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Chapter 384 - The more the merrier!

Chapter 383 – Who wants to do some PVPand ganking?

Inside the Crimson Abyss guild group… chaos was reigning supreme!

”Anyone heard anything from the guild higher-ups? What is going on? ”

”Every other guild is complaining about our guild. ”

”What every guild? Literally, everyone online is bashing Crimson Abyss. ”

”What the hell? I am getting death threats! ”

”What random guild is this? Where are all the higher-ups? Our guild ’s name is being tarnished left and right, saying that we scammed everyone. Is anything being done about this? ”

”This is a trash guild. ”

”What a useless guild! They are cheating by using money and buying everything nice. Other than the guild residence, which they basically paid for, there is absolutely nothing in this guild. ”

”And even this money they got by scamming others. There is not a single thing honest about this place. They are simply trying to cheat and get ahead. ”

”Guys, be careful. I heard the higher ups are forcing guild members to cough up gold coins. ”

”Trash guild. Trash guild. Trash guild. ”

”If we stay in this guild, we are going to be hated by everyone and targeted left and right. I am leaving. ”

”Me too. ”

”Me too. ”

”+1 ”

When Liam opened the guild messaging area, he noticed that everything was a complete mess.

It wasn ’t too serious, but just that some haters had managed to get in, and they were spreading negativity and unnecessarily adding kerosene to the fire.

Liam simply chuckled at this sight.

He was quite sure that Berat was still recovering from the harsh truth he had learned about or was dumped on him recently.

It would be nice if he had the time to sit everyone down and personally convey the bad news or good news.

Unfortunately, no one had the time for that, and he had to cope on his own.

And Liam did not mind if he took a few hours to do that.

Moreover, this much blowback was still not the peak. He expected things to explode a lot more.

After all, he had single-handedly caused multiple guilds to wipe out. Why wouldn ’t everyone be furious?

In fact, some of the members who were complaining loudly right now were probably spies. Not all, but definitely a majority.

And of course, there were always a few who liked to sow chaos without any reason to watch everything burn.

There was no point in thinking about that kind of entity.

The real task would be to distill out any valuable players from this group of randomness and add them to the core team of the guild.

Since Liam was planning to spend some time scouring for resources, he decided to take care of this as well.

Walking out of the guild residence, he casually gave another look at the chaos in the guild chat, and then he started typing.

Of course, he had no intentions of doing anything to calm down this chaos. Instead, he tossed another match inside.

”Who wants to do some PVP and ganking? ”

And all of a sudden… the guild chat that was completely rowdy just a second ago now stopped, coming to a total halt.

Every single person who was chatting at the moment recognized the name of the person who had sent the last message.

They also knew that he was the current most mysterious person in the entire ’Evolution Online ’ game, unshakeably occupying the leaderboard number 1 ranking spot!

It had now been several days since the game was released and no one had been able to dethrone him right from the beginning until now.

This alone spoke volumes about this man ’s undeniable strength, power, and prowess and now this expert was messaging in the guild group!

Such an unimaginable thing happened!

For some reason, the people who saw this message started to feel very nervous and excited.

They had felt a similar way when the Goddesses Mia or Alex occasionally typed something in the guild chat but the feeling this time was far more pronounced.

It was more different. It was something that commanded respect.

Everyone subconsciously held their breaths, and no one ended up typing another message for a full minute.

Liam chuckled and sent another message, ”Is that a no? ”

The next instant, the entire chat exploded as if a dam had broken.

Everyone started typing furiously to get Liam ’s attention. This was a rare chance to become one of the core members so no one wanted to miss it.

”Boss, I am in. ”

”Where should I come? ”

”Let ’s kill them all! ”

”Who dares to talk bad about my guild? ”


”Loot and plunder! ”

”Let ’s show our guild ’s strength! ”

”God, please send the coordinate! ”

”Should we gear up and come or will you be giving us gear? ”

”The guy above, so shameless! Aren ’t you ashamed to ask for handouts? Boss, I am already fully geared, take me. ”

”Same me too. I don ’t need anything. I just want to join the team! ”

All of the sudden any and all haters disappeared magically into thin air, with everyone only clamoring to sweet talk the expert.

Liam indifferently looked at the chat and then closed it.

If he sent anything in right now, it would definitely get buried so he instead used the guild announcement feature to send a message to everyone in the guild.

”Anyone who is free can assemble in this location for PVP. For every kill, you get a guild contribution point and an additional bonus. ”

After sending the message, Liam did not hang around in the guild residence compound any longer and quickly left.


Both the fox and the human being disappeared at an impressive speed. Under the moonlight of the night, the white fox shot forward like an arrow.

After being cooped up in the room, Luna was also feeling restless. So she kicked up her best speed possible relieving all the stress and tiredness.

Liam felt the wind crashing on his face and grinned as the vibrant freshness sunk into his eyes, nose, and face.

He took a deep breath, sucking everything in. It was time for the second half of the show and this time things were going to get bloody.


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