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Chapter 386 - we will win!

Chapter 385 – Partying with the undeads

Ignoring the crowd outside, Liam calmly entered the portal and stepped into the ’Rock Temple ’ dungeon. Next to him, Luna as well stood alert, looking around everywhere.

They were standing on flat grasslands covered with fresh greenery, but there were numerous huge boulders and blocks of rocks atop this flatland.

It was just like Liam had seen it the last time.

”Alright. Time to do some grinding. ”

It had been a while since he had turned off his brain and just did rote grinding. He was actually looking forward to it.

The only thing was that… the dungeon he was standing in was a level 40 dungeon and he also did not have the guild group with him.

”Soloing a Level 40 dungeon? Just how bad can it be? ” Liam grinned and took a step forward, but then he suddenly stopped.

”I am not really alone, am I? ” His smile widened.

Since no one was there around, this was a very convenient time for him to bring out his army of soul undeads.

”Come out, ” Liam said, and almost instantly, wisps of bluish-white essence leaked out of his body, and in front of him stood several odd figures.

Chickens, rabbits, wolves, bears, ravens, and lastly his two ghost casters, imps and dryads.

Everyone stood at complete attention, and they were all looking at him, waiting for his command. Seeing them all together like this was truly a sight to behold!

But Liam did not plan on stopping here. This army of less than 50 soul undeads was in no way enough for him. He wanted to gain more power.

”Let ’s go, ” Liam shouted, and the group arrogantly marched forward.

The group ’s battle formation was also very unique.

Since Liam was basically going to carry his army of undeads to raise their power level, he and Luna stood at the front while the rest stood at the back.

Just as they took a few steps a group of rock crawlers skittered forward from the huge stone blocks.

”Time to begin. ”

Liam unsheathed his sword while also conjuring an ice spear in front of him, and Luna opened her tiny mouth to spit out fire.


Explosive noises rang loudly from within the dungeon as pieces of the rock crawlers scattered left and right, and the whole place trembled.…


Inside a tavern, in the trade city Yleka, a group of people were seated in a booth.

They all had tired, worn-out looks on their long faces and they listlessly ate the food and chugged the drinks.

Even those who typically entertained themselves with the waitresses of the tavern did not seem interested in doing so at the moment.

They looked extremely gloomy and depressed.

And they were none other than the guild members of the recently famous guild Rising Dragon, though not famous in a good way.

”HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?! ” Gorak, the Rising Dragon guild leader, a burly-looking man with a handsome face bashed his mug on the table.

He looked furiously at all the people sitting in front of him but no one even dared to look up. They did not want to see him, and they did not want to answer him.

However, this behavior did not do anything to appease his anger. It only made him even more furious.

”Didn ’t the Assassins guild get the first clear using this same method? Then how did we get wiped out like this? ”


He suddenly turned to his right and gripped the collar of the guy sitting next to him. ”Tell me. What are the losses? ”

”Don ’t fucking sit here and eat! Tell me what are the losses, DAMN IT! ”

”Sir… that… ”

The other guy was one of the higher-ups in the guild who usually got a lot more respect from Gorak but now he received a different treatment and he was far too nervous to care about it.

Unfortunately for him, it looked like he had to be the bearer of the bad news today. There was simply no escaping it.

The guy flinched and spoke nervously, ”Sir, each of us at least lost one piece of equipment. We also received the penalty of one level loss. ”

”So both money and time… ” He saw Gorak ’s face bubbling like a volcano and did not dare continue talking.

”WHAT MONEY AND TIME? Do you think that ’s the only thing we lost? We also lost fucking respect, you idiot! WE LOST EVERYTHING! ”


”In front of the entire fucking world! ” Gorak let go of the person forcefully, so much so that he fell back onto the floor.

”We looked like fools in front of the entire world! ” He repeated the same words and took another swig from his drink.

”We actually paid gold coins from our pockets and stood in a queue waiting to get our ass raped! ”

”We even sold tickets to others for this same show. ”

”As if wiping out and losing face is not enough, now these guys are also badgering me to return the gold coins and pay extra compensation. ”

”Even after I blamed everything on that BASTARD, they are still hounding me for compensation! ”



”Do you know that my fiance broke up with me today? ”

”My father spat on me! ”

”And my high and mighty brother fucking gave me advice on how not to trust everything everyone said! ”

”CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT! ” Gorak smashed the mug in his hand, throwing it randomly on a wall. Everyone trembled.

But surprisingly, Gorak did not say anything else. He became weirdly quiet the next instant. With his head lowered, he gazed at the table and spoke in a low voice.

”Liam… find out everything about him. That thing that we wanted to try… let ’s test it out on him. ”

”Sir! But! ” The person who was thrown on the floor gasped in shock and so did many others.

”No. He fucking deserves it. Find out where he is. I want to kill him. I want to erase his existence. ”

”If someone fucks with us, they need to know what will happen. ”

Gorak ’s words contained a domineering power in them that no one else wanted to oppose him anymore. Everyone silently nodded.

The entire booth was filled with an ominous deadly silence.

Coincidentally, at this exact same time, a new message arrived. ”Boss, we have some news. Something big happened. Crimson Abyss guild is making another move. ”

”What? ” Gorak ’s eyes widened.

”Boss, everyone is gathering in front of a Level 40 dungeon for some quest, and apparently Liam, the ranker number 1 is going to be there! ”

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