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Chapter 383 - Who wants to do some PVPand ganking?

Chapter 382 – Preparing baths for everyone

After the first mishap, the coordination of the group was a lot smoother, and Liam was finally able to concoct a successful batch of low grade rage potions.

[Ding. Low Grade Rage potion created]

[Ding. Low Grade Rage potion created]

[Ding. Low Grade Rage potion created]

[Ding. Your Alchemy skill proficiency has increased]

”So it takes about an hour, huh? ” Liam sucked in a big breath of air and immediately started working on the second batch.

This was also one of the reasons why he had not focussed on the crafting skills from the get go.

Though they play an equally important role and probably contain several hidden gains and benefits, every single of them was time consuming and punishing.

Thankfully, he had the passive experience gain to be able to focus on this matter more freely. He would have done it irrespectively, but his level was at least not stagnating this way.

Liam did not bother cleaning anything up and simply stood up to sit on another spot.

Seeka hurried and arranged everything for a second batch, and this time she did not make any mistakes.

”Good. ” Liam nodded and quickly started the process all over again.

The fox helped him add the herbs as and when needed and Seeka bottled all the potions and stored them carefully.

This saved Liam some time and he only focused on the concoction. Another hour passed by just like that, and the second batch of potions was also successfully completed.

Once again, there was no failure.

Liam closed his eyes, took a few breaths to feel refreshed, and immediately started working on the third batch.

If this were before, he would have definitely felt drained after two hours of continuous mana manipulation, but now it was different.

Thanks to forging the undead souls constantly, his mental strength and willpower had tremendously improved.

He felt as if he could keep going on and perhaps even attempt something more complicated. Maybe a high grade potion…

Pondering over this, Liam hurriedly finished the third batch of rage potions as well.

Each batch was huge and netted over 20 potion bottles. So in all, he managed to secure 65 rage potion bottles after working for 3 hours straight.

Giving Seeka time to arrange everything properly, he then opened his system interface to see the list of alchemy recipes he had learned so far.

[Basic Healing Potion]

[Basic Mana Potion]

[Basic Stamina Potion]

[Basic Strength Potion]

[Basic Agility Potion]

[Basic Fire Resistance Potion]

[Basic Anti Venom Potion]

[Low Grade Body Cleansing Potion]

[Low Grade Stealth potion]

[Low Grade Anti Venom Potion]

[Low Grade Water Breathing]

[Low Grade Rage Potion]

[Chrysanthemum Lethal Poison]

[Nine-Color Paralyzing Poison]

Liam ’s gaze shifted from one recipe to another and in the end, he decided to go back to the very beginning. He chose the [Low Grade Body Cleansing Potion] again.

This was also a low-grade potion and could currently help him increase his alchemy proficiency. Also, the only people who had consumed this potion were him, Shen Yue, and Mei Mei.

The others, even Mia or Alex had not yet used this one.

”Hmmm… They might not be using this in the most optimal condition, but this should at least give some stat boost to the core group. ”

So Liam decided to concoct a few more batches of this potion while he was still grinding his alchemy skill.

This was also slightly less time-consuming than the rage potion, giving him a ten minute profit, so it fit his criteria perfectly.

”Are you still here? ” Liam sent a message to Alex and then quickly got to work.

He fired up the cauldron once more. This time his movements were a lot more fluid when compared to the previous times.

He was finished warming up, and now he was ready to go.

Ginseng. Maricharin. Linti root. Bonasitu…

Liam tossed in one herb after the other, and a few minutes later, the concoction was slowly inching to perfection.

He had a couple of spare minutes, so he checked his messages. It looked like Alex had already left.

”Never mind then. ” He had already considered this, so he didn ’t care about it too much.

After all, there were small bottles to store potions that were supposed to be simply drunk and big lidded vats to store the other kinds that needed to be dunked in.

Liam quickly finished the rest of the brewing as well and called Seeka over to take care of the rest.

This was the first time for the woman to handle something like this, but she bit her lips and got it done carefully.

Liam nodded in satisfaction and proceeded to grind a few more of the body cleansing solution and tossed everything in the guild vault.

Time slowly ticked by and before he realized he had already spent several hours cooped up in the small room.

However, even though he had been continuously working, he still felt energetic. Luna as well looked as lazy as ever. Only the apprentice girl was sweating buckets.

”Ok, then. I will stop for now. ” Liam stood up and walked out.

He flipped over his system interface and took note of the several notifications that he had received.

His alchemy skill had upgraded quite a bit but he still did not receive the one that he was waiting for, the upgrade to the Master level.

”At this rate, it is going to take a long time. This is not enough. ” He shook his head, talking to himself. Next to him, Luna rubbed her head against his leg, trying to comfort him.

”I need more recipes, better ones. I cannot keep grinding with the low grade ones. I need to take the next step and see if I can do it. ”

Liam stopped, pausing for a couple of minutes, and stared at the distant scenery through the window.

From the top floor, the view looked amazing and he knew where exactly he was going next.

The rock temple dungeon!

It was time to pay another visit to that dungeon!

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