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Chapter 385 - Partying with the undeads

Chapter 384 – The more the merrier!

When Liam and Luna arrived at the northern part of the Kingdom, not so surprisingly, a huge horde of players was already waiting for them at the designated spot.

Of course, this was because the duo had to travel all the way from the south to the north, and the other players were probably closer.

But it was also because Liam and Luna made a small pit stop before coming here. He had to make some preparations for what he had set in motion.

Liam eyed carefully the players standing ahead of them.

There were almost about hundred players, and most of them had adequate equipment and decent levels.

This was not a bad gathering at all. Any guild leader would be pleased to have amassed such strength just a couple of days after the guild ’s official opening.

However, Liam did not look pleased at all.

There was a mysterious glint in his eyes as he gazed at the crowd coldly.

This was because most people gathered here were probably… spies, moles that other guilds had injected into theirs.

Otherwise, how could normal players so easily reach here, especially in the midst of all the chaos and ruckus surrounding the guild?

Liam observed the bunch of frauds waiting to eat him alive, but unfortunately for them, this was not the first time he was encountering a situation like this.

He already knew how each one of them was going to behave and to what extent they would go to gain his favor.

So he was definitely not going to let them leave! At least not yet!

What Liam needed the most right now was raw materials and recipes and lots and lots of them.

He needed the main recipes that everyone would be after the moment they break into the Level 50s. This was an absolute must before even touching 50.

So when this much free labor was available in front of him, how could he simply let them go?

”Listen up. ” Liam ’s voice thundered as he rode majestically on Luna, the duo halting at the front of the gathering.

Everyone instantly turned to pay attention to him and the crowd became dead silent. It turned out that the information they had wasn ’t false after all.

The guild expert was indeed here!

The numerous players all without any exception eyed Liam from top to bottom, trying to size him up.

They wanted to know just what was special about him that he was able to dominate the ranking board ruthlessly.

Did he perhaps have a special item on him? An Epic ranked item or even perhaps a Legendary ranked item?

And in case he had… they needed to find out about it ASAP!

This was an absolutely perfect spot to rape the guy and take everything he has!

Had he come out here all alone, relying on the newly formed guild and so-called guildmates? How laughable!

Among the huge crowd, several people started to make plans secretly.

Liam, however, did not care even a bit about these things. The more the merrier!

”Listen up! ” He continued, ”Our guild urgently needs the drops from this dungeon for a secret mission. So everyone who contributes to this will get 5 times the guild contribution points. ”

”So every single material that you obtain from this dungeon run will get you 5 points. You can keep the equipment. We only need the recipes and raw materials. ”

”Please work hard so that our guild can soar high! ”

After hearing Liam ’s words everyone looked elated. This was the best opportunity to climb the ladder rungs of the guild and take over from within.

And while everyone was busy running the dungeon, their guild could silently ambush and kill Liam a few times to obtain all the secrets he had on him.

No matter how they thought about it, this was a win-win situation.

However, Liam was not done talking yet and he continued after clearing his throat. ”At the same time, keep in mind that this is a Level 40 dungeon. ”

”This means that the fights will be challenging. Only enter the dungeon if you are at least level 38. Otherwise, do not enter. I repeat, do not enter. ”

”If you are not Level 38, don ’t bother going in. I received information that we might expect some unwelcomed company here. ”

”So you can instead choose to stay outside and guard while leveling up at the same time. ”

Fuck! All the spies in the crowd bit their tongues, feeling as if cold water had been poured on them. This guy was giving them absolutely no chance!

If everyone was outside, how could their guild ambush and gain benefits?!

Liam grinned and finished his small speech with the last few inspiring lines.

”For the next few days, we need to have complete control and a monopoly over this dungeon! Without our say-so, no one should even be able to step foot in this area! ”

”CAN WE DO IT? ” He grinned wickedly and shouted.

”Yesss! ”

Everyone replied back, some were absent-mindedly nodding while others were shouting with equal zeal.


Liam himself couldn ’t help but feel embarrassed to act like this, but if one wanted to reap the maximum benefits, one had to be shameless sometimes.


This time everyone replied back with equal fervor.

Smiling like a true leader, Liam then hopped off Luna and walked forward toward the dungeon.

He had asked her beforehand not to adjust her size in front of these people, so the big fox followed him with the same appearance, haughtily sticking out her nose.

The crowd as well respectfully parted, giving the duo more than enough space to pass through and Liam and Luna entered the dungeon wordlessly.

Everyone could only dazedly look at them disappear into the portal. No one among them was even level 30 yet, let alone level 38.

So how could they follow the person into the dungeon?

”Dude, it looks like no one else in this group is Level 38. See no one is going in. ” One person whispered.

”Hmmm. Ya, I also observed that. This guild is only for a show. From the outside, it seems strong but there is nothing inside. Our guild higher-ups are worried about nothing. ” His friend replied.

”There is no need to spy on these guys. ”

The two guys continued chatting when suddenly one of them stopped and turned to look at the dungeon. ”Hey, wait a minute. ”

”So no one is entering the dungeon… did that mean that guy actually entered a Level 40 dungeon by himself? ”

Realizing what had just happened, the two stood dumbfounded staring at the dungeon. Several others also realized the same thing and gulped.

This was the power of the number one leaderboard ranker?!

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