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Chapter 408 - King Dante

eed but now they were doing the same thing.

”He He. ” Liam grinned in amusement, unable to pass up the chance to tease the ice princess. Mia ’s cheeks became even redder, but she quickly cleared her throat and recovered.

”Like… Like I said, we got all the information but the thing is… it didn ’t lead anywhere. They don ’t know much about the soul healing potion. ”

”Hmmm… ” Liam nodded. He expected as much. ”What else did they tell? ”

”The two are actually from one of the top guilds in the neighboring Kingdom, Sledge Hammer. They are officially not part of the guild. ”

”They were only recruited recently to spy on us. Paid them in cash irl for doing so. ” Mia explained.

”Sledge Hammer… hmmm… ” Liam silently listened. He was indeed familiar with that name. It was one of the top guilds in his previous life time also.

Were they already popular enough for the top guilds to pay attention to?

”Go on. ” He nodded.

Mia shook her head. ”That ’s it. That is literally all the information that we have. ”

”These two responded to the spies for hire notice and got recruited both for money and for the promise of soul healing potion. ”

”Of course, the guild only revealed the second reward for the more talented players. ”

”Eh? Are you sure they did not know anything else? ”

”Yes, apparently the guild higher ups are very keen on keeping everything hush hush, under the wraps. Only very few people know about these soul healing potions. ”

Liam listened silently but he clearly did not look convinced. ”Something doesn ’t add up. Did those two tell you anything about what the guild wants to find out from us? ”

”Because if they are just two random spies why would they know the information about the soul healing potion. Just a monetary reward should be enough? ”

”I think we are missing something. ”

Mia as well had the same doubt so she agreed with him.

”Is Alex with them right now? Can you ask them what they wanted to know from our guild? ”

Mia nodded and opened her system interface to quickly send in the message.

And as soon as she did, within seconds, a reply popped up.

”They wanted to know about the details of the expert players in the guild, about you, about the spatial rift mission strategy, and about fire resistance potion. ”

”Ok. ” Liam mumbled but the next second, he suddenly realized a possibility. ”About fire resistance potion? ”

”Wait, can you ask who exactly recruited him? ”

”Ok. ” Mia nodded and quickly sent another message. A second later, the reply for this one also chimed in. ”Someone named Dante recruited him. ”

”Dante? ” Liam ’s eyes widened in shock. This couldn ’t be a coincidence!

He was already extremely familiar with this name. In fact, everyone would be really soon.

This was Dante Russo, the Italian guy who would become the top alchemist in the entire world, also known as King Dante.

And he already had the recipe for the soul healing potion?

Now, everything made sense. Perhaps it was because of this potion that he managed to climb to the top of the ladder!

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