Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 39 - Ambushed Part1

ful for too long.

All the paths to and from the city would soon be brimming with players. The bandits and the beasts who might be threatening now would simply end up being easy experience points.

Also, since it was located near such a highly-populated area, it would become near impossible for any one person to monopolize the field boss.

And for this particular quest, Liam definitely needed the bear king all to himself.

So he didn ’t dare spend even another minute doing something else and quickly hurried over to the dazzling city ’s outskirts.

Several feet behind him, another figure as well dashed forward, but this person ’s plight was completely different from Liam and he was sweating from top to bottom.

His stamina was almost fully drained that his body was shaking and shivering.

”Damn it. Huff. Huff. Damn it. How the hell is this guy running so fast? Shouldn ’t he be tired by now? ” Berat buckled over and fell down from tiredness while trying to keep up with the monster in front of him as best as he could.

He had already sunk several hours into this stupid idea of his, so he didn ’t hesitate and munched on a fruit, quickly scrambling back to his feet.

”Please wait for me… ” He muttered under his breath and continued running with a limp. ”Why is this fucking game so damn realistic… ”

Just as he gasped for breath and jogged ahead with everything he could muster, he noticed something weird. The monster in front of him finally stopped moving!

”Lucky! ” Berat ’s eyes curiously darted here and there to see where they were and what the person could possibly be up to now.

However, he was instantly shocked. As his vision cleared and the blurriness reduced, he saw several men standing around.

”What the heck? Who are these people? Some kind of thieves or bandits? ” He took a step back, not wanting to unnecessarily lose his life.

There were about 20 to 30 men dressed in black clothes. Even if he helped that person, how could just the two of them survive against so many people?

So it was obviously better to run away and meet the person back at the town ’s graveyard. This would be the most logical thing to do and yet Berat found himself waiting for a miracle.

He didn ’t turn around and run and curiously observed the person in the midst of the bandits, who was standing straight and unyielding like a mountain.

And then something even more unexpected happened…

”Hand over everything in your possession. You should have never messed with our guild. Now it ’s time for you to face the consequences bastard! ”

”Huh? Wait a second… these… are these players and not bandit NPCs? ” Berat was completely dumbfounded.

The game just started, so how on earth did this person manage to offend these many people?

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