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Chapter 387 - The guests have arrived

Chapter 386 – we will win!

The piece of new information instantly sobered up Gorak. He stood up from his seat in haste and started to barge out of the booth. However, he stopped himself.

He had already lost everything once. He was not foolish enough to brashly tackle this enemy a second time.

No, under no circumstances could he afford to underestimate this opponent again.

He walked back to his seat and sat down, cradling his head in his hands.

He waited for a couple of minutes and then opened his system interface to go back to the group chat that he had exited just earlier in the day, the chat group with the six guild leaders.

No one was actively chatting in the group at the moment and, the place was a complete dead zone.

Seeing this, it was abundantly clear that every one of the guilds were probably going through the same thing he was at the moment.

This once again reassured him that his decision to deal with this more patiently was indeed the right one.

Huuuu… Gorak took a deep breath and started typing.

Rising Dragon GL: Who wants revenge?

Rising Dragon GL: I know where that bitch currently is

Eradicators GL: Fuck you! Everybody knows that, you idiot!

Earth ’s Doom GL: Guys, let ’s stop fighting already. We have suffered too much this time.

Skullcrushers GL: Damn it, don ’t remind me. I am not able to step out of the city. So many people are looking for me. There is a fucking bounty on my head!

Eradicators GL: We placed a bounty on that bastard ’s head and now there is a bounty on our head. This is…

Bloodthirsty Ninjas GL: You guys are all here? Come, let ’s cry together.

Rising Dragon GL: Stop talking nonsense. That fucker won ’t be in the same place for too long. We need to act fast.

Earth ’s Doom GL: I agree.

Skullcrushers GL: What is the point of agreeing? All our gear is now completely trashed.

We lost 30% of our strength in one wipe, but that bastard set up a shiny new guild residence while we were getting our ass kicked.

He bloody got one more achievement, became more popular, and the guild also got more members! How are we supposed to fight against him now?

Do you guys even know many guild members they have at the moment? It ’s impossible!

Bloodthirsty Ninjas GL: I think the same too. We are still struggling to recover from that last blow. Screw it. I don ’t want to face him again. That brat is extremely cunning and vile.

Rising Dragon GL: I know. This is why I am contacting you bunch of idiots. Let ’s not fight against him alone. What if we fight against him together?

The entire chat group all of a sudden became quiet.

Earth ’s Doom GL: How guys are you bringing?

Rising Dragon GL: I am bringing everyone! I want that bitch to die a hundred times!

Earth ’s Doom GL: Ok. I will also bring everyone then.

Skullcrushers GL: You guys, I suggest you both give up. They have too many numbers on their side.

Their strength is now comparable to the top guilds in the Gresh Kingdom. If we buttheads again, unnecessarily we will only lose.

Rising Dragon GL: No, you are wrong. This time we will win.

Earth ’s Doom GL: Listen up guys. I also know that they have quite a few numbers on their side.

But think more carefully about it. These people just joined recently and probably don ’t have any coordination.

It is not possible for them to hold out against us. If the six of us attack with a solid formation, we can easily take this win.

Who knows? Maybe this single battle will be enough to recover everything that we lost?

We can also hold our heads high and get our respect back! Someone cheated us, so we fought them and took back our honor, doesn ’t this sound good?

Bloodthirsy ninjas GL: I get it now. We will definitely win this time!

Eradicators GL: Yes! I also agree. We can definitely win this. You guys better not try to pull one over and do something shady.

We are already knee deep in this shit. There better not be any backstabbing!

Rising Dragon GL: No, all of us will bring our full guild ’s strength. We will fight with Crimson Abyss and slaughter every last one of them.

If we stand together, then our numbers won ’t lose out to theirs. We can win this!

Earth ’s Doom GL: Agreed. They might have a lot of cannon fodder on their side, but we also have our numbers. With six of us together, we will bring this home.

Bloodthirsy ninjas GL: Ok, let ’s do this.

Skullcrushers GL: Guys, I am still… Fine, whatever. We have already lost so much. Why not suffer some more?

Eradicators GL: Ok, I will go make the preparations now.

Rising Dragon GL: Bring out everyone as fast as possible. We need to do this soon. Otherwise, that bastard might slip away from us.

Gorak closed the system interface and lifted his head to look at the group sitting in front of him. ”Come on. Get up. We have work to do. We need to prepare for war! ”

Huh? Everyone gasped in shock and looked at their guild leader. All the madness and fury that was bubbling in the guy just a second ago had now completely dispersed.

It looked like their guild leader was starting to get serious. Everyone quickly scrambled to do his bidding and take care of the required preparations.

This was going to be huge!

Within a minute, the booth became completely empty and now only Rising Dragon was left alone. For some reason, he still did not get up from his spot.

He stared blankly at the wall as if he was deeply thinking about something.

”Hmmmm… No… I still can ’t shake this uneasy feeling. Even this much preparations is probably not enough. We need more. ”

He quickly flipped open the guild interface again and searched his contacts. His eyes then finally landed on a name, Gu Donghai.

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