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Chapter 401 - Haunted

Chapter 400 – DIE! DIE! DIE!

Both Luna and Seeka immediately widened their eyes. Was it all going to explode this time also? The suspense was too much.

They couldn ’t bear to look but they also couldn ’t not look.

The glow started becoming brighter and brighter and just as the cauldron shook and shivered, indicating all signs of an impending explosion, suddenly the greenish liquid inside bubbled and absorbed all the heat.

The color as well started changing from a dark green to a faded green to a pleasant turquoise blue and finally to crystal clear bright blue!


Luna cried in joy!

[Master, its successful!]

Seeka as well clapped her hands in excitement. The two of them turned to look at Liam who tiredly opened his eyes.

”Mmmm… That ’s good. ” He flopped down on the ground, resting his body and mind as that had truly taken everything out of him, pushing his limits to the extreme.

He let out a small sigh and swiped the several notifications away.

[Ding. High Grade Mana potion created]

[Ding. High Grade Mana potion created]

[Ding. High Grade Mana potion created]

[Ding. Your Alchemy skill proficiency has increased]

”Good. Good. ” A couple more times of this and he was sure to reach the Master level.

Liam smiled languidly and was about to close his eyes for a short rest when suddenly something vile gripped his heart, mind and body.

”I got you now, you bastard! ”

”I got you now! BA HA HA HA HA HA HA! ”

Liam shuddered as his ears filled with a terrifying bloodcurdling howl. Where was it coming from? He tried to pry his eyes open with great difficulty and looked around.

But there was no else around.

”What are you looking at, you bastard? BA HA HA HA HA! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! ” The voice continued to blare loudly in his head.

Liam once again shuddered. His head hurt like it was about to split, but he still could not figure out what was happening.

What was this? Where is the voice coming from?

It was flooding his entire being. It was as if the voice was coming from within him.

Just as this thought entered Liam ’s brain that was currently being fried, he immediately flashed his eyes open in realization.

The voice was indeed coming from inside his head or brain or at least that ’s what it felt like and more importantly, this voice was familiar!

However, just as Liam managed to get this small amount of clarity, the voice inside his brain started to become crazier and crazier. Do you want to read more chapters ? ”DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! ”



Liam twitched on the ground in uncontrollable pain. He clutched his head as if he was preventing it from exploding just like all the cauldrons.

He now had no doubt. This was some sort of mental attack, a vicious mental attack that was definitely aimed at claiming his life!

”NO. ” Liam shot back. He writhed in agony. The pain was tormenting but he had come too far to crumble now.

He refused to be deterred by a mere mental attack that too by someone who was not even present here. ”I will not die. ”

He grabbed onto the herb stalks that were nearby and crushed them with his hand, juice flowing out because of the force he was applying.

Both Luna and Seeka looked at him worriedly, not knowing what was happening. Especially Luna was jumping around Liam restlessly, her little eyes full of sadness.

She wanted to do something to help her master. Seeing him suffering so much, she finally couldn ’t handle it anymore and directly jumped on him, licking his face to comfort him.

But no matter what she did, nothing seemed to help.

Liam continued writhing in pain and the voice in his head as well kept on loudly blaring as if there was a loudspeaker jammed right in the middle of his head.

Even as he was struggling with this, only barely holding on, suddenly things took a turn for the worst. Liam ’s reddened eyes squeezed out in pain as he felt a new force assault his brain.

This time as well it was something he was already familiar with, the wailing sounds of the hundreds of souls.

He was attacked by this same thing back when the dark elf assassin had crushed a black bead and now it was back again?

It did not make sense. He couldn ’t understand anything.

He was far too weak to bear this kind of pain, let alone get a grip of even a moment to think of a possible solution out of this predicament.

With just the single person shouting in his head and cursing him to die, he was still able to somewhat breathe but now with these many wailing souls added together, he was done.

Liam ’s world cracked and his vision darkened. He only lasted for a second before he lost his consciousness.

The twitching and the writhing stopped and his body laid still on the ground.

Kyuuuuu…. Luna worriedly continued licking him.

A couple of hours passed just like that and Liam slowly stirred awake. The moment he opened his eyes, immediately a notification flashed in front of him.

[Ding! Warning! Warning! Warning!]

[Ding! You have been possessed by a vengeful soul!]

[Ding! Warning! Warning! Warning!]

[Ding! Your soul is being slowly corroded!

”What the heck? ” Liam rubbed his head and slowly sat up. He couldn ’t believe what he was seeing. He had to blink and check again.

His head was still throbbing in pain but he felt a lot better now and he could at least somewhat think. However, the notification in front of him was still the same.

Nothing changed. It was not a bad dream or tiredness from exhaustion.

”What is happening? Possessed by a vengeful soul? Huh? ” He looked at the notification and everything that happened in the past few hours flashed in his mind.

His eyes widened in shock as he now remembered everything or rather was able to put everything together to somewhat get a grasp of what had transpired.

He had exhausted himself trying to concoct the mana potion when suddenly someone launched a mental attack to try and kill him.

As Liam recollected everything, he also realized something important.

That person ’s voice! It was so familiar because he had heard it only recently!

It belonged to the damn guy who was boasting about his family and begging him just a while back!

Gorak, the former guild leader of the Rising Dragon!


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