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Chapter 390 - Missing Persons

Chapter 389 – Healing Potion

As Liam once again moved away from his position, the other guild leaders slowly realized the real peril of the situation.

It was as if a dam was broken, and now the players were everywhere.

Where there was structure and formation before, now there was only complete chaos. The players from both sides had mixed together and were fighting very haphazardly.

And this infection was also spreading.

At this rate, their strength in numbers would go to utter waste. There would be a lot of friendly fire and damage on their side.

The number of players dying was also steadily increasing.

The other side was going down, but they seemed determined to take their army along with them.

And the reason for all of this was just a single person!

The other guild leaders quickly tried to gather their elite players to at least restrict Liam ’s movements until they could get a hold of the whole situation.

But unfortunately, they were too late.

Before they could begin to do anything like that Liam was already in the midst of the second guild group.

This time it was the Eradicators guild ’s turn. Liam entered the fray and immediately started murking up the waters.

He did not use any strategy specifically. He simply passed through like a hurricane, wreaking everyone in his path and this was more than enough to disrupt everything.

The coordination and group formation that the six guild leaders had boasted about was nowhere to be seen.

And because of the way they had popularized the battle, more and more members of the Crimson Abyss guild also started pouring in, all of them finally reaching the destination of the battle.

The entire place became completely chaotic and in the midst of this, to add more fuel to the fire, a group of Level 50 ravens descended down from above.


”Why are level 50 beasts here? ”

”Maybe this is the special quest the crimson abyss guild is here for? ”

The group of birds chased after Liam but everyone misunderstood the situation and started focussing their efforts on them.

This made the ravens very furious.


Suddenly, the battleground was filled with their squawking sounds.

This alerted even more people and quickly, the PVP fight evolved into fighting for the chance to get the last kill of these ravens.

While everyone was completely involved in fighting, Liam on the other hand, quietly slipped away to the graveyard.

He broke into a cold sweat, seeing the ravens tear a new one and rip apart a few players into shreds.

”Again? Why am I getting repeatedly attacked by this mob? And they seem to be getting stronger and stronger with every wave? What the hell is going on? ”

Liam bitterly smiled. These birds were chasing him!

Something was definitely not right.

He knew that he needed to figure this out soon because if the next wave was going to be a group of Level 60 or higher ravens, even he might not stand a chance.

He would get pitifully punctured by these birds.

Liam paused for a moment, looking back at the bloody battlefield.

Brrrrr. He then shook himself, throwing the image out of his head, and turned around, dashing towards the graveyard.

The ravens can wait. Right now there was something else more important that he needed to take care of.

While others chased after the potential drops from these ravens, Liam sped towards the graveyard to collect his own reward.

After all, this was the main reason he was here. How else could he easily gather so many souls without putting any effort?

He needed gold. He needed souls. This was the perfect chance for that.

When Liam arrived at the graveyard, he sucked into a big breath and immediately shifted into [Stealth] mode. Luna jumped off of his back and she as well hid in a nearby bush.

The graveyard wasn ’t that far from the battlezone, so they had to take care of business quietly and quickly.

More importantly… there needed to be a second battle zone in this area so that whatever he was going to do now would remain unnoticed.

Liam only had to wait for a couple of seconds when players started resurrecting one after the other.

A few probably already did before he arrived. He did not care whether they ran away or rejoined the battle. His only focus was on the ones who had resurrected right now.

Giving up on the stealth, Liam ’s figure blurred as he dashed towards the four players who were hurriedly checking their person to see what they had dropped.

”Damn bro, I dropped my sword. What bad luck! ” One player cursed.

”Thank god! Thank god! Thank god! I only dropped that stupid wrist piece. ” Another one kissed his bow that was his priced possession, a unique grade gear.

The third friend was about to say something when suddenly their happy reunion was interrupted.

”Who- ”


Liam chopped the four of them, his sword dancing in the wind. In the dark of the night, the silent purple flashes quickly claimed the four lives effortlessly.

And this time, the poor guy ’s treasured bow indeed dropped.

Liam indifferently picked up the equipment and tossed it into his inventory. He then once again went into [Stealth].

However, he didn ’t get much time as, before long, the next group of sheep arrived, waiting to be slaughtered by him.

”Eradicators this time huh… ”

Liam took a note of the guild emblem worn by the group before swiftly clearing them.

In case he was not able to finish them off today, he could always revisit the guild with the most kills and claim his bounty!

After taking care of these last few, the next batch arrived even sooner only barely giving him time to enter [Stealth] again.

This time surprisingly it was members from his own guild and the five of them also seemed to know each other.

”Guys, what the heck? I can ’t believe I actually died. The higher-ups better pay sufficient compensation for this. ”

The five of them had grave looks on their faces which made Liam very suspicious. Also, weirdly they were not even checking their gear and they already seemed extremely upset.

Could they also possibly know?

Liam did not act immediately and waited for another second and there it was.

”I died too many times already. Sorry, man. I am logging out. Fuck this shit. Growing strong and all is fine, but I first need to be alive for it. ”

Just as he suspected, the five players in front of him knew about the truth!

Which guild did they belong to?

Just as Liam was thinking about it, another person opened his mouth. ”That ’s exactly why we are working hard. We need that healing potion. ”

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