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Chapter 388 - You know?

Chapter 387 – The guests have arrived

Ka ta ka ta ka ta

Liam hurriedly dashed ahead, circling the giant rock centipede. The beast roared as it shook its head vigorously and launched to pursue the tiny human bothering it.

It twisted its body that was hard and sturdy, and swung itself at the target with its mouth wide open. For such a huge and heavy beast, its speed was quite impressive.

However, no matter how much it tried, it just wasn ’t able to grab the human.

Liam ’s movements were sharp and decisive.

The mana in his body churned like a raging sea as he boosted his speed and agility and darted back and forth, slashing down at the rock centipede.

Since it was an Elite beast, he had to put more effort than usual. Despite his higher rank, it was still bothersome to deal with an Elite beast single-handedly.

Of course, he had already expected this, so he did not show any signs of tiredness and continued pushing on, doing whatever damage he could.

The rock centipede had very few flaws, so it was not that easy to handle, but it did have a major flaw: its single-mindedness.

It was extremely easy to grab the beast ’s attention, so Liam happily moved around without worrying about anything, and a little further away a part of his posse silently dealt damage in peace.

Luna, the two imps, and the two dryads kept churning out one fireball after another all of them targeting the rock centipede ’s head and mouth.

In this way, the fight continued, barely lasting for a minute, and a half. Liam then dealt the last blow and the giant rock monster dropped dead obediently.

”Phew! Another one down. Let me see what we got. ”


As if this was her cue, Luna sprang forward and grabbed the couple of items that had dropped and swiftly brought them to Liam.

”Two pieces of Jalacite ore. Hmmm. Not bad. Shall we move on to the next one? ”


The fox nodded her head vigorously and prepared to pounce ahead when Liam suddenly stopped moving.

”Heh. It looks like our guests finally arrived. ” He chuckled, looking at the notifications.

Several people had sent him the same messages, but were these messages for warning him or making sure that he didn ’t escape?

”Time to have some fun. Let ’s leave the dungeon. ” Liam dismissed all of his soul pets and then grabbed Luna to head out of the ’Rock Temple. ’

Immediately, as soon as he stepped out, a few people came running over to him. It looked like these few people had organized the crowd that had gathered here tonight.

”Boss, several players are headed this way. ”

”Do you know how many? ” Liam asked.

”Boss, maybe around a thousand? There are too many players. I think maybe more than one guild is making a move. ”

”Hmmm… how far are they? ”

”They should be arriving in a few minutes. What should we do now? ”

”Hmmm… ” Liam gazed at the distance, silently pondering.

The person reporting this news took this chance to get a few more brownie points.

”Boss, actually all our guild members were scattered. I personally asked everyone to re-group and prepare to fight back. Ah. I hope that is okay?

”Ummm… we are going to fight back, right? ”

Liam turned to look at the overeager person and patted his shoulder with a beaming smile, ”Yes. Yes. Of course, we are going to fight them. Why do you think we won ’t? ”

”Ah… Right. Right. We should fight… and win and show everyone what our… guild is made of. ”

That person was no longer confident in his own words for some reason. He felt as if Liam ’s smile was not simple and tried to think about what was happening.

However, Liam did not wait around. He charged forward and shouted, ”Everyone. Do your best! Kill every last person! Don ’t let anyone escape! ”

”I will triple the rewards! Everyone will get three times the guild contribution points as they would get for a normal kill! This is your chance. Use it well! Fight to your heart ’s content. ”

Hearing his words, the several players gathered around shouted in response energetically.

”Fight! Fight! Fight! ”

Liam grinned and then continued. ”TANKS! MELEES! Get to the front. Healers in the middle and long-range DPS at the back. LET ’S GO! HURRY UP! Get into formation. ”

Sitting on top of Luna he dashed around here and there and gave out orders for a while but as the time for action grew closer, he suddenly disappeared.

Both the big white fox and him were nowhere to be seen.

Realizing this, the various players in the group started to become restless. Especially the spies in the group who comprised a major portion of the crowd were dumbfounded.

All the small groups that had come to the guild to scout and get information started getting restless and discussed furiously.

”What the heck? Where did Liam go? ”

”What is his damn problem? What sort of a leader abandons his guild like this? ”

”Wasn ’t he here until now giving some sort of speech like a brave person? Now suddenly, he is nowhere to be seen? ”

”Who the fuck cares about that? What are we supposed to do now? Stay here and fight? Why the hell are we involved in this nonsense? ”

”Ya, why should I fight? I just came here to see what these guys were up to! And now I am supposed to fight for them? Fuck, I will die! ”

”Let ’s just leave now. We still might have a few seconds? Let these losers take the heat and we can escape somehow? ”

”What nonsense are you blabbering? Where could you possibly go when the other side is this close. See, there they come! Damn it! ”

”Ayyaaaa! Why are we doing free labor?! I still want to try and escape ”

”Wait, wait. Don ’t go yet. Maybe that person is standing in stealth somewhere and observing. ”

”Oh, you are correct. We have come till here, let ’s just fight this out also. Unlike these noobs, we have experience. We can even win this shit if we try.

”Ya, let ’s stay and fight. ”

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