clear to him…


One human and one white fox stood in front of one of the shinier buildings in the entire compound, the alchemy laboratory.

After staring at the exterior for a couple of seconds, the duo went inside the building.

Liam walked past the luxurious halls and the different rooms and directly took a staircase that led to the highest floor in the building, the tenth floor.

This level contained the best-grade items and raw materials and was exclusively reserved for the core guild members.

Though everything around him was dazzling and spectacular, Liam continued walking absent-mindedly.

He did not have time to stop and smell the herbs or admire the environment. Other thoughts were swirling in his mind.

More specifically… the Level 50 milestone and the complete extra-strength deep cleansing he needed to do when he reached that level.

This thing had always been an itch at the back of his mind for so long for various reasons.

The vagueness of the quest chain, his insufficient knowledge of the quest details, and the difficulty in successfully being able to concoct such a grand supreme elixir.

He absolutely had no confidence in achieving 100% success when it came to this.

Just like the other players, he would also be attempting most things for the first time when it came to this specific quest. The end result was anyone ’s guess.

Not to mention the difficulty in leveling up alchemy talent past the mastery threshold. He had no doubt that this was going to be an uphill task.

Nevertheless, he was here and now he was finally going to take care of it.

Liam walked into one of the practice chambers and closed the door behind him.

The inside of the chamber was huge and spacious and had big windows from where he could almost see the boundary of the deadlands.

This was the second reason why he needed to bring up his alchemy level and fish for more recipes.

Shortly after he entered the chamber, there was a knock on the door.

”Come in? ” Liam snapped out of his thoughts and turned around to see a young woman standing at the doorstep.

”Hmmm? ”

”My Lord, I am Seeka. I am here to assist you today. ” The young woman bowed respectfully.

Was this another perk of the upgraded alchemy building? Liam nodded and then instructed the woman to arrange everything he needed.

This was also convenient. While the assistant tidied up and placed all the ducks in a row, Liam opened the system interface to take a look at his progress.

He stared at his pitiful Intermediate Level alchemy rank and his even more pitiful list of available alchemy recipes with a heavy heart.

Without any attention, it had really stagnated a lot.

”Tsk. Time to change this. ” Liam clicked his tongue and closed everything to sit down comfortably in front of the cauldron.

Thankfully, he did not have to go out and hunt for recipe drops just yet.

He still had a few recipe books from the time Mei Mei and Shen Yue were camping the elites and hunting them repeatedly.

Liam took out the first recipe book from his inventory space and learned it properly.

[Rage potion]: The user enters a frenzied state for 30 seconds; All stats are increased by 5%; There is a small chance to break free from control skills;

”This is a good one that I can use. I will start with this. ”

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