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Chapter 393 - Just a small promise

Chapter 392 – Your base is under attack!

”What are you doing in the graveyard when there is a battle still going on out there? Hmmm? ” Liam grinned.

Gorak and the other Rising Dragon guild members stared at the ghost in front of them in utter shock.

They had come here expecting to find a huge number of players but instead, there was only one. However, that one person was…

Everyone gulped. No one expected to find this monster here.

Even the guild leader Gorak who had first realized that some players could be sabotaging their army from the graveyard for some reason failed to think about this person.

”I… what… ” Gorak stammered, unable to get any words out.

His reddened eyes were fixated on Liam, not even a hair on his body moving. The others also had similar expressions. No one wanted to breathe or speak.

”What? You are not going to answer me? ” Liam chuckled. ”You don ’t have to. The fact that you are here already told me everything. ”

He took a step forward and seeing him, the others subconsciously took a step back.

”You are leisurely camping out at the graveyard, so what other reason could be there for your presence here? ”

”But the question still remains… how much do you know? Are you just here to rescue your friends or perhaps you know about everything? ”

”I… I don ’t know anything. What… what are you talking about? ” Gorak ’s eyes widened even further and he started blurting out.

He was already petrified of the guy, so how could he let him know his real intentions?

”Hmmm… is that so? But I thought I heard you say that you want to kill me off? You know once and for all? ”

”How… how did you? ” Gorak ’s heart sank. This person knew everything.

”Haaa… so you really did know after all. ” Liam smiled. ”I was not a hundred percent sure until now, but I guess this confirms everything. ”

”No. No. Nothing like that. I don ’t know what you are talking about. ”

”So you did not plan to kill me permanently? ”

”What? No no! I never thought about such things. What are you saying? This is just a game. I don ’t know anything. ”

”Well… ” Liam shrugged. ”Either way it doesn ’t matter to me. ”

His hand that was gripping his sword suddenly moved and his figure blurred. Before anyone could react, the next instant… two heads rolled on the ground.

Two of them had died just like that!

Gorak flinched as blood splattered on him. No, this wasn ’t something that he could possibly handle.

He snapped out of his trance, gave up any and all intentions of fighting back, and started screaming, ”LOG OUT! LOG OUT! LOG OUT! ”

However, unfortunately for him, nothing of that sort was happening. In his panic, he completely forgot that one could not log out when involved in combat.

He quickly scrambled to open his system interface and pressed the option there repeatedly. He needed to log out! Somehow!

But even then nothing was happening.

”Shit. ” He then realized that they were all in the same party and that ’s why he was in combat. He quickly left the party and opened his mouth but he was too late.

Liam slashed at him, directly engaging him in combat. It was only a small superficial slash but it was enough to draw some blood.

Gorak trembled. His last opportunity also flew out of the window. Now no matter what he couldn ’t log out until the combat ended.

He looked on his sides from the corner of his eyes to see if there was anyone whom he could use but… there were only dropped equipment scattered on the ground around him.

Everyone else had died. He was the last one remaining.

”Don ’t worry. Your friends will spawn back shortly and then I will get to kill them all over again. ” Liam smiled.

”No. You can ’t do that. ” Gorak ’s mind was spinning.

”Why not? It ’s just a game right? ” Liam smirked.

The man flinched from the wound on his arm that was hurting like hell. His pulse quickened and desperation set in. ”Why are you doing this? How could you be so cruel? ”

”Eh? So if it ’s your men, then I ’m being cruel, but didn ’t you do the same to our guild members? Or did you not come here with the same plan? ”

”No! You can ’t do this! You cannot get away with this! Everyone will know what you did! ”

”That ’s right. You can ’t do anything to me. My dad is an officer. He will make the police arrest you. Your whole life will be spoilt. Think about this. ”

Gorak shook his finger, his entire body trembling from top to bottom.

”Hmmm? ” Liam still remained calm. It looked as if what he heard did not matter at all.

”But… but if you just let me go this once, then we can both benefit a lot. I know a lot. For example, right now you are actually in danger. See. I can be of help. Don ’t kill me. Don ’t kill me. ” Gorak continued.

This was his last chance so he started blurting out hurriedly, not even thinking before speaking out loud. He might as well be negotiating with Yama so he did not hold back.

”That ’s right. I can do anything that you want me to. ”

”If you just kill me, I am useless. But if you let me go just this once, I will give you a lot of gold coins. I can give you whatever information you need. I can also help you in real life. ”

Seeing the grown man ball his eyes out and continue to plead and beg for his life, Liam only lightly chuckled.

”Ok, let ’s say I forget and forgive everything that you did so far. You are just a pest, it ’s not difficult for me to forgive a mosquito. So now tell me what can you give me? ”

”What is this information that you have? ”

Color returned to Gorak ’s pale face and he immediately started spilling the beans. ”Gu… Gu family. Gu Donghai! He is currently on the way to raid your guild residence! ”

”Since the guild residence is not in a city, he thinks that he can take over and make it their guild ’s. If you leave right now, with your strength you should definitely be able to hold him back. ”

”Hmmm? Is that so? That is indeed new information. ” Liam mumbled.

The poor guy could not believe what he was seeing. He had just now said something alarming and urgent, but the other party did not show any response at all?

”I am saying he is going to take your guild! ” He hurriedly repeated, trying to explain.

But Liam simply let out a soft sign. ”We already talked about that. Do you have anything else to offer? Hmm? ”

”What… what are you saying? ” Gorak was completely speechless.

”Don ’t forget. You are right now negotiating for your life. So I would recommend that you not hold anything back. ”

I know that. I know that. Gorak gnashed his teeth and muttered inwardly. He already knew all of that but the thing was he really did not have anything else to offer.

Liam gave him a couple more seconds. ”Anything? ”

Gorak gulped, opening and closing his mouth wordlessly.

”I guess not huh? Alright then. I am losing valuable time here. ” Liam took a step forward, swinging his sword in the air. His blade looked so sharp that it was cutting air itself.

Gorak ’s scalp numbed and a yellow liquid dripped inside his chainmail. ”Wait. wait. You will regret this. You will regret this. Can ’t you understand what I am telling you? ”

”Gu Donghai is attacking your base as we speak. The Gu family will take everything that you have. ”

”You don ’t believe me? Is that it? Don ’t be a fool. He will kill you. He hates you for some reason. ”

Gorak did not even care anymore about what he was saying. He was trying desperately to divert Liam ’s attention. He wanted him to sweat and panic and forget about him.

However, unfortunately for him, the man in front of him did not seem to care at all.

Just like how he was standing there as if he had no connection with the battle that was going on, he also seemed to give two shits about the guild residence.

Liam simply took a step forward.

”You can ’t be serious. ”

He took another step forward.

”He is going to destroy you! If you kill me right now, you will also die like a dog! The same fate awaits you also! Mark my words. Mark my words. ”

”Ughh. Stop shouting like a shrew. ” He took another step forward, now directly standing in front of the guy.

”No! No! My father will kill you. Don ’t do this, please. Please. Gu Donghai will destroy you. He will take it all. ”

”Heh. Are you sure? Seriously, what do you think is happening over there right now? ”

”Bye. ” Liam chuckled coldly and then swung his sword again, directly severing the guy ’s head from his body.

Gorak dropped lifelessly to the ground, the two halves of his body scattering in different directions along with one of the items he had equipped.

”That was not productive. ” Liam clicked his tongue and bent down to pick up the item. This had to make up for his loss of the coupe of precious minutes.

He then wiped the blood off the sword with his two fingers and sheathed it back.

He had only interacted with the guy for so long in the hopes that he could get more information but that did not yield any results. Nevertheless, he wasn ’t too disappointed.

Liam quickly hurried back to the graveyard as a few people had already run away from the spawn point.

He did not want to lose all of his hard work for the past couple of hours. So he quickly went back to what he was doing before.

Another player appeared and Liam immediately finished him off with a single strike.

And as for what Gorak had said about the Gu family… Liam thought about it and smiled. He really hoped that they would not change their plans and actually attack!

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