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Chapter 392 - Your base is under attack!

Chapter 391 – Grimreaper at the graveyard

Back on the battlefield, something extremely unusual was happening. The army of more than one thousand men the six guilds had come with had somehow dwindled to half its numbers.

Some of the elites were also missing.

Even among the guild leaders, three of them were missing.

Gorak, being one of the first few people to die, had respawned and rushed back to the battleground. However, when he returned the entire landscape had changed.

He couldn ’t believe his eyes.

Everything in front of him felt surreal. He had been so sure that they were going to win this fight, but somehow the tables had turned and now they were on the losing end.

Just how the hell did this happen?

Was this all the disturbance and destruction caused by that person?

He simply could not digest it. Was it even possible for someone to be so strong? Did the level difference matter this much?

He felt as if he was going crazy. Madly tossing attacks at any enemy he could spot, he dashed ahead in a frenzy.

Gorak tried to find Liam in the crowd but it was impossible. Actually, the bastard was extremely showy so it should have been relatively easy to spot.

The fact that he couldn ’t do was proof that he was right now not there on the battleground. Could he have already left? He thought that this was over and actually left the area?

Gorak gnashed his teeth in humiliation, but the enemy ’s arrogance was going to be his lucky chance.

Ptui! He spat in anger and furiously sent several instructions in the guild channel.

He tried as much as he could to bring back the scattered allies together and to get the fight once again under their control. This was the only thing that they needed to do to win.

They still had the numbers on their side and Liam was also missing. This was the perfect chance to make a comeback!


Several minutes passed by and Gorak had to yet bring things under control. In fact, everything was just the opposite.

Little by little they were devolving more and more.

With every passing minute, somehow the players on their side seemed to be dwindling while the other side was growing in size?

”Damn it. ” Gorak chewed his nails, completely out of his wits, but he suddenly froze as if he had forgotten about something important and remembered it only now.

”Hey! Did you see anyone from the Gu family yet? ” Gorak turned around urgently. He looked at the two other people from the guild and they had anxious looks on their faces.

”Boss… that… ” They hesitated to reply to him.

”What? What happened? Where is the division from the Gu family? ” Gorak could already tell that something was wrong.

”Boss, they did not come here. ”

”What do you mean? Are they running late or something? ”

The guy shook his head with a bitter smile. He then relayed whatever information he managed to find.

”Boss, I am not sure if any men are headed this way. I was not able to find out what Gu Donghai decided. But… ”

”Hmmm? ”

”A large number of players from the Jade mountain guild are headed towards the south… towards… ”

”Their guild residence? ” The veins on Gorak ’s forehead throbbed.

Pa! He threw his left fist at his right palm angrily. ”Those bastards! They actually dared to backstab me! They used me? ”

It was clear as day to Gorak what had happened. He did not have to be a genius to understand this.

Gu Donghai knew in advance that there was going to be a huge battle here. The bunch of guilds was going to keep Crimson Abyss engaged here.

He knew this information and the bastard decided to use this for his own advantage.

While they were struggling and dying here just to get a foothold, that bastard was going to casually raid their guild!

”BA HA HA HA HA! This is good! This is too good! ” Gorak started laughing loudly like a maniac. At this point, he did not know what else to do.

However, the next second, something jammed onto his back, snapping him out of his thoughts.

”Alright. We can deal with that later. I should focus on what is in front of me. ” Gorak looked around and saw the obviously reduced numbers.

This could only mean two things, either the players on their side were running away, or… something was happening at the graveyard.

Perhaps just like how they had sent a small portion of their troops to the side to get the players who were running away, the other side was camping in the graveyard and slowly culling their numbers?

Gorak slapped his forehead hard. He already knew about this, so why the hell did he not consider this earlier! And why the hell did they not do this in the first place!

”SHIT! ”

”Boss? ”

”Let ’s go. Let ’s go. Fast. Fast. Round up some of our elites and bring them over here immediately. We are going to the fucking graveyard! ”

A few members of the Rising Dragons and a group of other elites quickly scrambled and rushed over to the graveyard, the respawn site.

Since the place was located somewhat close to the battleground, they did not have to search for it for too long. They quickly arrived at the place.

”STOP! ” Gorak suddenly halted his footsteps. Everyone was shocked and wondered what was happening.

But Gorak continued to look around like a lunatic, turning his head here and there.

He could feel that something was wrong. The graveyard was bleak and dull like it always was just like any other graveyard.

But there was something amiss here. He was sure of it. He subconsciously took a step back. However, it was already too late…

In front of him, clad in familiar clothing and armor was the same person… the person who had only just now killed him a few minutes back.

”So you are finally here huh? ” Liam grinned.

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