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Chapter 403 - Finding the village

Chapter 402 – Baiting the ghost

”Master, I have already prepared all the mana potion bottles. ” Seeka bowed and informed.

”Ok, let ’s start the next batch then. ” Liam nodded.

Both Luna and the young woman were shocked to hear this.

Just now this person was twitching and writhing on the floor as if he was about to die but he was once again back to concocting potions?

Just what sort of determination did this person possess?

Kyuuuuu. Luna rubbed her head against Liam worriedly and then jumped over to the cauldron to take her place.

Seeka as well started preparing the water for the next batch.

Liam saw the duo ’s worshipping eyes and smiled bitterly. It was not that he wanted to push himself. He just had no other choice.

He had a feeling that the world was working against him. Everything that could possibly go wrong was in fact going wrong.

His fate was trying its best to correct itself and make him once again weak and helpless. Liam was sure of it.

However, he was not frustrated. He knew that he was not going to fold any time soon. There might be a mountain blocking his path but all he needed to do was take one step at a time.

And the next step in his path was the alchemy quest.

He needed the body cleansing potion to solidify this foundation and build his mana core on.

He cleared his mind only focussing on the cauldron in front of him and once again started up the mana potion broth.

”DIE DIE DIE! ” Gorak ’s vengeful ghost did not miss this opportunity and started raising a ruckus in his head. Every time he tried to focus, the effect was that much worse.

Liam flinched in response. He did not expect this and the concoction became ruined.

Seeing everything in disarray, the voice grew happier and started laughing even louder.

Liam was utterly perplexed. He couldn ’t understand just how much of the guy was still remaining, clinging to the last bits of his soul.

”Again. ” He calmly spoke and attempted the whole thing from the beginning.

”BASTARD! How dare you kill me! Now I will torture you to death! ”

Liam sucked in another breath of air and started working from scratch.

As soon as he began focusing and manipulating the mana in his body, Gorak ’s voice relentlessly echoed loudly.


The voice became happier as if it was expecting Liam to fail. However… on the second try… Liam did not even flinch!

He continued casually as if he was listening to music leisurely.

For a second, there was complete silence.

”Heh? Did I just shut this guy up successfully? ” Liam grinned.

”BASTARD! How dare you kill me! Now I will torture you to death! ”

”BASTARD! How dare you kill me! Now I will torture you to death! ”

”Sure, you do you. ” Liam continued working on the potion brewing, leaving the ghost speechless.

Surprisingly, Gorak also quieted down, but Liam had no doubt. This guy was definitely planning something.

And Liam knew exactly what it was.

He patiently continued with all the steps of the potion recipe and soon arrived at the last challenging step.

”Is this what you are waiting for? ” He smirked as he churned out about 90% of the mana in his body.

Just like before, this process was excruciatingly painful and Liam started sweating profusely. He hardly seemed to have a handle on this and looked very exhausted.

Meanwhile… the soul fragment covering his body quivered. Gorak ’s soul was confused because Liam ’s words were contradictory to his actions.

He knew he was going to be exhausted and he was still doing this. Wasn ’t he worried that he would die? Was there some sort of trick here?

Gorak ’s soul hesitated for a second but then it once again furiously growled. ”DIE! DIE! DIE! ” This was the perfect time for the ghost to attack and it was going to attack.

Liam grinned. It was exactly as he thought. There was still some part of Gorak clinging around. He was not completely lost.

”You know… if I die then you also die? ”


The ghost that was screaming in his brain all of a sudden abruptly stopped shouting.

”That ’s right. You should have died already, but you did not. You are still alive. How do you think that is? It is all because of me. ” Liam casually mouthed while blasting the cauldron at full force.

And just like he had hoped, the ghost as well did not continue screaming. It listened to his words though everything only made sense somewhat.

Liam waited for one more second and then his smile widened.

Hook, line, and sinker! He had this ghost and he knew it!

”I can bring you back from the dead, Gorak. ” Liam dealt the finishing blow. The moment he mentioned the name, a loud roar erupted in his rain, almost breaking all of his brain cells.

Thankfully Liam already finished the potion concoction and the notification also popped up. So he did not hold back and clutched his head, trying to bear the pain.

”GORAK! Are you still there? Do you want to live again? ” Liam grit his teeth and repeated his words again. ”Do you want revenge or do you want to live again? ”

The more he pushed the ghost or the undead soul, the more furious it became and the corresponding pain also exponentially shot up.

”You will die if I die. ” Liam convulsed on the ground, shouting out loudly.

This continued on for a good few minutes and Luna and Seeka both stood utterly frozen. They could see that Liam was struggling but was he going to win?

A couple more minutes passed when abruptly, Liam stopped twitching and his voice as well died down. He then let out a deep breath and sat up calmly.

”Ok, I am ready, let ’s make the next batch. ”

His mind was as calm and steady as an ocean and the wailing ghost obediently stayed silent.


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