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Chapter 395 - To win or to lose?

e abruptly stopped her run, almost stumbling down, and stablized herself. ”Are you serious?! ” She blinked and stared again, now more confused than ever.

It had only been one minute since the under attack warning and they had already defended? What was this? A child ’s game?

Just what the hell was going on?

She took a deep breath and once again started heading to the guild residence. The attack might be over but she still needed to know just what had happened.

Now it made sense why Liam did not even flinch on seeing the warning notice. Maybe he anticipated this and made preparations?

”That must be it. ”

She brushed past the brambles and the tall trees and ran through the wilderness and as she did, she once again came to a screeching halt.

Suddenly everything made sense.

The map she had seen on the priestess war table and the fact that Liam trapped several guilds into wiping out completely in the spatial rifts, what if these two were connected?

Alex chewed on her nails nervously.

Of all the people she knew that this game was not merely a game. So if the demons are winning the war, she did not know what was going to happen.

Taking another deep breath, she opened the system interface to once again send a message. This was too important.

”Liam, I think maybe because of the huge number of recent losses, we might be losing this war. What do you think? Is this because of whatever you did? ”

”Come on. Reply. Reply. ” She mumbled looking at the interface when a response promptly arrived the next second.

”Of course, it is because of what I did. ”

”What… ” Alex opened her mouth and dumbfoundedly stared at this message. She could even imagine him smiling as he typed these words, the same cocky smug smile.

”Fuck! ” She cursed out loud and then typed again.

”I have a feeling that this will end very badly for us. I mean… since you have the demons under your control or something like that, is there anything else you could do to change this outcome? ”

Seeing that there was no other reply coming her way, Alex resumed her trip back to the guild.

Meanwhile… at the other end…

Liam continued to stare at the message. It was not that he did not want to reply but he himself did not know the answer yet.

Alex was absolutely correct. This change in outcome was definitely his doing.

He did not consider that the small strategical move he had made could have such a big impact, but it did.

It looked like these two victories were the difference between one side winning and the other side losing.

This meant that the margin of the victory had originally been very slim.

In his previous life, the humans had successfully defended all the spatial rifts and chased out the demons. They had celebrated this event as a great glory to all mankind.

But only now he understood the reality of it.

They had only managed to win by the skin of their teeth and now that he had meddled in this and tipped the scales, everything had changed in an instant!

Liam stared blankly at the system interface as he mulled over this. He now had a better idea of things but the main question still remained…

Which side should win?

Which side should win so that he could reap the maximum benefits?

The humans in the Xion realm won the war the last time around but that did not seem to play any role in the future landscape of earth.

Their victory did not translate to his world ’s victory? Then perhaps their loss would translate to earth ’s betterment?

”Hmmmm… ” Liam silently pondered over this. This was important so he did not want to make any decision hastily.

There was still some time for the war so he decided to think about it some more before coming to a conclusion.

Besides, no matter what decision he made, things might already be out of his control.

He was only coincidentally able to cause a domino effect this time creating significant ripples that made one side win and the other side lose.

He might not be able to repeat this again even if he wanted to.

Engrossed in his thoughts, he tossed and turned on Luna ’s back. They were also on their way returning back to the guild residence.

After the news spread, more and more players started appearing at the site of the battle and most of the players were PVP lovers.

Things became even more chaotic and even the graveyard was not left out. So it was no longer convenient for Liam to stay back there.

Also, he had already obtained two of the three recipes he had come here for, high-grade mana potion and high-grade health potion.

With these two in hand, he could now start to practice the next grade of alchemy and if successful could easily become a Master.

So the duo did not linger around and quickly headed back to the guild residence.

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