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Chapter 391 - Grimreaper at the graveyard

Chapter 390 – Missing Persons

Liam who was casually listening up until now suddenly stiffened up.

He had been fishing for some other information such as the guild they were from, but he hadn ’t expected to stumble upon something like this.

”Healing potion? They couldn ’t possibly be talking about…? ”

Snapping him out of his thoughts, the other person kindly added a few more details.

”What to do? If only we knew this from the beginning… ”

”Heck, do you know how many times I died for a stupid quest! Thinking back I could have avoided all that and would now be in a much better position. ”

”Sigh… ya… now we have to beg for something random like this just to live. ” The man shook his head, ”I don ’t know what ’s going to happen to this world. ”

”Mmmm. It is indeed scary, but I am also excited. We know all this information before others. So we are already ahead of millions or even billions of people. Doesn ’t that make you feel excited? ”

”Stupid idiot. ”

”He He. Alright. Let ’s not hang out here too long. Others should be spawning soon. Let ’s run away. ”

”Agreed. No one would notice if we participate in this battle or not. It is better to spy from the comfort of the massage parlor. ”

”Ha Ha Ha. ”

The two of them laughed and chatted while quickly rushing away from the graveyard. They were completely oblivious to the fact that they were being watched by a predator.

Unfortunately for them their fate was now already sealed.

Whatever lingering doubts Liam had, everything was now completely cleared up, but… he did not intend on following them or dealing with them right now.

These two indeed had very valuable information and they needed some special attention. Also, since they were going to be in the guild residence, there was no hurry to chase them.

He watched the two disappear, but before they could escape from the area someone else respawned.

Under no circumstance did Liam want the duo to find out about his presence so before the next couple of players could even spawn fully, he slashed down with his purple sword, taking their lives without a single sound.

This unfortunate trio dropped three pieces of equipment that were quickly collected and put away.

Liam then silently continued his business while being deeply engrossed in his thoughts. Unlike the people he was killing, his mind was as calm as an ocean.

With every step that he was taking to level 50, he knew that he would be stepping into completely uncharted territories about which he had very little information if any. Panda Novel

However, that did not concern him. He only needed a few more steps to get the solid foundation that he had always yearned for.

With that in his grasp, he was confident in his ability to handle the rest.

Time slowly ticked by. The night was long as Liam continued to indifferently slaughter everyone who resurrected.

His mind was calm and steady and somehow the atmosphere was also extremely soothing.

He was in the Xion realm at the moment so he knew for a fact that there was no nether around him and yet this place and the air around him, everything was very relaxing.

It was as if he was suddenly able to think very clearly. Liam calmly breathed in and breathed out. The more time he spent killing the players who respawned, the more he felt alive.

He only did this because grinding the number of souls he needed was a lot more efficient this way. He was not reaping them one by one. This time he was going to get an entire bunch.

Not just that but he was also getting a lot of gold and items. War was truly one of the most profitable ways to farm things.

Gathering the things that dropped, Liam did not discriminate and continued to slaughter more and more players, irrespective of what guild they belonged to.

The only players whom he allowed to get out of that hellish graveyard were players from his guild. However, not all of them were that lucky.

If someone exposed himself to being a spy, then that person was naturally moved to the kill category. In this manner, things continued and soon several notifications started showing up.

[Ding. You have devoured a soul]

[Ding. You have devoured a soul]

The system chimed in succession after the first hour passed by. Many of these players ’ souls were already terribly damaged so Liam did not have to grind a lot.

And though the game system reduced the event to just another notification, Liam was well aware of what he was doing.

Every time he received a notification, it meant that he was taking away that life. Yet he did not bother to check if that person was good or bad or whether he deserved it or not.

Perhaps someone else might be more considerate of such trivialities, but he knew enough to know that these things do not matter in the long run.

When the truly terrible things knock on the earth ’s doorstep, hundreds and thousands of innocent lives would be claimed.

Compared to that number, something like this was simply irrelevant.

At that time, no amount of good deeds or morality would come to his or anyone else ’s rescue. Only pure strength would matter then and only pure strength mattered now.

This was a lesson that Liam had learned the hard way. He knew what kind of future awaited them so he did not dare dwell upon such trivialities.

He steeled his resolve and continued slaughtering the many players one after the other. Consequently, the number of souls he devoured also steadily increased.

Just like this almost another hour passed by when suddenly a few players started heading towards the graveyard.

It looked like someone had noticed the absence of the dead players. Or perhaps the battle was thinning down. It was about time after all.

Liam gripped his sword tightly as he gazed at the few players in front of him.

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