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Chapter 389 - Healing Potion

Chapter 388 – You know?

While everyone stood hesitating not knowing what to do, the enemy was already at the doorstep, and no one had time to think anymore.

All the alternative courses of action were shut down just like that, with only one option in front of everyone, which was to fight!

The few genuine players who had wanted to be a part of the guild rushed ahead to fight, and the different spies also helplessly looked at each other and proceeded to do the same thing.

They simply had no other choice.

As soon as the other group arrived closer, almost instantly a volley of attacks flew over to this side. Clearly, they did not come here with the intention of resolving anything with peace talks.

The vanguard, the middle guard, and the rear guard all started taking damage, and in a minute, the somewhat scattered Crimson Abyss group began crumbling.

While their side only had about 300 to 400 players, the six guilds arrived with most of their strength and brought over around 1000 players.

The entire place became a complete mess. The healers at the back tried to do their best and somehow pull up the numbers, but it was simply impossible.

Against the coordinated attacks, they were flailing and drowning.

But as opposed to the complete chaos on this side, the other side was well organized and fought with ruthless ferocity.

They were pulling huge damage numbers, and it was almost impossible to bring down the health of their vanguard.

The two sides looked like two extremes!

One had clearly come to battle while the other looked as if they had been caught with their pants down while taking a shit.

This somewhat made sense because technically, they had been ambushed.

But their leader was still here? He could have put some effort into organizing some part of the group at the least?

And where was he now? Who is commanding? Who is in charge? What was happening?

The current situation was the absolute worst. It looked as if no one had any intentions of winning. Some were even trying to run away even though it was too late.

There was nothing anyone could possibly do. The battle was over before it even began. Everything happened too fast and no one was able to react properly.

For some, this was also the first time participating in a battle, so they easily crumbled. Only the experienced spies from other guilds were able to somewhat hold out.

In the midst of this chaos and confusion, no one noticed that a figure had already slipped to the other side of the battlefield.

”See, didn ’t I say that we were going to win? ” Rising dragon ’s guild leader contently licked his lips. Seeing all this destruction and massacre was very satisfying.

They were utterly dominating the other side and it was a good feeling.

Just a few hours ago, they had suffered this same fate at the hands of the demons, and now it was payback time. There was nothing more satisfying than revenge well done.

Now who would dare to call them laughing stock and who would dare to come after them and curse them. It was time to show their power!

”You told the guys to publicize about this online, right? ”

”Yes, sir. All the preparations are done. Everyone will know about our victory. ”

”Mmm… good. ” Gorak nodded. However, there still seemed to be a restless look on his face despite everything.

This was because he couldn ’t spot the one person he wanted to find the most.

He did not care if all of these people here died or not. This victory would be completely meaningless for him without that one person.

”Where are you? Where are you? ” Gorak murmured to himself while looking around.

At the same time, he also sent a few men out to close the borders and stop everyone from escaping.

”Hmph! ”You cannot leave this place alive today! ” He sneered and started sending in attacks. He was a mage so he conjured a fireball and sent it to the opposite side.

However, before his attack could land, suddenly, something big popped up over his head.

A big fat fireball!

”Huh? ” Gorak looked at that fireball and the one in his hand, he blinked in confusion. One was the size of the burning sun while the other was as small as an egg yolk.

And before he could blink…


The giant fireball blasted, raining down fire bullets in all directions.







Several damage numbers floated atop the players, and all of a sudden, the side that looked like it was going to win, was now in hot water.

And the person responsible for this stood at the back cooly. Liam did not stop and swiftly moved among the crowd of players to keep his position changing.

He then once again conjured another fireball that rained down bullets on a different set of players. Just like that, a whole group of players had their health dinged.

”Hey! Who is that? ”

”Fuck! Someone else in here. ”

”Here! Here! ”

After the second attack, Liam ’s presence was found out, and a few players tried to attack him. However, since he was at the back right now, there weren ’t that many melee players.

A couple of melee players and a few hunters and mages tried targeting him. Seeing this, some of the players at the front also started paying attention. Some of the tanks rushed to the back.

In under a minute, Liam was quickly surrounded in all directions, and several attacks flew toward him.

But unexpectedly, the person simply grinned. He did not look as if he was a prey trapped in a circle. Rather he looked as if he was about to start hunting.

Liam unsheathed his sword and quickly started plowing through the crowd. Clinging to his back, Luna as well did the same.

As he slashed down at the players in front of him, Luna sprayed fire everywhere. To make things complicated, the duo kept continuously moving.

Every time someone tried attacking them, the attack instead landed on their own teammate. Instantly, the ordered, well-organized group became chaotic.

”Rising dragon, what ’s happening in your guild? Why are you guys self-destructing? ” All the other guild leaders started messaging.

”FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! ” Gorak cursed out loud. ”That bastard is here! ” He then typed furiously and charged towards Liam.

He had been searching for the guy, and now he was finally here. He did not care how many of his guild members died here. Now that he was here, he did not want to let him go at all costs.

”You think you are strong enough to take on an entire army single-handedly? DIE! ”

Gorak aimed for Liam and started sending out several attacks. ”Healers, heal me. Everyone, focus and kill that guy! I will reward 1000 gold coins to anyone who gets him! ”

Hearing his words, all the nearby players immediately rejoiced. This was their chance to become rich overnight.

Everyone gripped their weapons tightly and sent out several attacks one after other, all aimed at Liam.

Though some of these attacks looked like they were going to miss their mark, most of them were definitely going to land.

”I GOT YOU NOW, you bastard! ” Gorak immediately turned around, starting to head outside.

”Boss, where are you going now? ” Someone called after him.

”I am going to the graveyard. You guys keep fighting. ” Gorak did not think about it too much and replied absent-mindedly, but as soon as he finished talking… something was amiss?

HUH? He turned around, fear and panic apparent in his eyes, only to see that the person he had just now spoken to was right behind him.

”So you know huh? ” Liam smiled calmly.

”I know… what? ” Gorak felt a chill run down his spine.

The next second, Liam was no longer standing in front of him and his vision also darkened.

[Ding. You have died]

Gorak ’s last bits of health disappeared and he lifelessly dropped to the ground. Liam stepped on him and avoided a few arrows aimed at him.

”So the cat is out of the bag huh? The bubble should burst in the next couple of days. I need to hasten my preparations. ”

He took out another [Rage Potion] from his inventory space and dunked it down.

With this burst of power, his stats received a significant boost, and suddenly he was about 20 to 30 levels higher than the surrounding players.

This was in addition to the extra stats he already had.

And to top it all, every one of his attacks landed like a cannonball with much more power and destruction.

From the moment Liam showed up, the entire group of players on the rightmost part of the army was in complete disarray.

Several people died in quick succession and their numbers had drastically reduced just like that in the snap of a finger.

All the other guild leaders who observed this from a distance drew big gasps in shock.

They did not realize it until now, but after witnessing it first-hand in front of them, they finally grasped the concept.

A true expert was equivalent to an army!

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