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Chapter 404 - New VIP of the village

Chapter 403 – Finding the village

Liam used the few minutes of silence that he got and quickly finished processing another two batches of high grade mana potions.

With that, he also received the notification that he was expecting.

[Ding. Your Alchemy skill proficiency has increased]

[Ding. Your Alchemy skill proficiency has increased to Master Level]

Liam heaved a sigh of relief and as if sensing that the soul that possessed him reared its ugly head again, sending another pang of stabbing pain down his brain.

Liam winced and rubbed his temples. ”You want to live, don ’t you? Keep it down, Gorak. ” He did not hesitate and repeated the same mantra.

Just like before, this time also the ghost quieted down. He was slowly getting better at handling this thing and the mental attacks.

He looked at his experience bar which was now about 90% full. ”Almost there. ” He gritted his teeth and stood up.

”Ok. wrap this up too. We are done with the potions for now. ”

Seeka nodded and quickly scrambled to prepare everything. Liam then tossed all the potions into his inventory space and grabbed Luna to place her back on his shoulder.

Even though they had taken an unexpected detour and picked up another baggage, somehow they were back on the track again.

”Let ’s see. We need to make the high grade health potions. ”

”We need to continue the quest and get the recipe for the body cleansing potion and we need to figure out how to make the high grade body cleansing potion as well. ”

The road was definitely long. Liam chuckled inwardly and then shivered a little as he started heading out of the alchemy building.

Luna rubbed her face worriedly on his neck. She could feel the burden her master was carrying alone. She was extremely sad.

The two of them headed out of the guild residence. Several players had now gathered in the compound all busily chatting and gossiping about the latest events.

They were pointing to the craters outside the guild residence and admiring the security defense of the S-Rank guild.

Liam saw the crowd and then decided to take the other route.

He walked over to the back exit and from there, he directly hopped onto Luna ’s back, the two of them flying out of the compound.

”We need to go further south, Luna. ” Liam closed his eyes and mumbled, lying on the soft fur of the fox which was now back to its pristine white color.

He pulled up the quest again to take a look.

[Ding: Unique Chain Quest PartB – In the far south of the Gresh Kingdom, there is a small town and the Lord of the town is a disciple of an ancient medicine master.]

[Visit the town Jeheriya and obtain the cure for crippled meridians]

”We need to meet the village chief I guess? But first, we need to find this place. ”

Kyuuuu. The white fox nodded and the two of them disappeared into the dense forests searching all the areas thoroughly.

Liam was only awake for a brief period.

With the undead soul constantly clinging to him and the tiredness of the potion brewing finally catching up to him, he fell asleep in a few minutes.

Luna could even hear snoring sounds. She grinned and she made sure that her movements were smooth. She kept moving south and soon arrived near a small village.

Kyuuuu? The fox cocked her head. She had no idea if this was the village they were looking for.

She silently landed near a tree but quickly rose up to the air again after sensing the presence of several beasts around them in the densely packed forest.

She continued hovering mid-air to make sure that Liam was safe.

Another hour ended up passing by just like this when Liam finally stirred awake. ”Hmmmm? We are here already? ”

Kyuuuuu! The source of this content is [ f r e e w e b n o v e l. c o m ]

Luna bobbed her head up and down.

”Alright. Go on down then. ” Liam chuckled. There were some beasts down in the forests so he asked her to directly land outside the village.

Their presence alarmed the small place the bunch of people in the village gathered around. Liam could even see the fear in their eyes.

And he did not have to ask why. Since they were on the borders of the Kingdom, they were probably constantly being harassed by wild beasts.

”I am not here to make any trouble. ” Liam waved his hand in a friendly gesture. He did not enter the small place just like that. He patiently waited for a response first.

From what he could see, the NPCs ’ levels were quite low. These were not probably the ones he was looking for.

Seeing that no one was stepping forward to talk to him, Liam once again repeated himself.

”I am here to find a village called Jeheriya. If anyone helps me find the place, I can give them a generous reward. ” He patiently smiled.

However, once again, no one stepped forward to talk to him. The bunch of people simply gathered around and were staring at him without saying anything.

”Ok. We will on our way then. ” Liam waited for a couple more seconds before turning to leave. If they did not respond to him, there wasn ’t anything much he could do.

But just as he was leaving, one young boy ran out from the back. ”I can help you! Please wait! Please wait! ”

Huh? Liam paused and turned around, only to find all the adults in the village with scared looks on their faces.

A couple of them quickly hurried to step forward and close the boy ’s mouth.

”Sorry, sir. He spoke out of turn. We really don ’t know about any village like that. Please forgive the boy ’s impudence. ” A man stepped forward to explain.

Liam chuckled. Clearly, things were not so simple. He could see that the person was visibly trembling and for some reason, it did not look like he was the reason for his fear.

”I understand. He is a small kid after all. ” Liam smiled warmly with a subtle glint in his eyes.

”Now that I think about it. I am slightly hungry. Could I perhaps step in to have a meal and a drink? ”


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