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Chapter 41 - Kill Me Please! Can I Commit Suicide? Part1

As opposed to the bewildered expression on Berat ’s face, Liam only wore a calm expression on his face. This coupled with his good looks, he looked like a kind and angelic person.

”Oh! It ’s been a while. You guys sure recovered fast. ” He casually smiled.

Jin Wei gnashed his teeth in anger and annoyance. They had already lost too much because of this guy and now he was even purposely mocking them about it.

”Bitch you got away last time because of that dragon, but now you have nowhere to run! ”

”You are fucking surrounded. I am going to kill you and then again kill you and then again kill you. ”

”You are done with this game. Don ’t even think about logging back in again ”

Liam ’s sharp eyes flickered, ignoring the dog that was barking in front of him. Instead, he observed the group of players standing around him.

Clearly, they all belonged to the same group and probably would join the same guild when the guild tokens start showing up.

And having enmity with a few people was different from being hunted by an entire guild.

They will most likely have even more members in the future and it was inevitable that small insects and pests would keep bugging him from time to time.

”Hmmm… ” Liam scratched his clean shaven chin. ”This is indeed very troublesome. ”

The first time he ignored them and didn ’t punish them and like clockwork, they came back for him again.

He wasn ’t even surprised by this. Some people needed special attention and they would only keep coming back until they got what they needed.

It looked like this time he couldn ’t just leave things be… or rather they didn ’t give him a choice.

Others might have been intimidated and crumbled under this sort of pressure, but they had chosen the wrong person this time around.

A snake with its tail injured needed to be fully killed and he knew exactly how to slay this particular snake.

Liam cocked his head to the side and looked at the player standing on his right.

Unlike the guy who was arrogantly running his mouth, this person was rather quiet and observant.

Just from a single glance, Liam knew that this person was the leader. So he directly addressed him.

”Are you sure you want to fight me? You and I are not enemies. We can part ways right here and everything is forgotten. ”

Huh? Liam ’s words surprised the leader and the calm expression on the man ’s face visibly faltered.

He had no idea how the person was able to pinpoint and figure out his identity. It looked like he was not as simple as he looked.

His words also made him somewhat nervous.

The game had after all just started. It was probably better for them to keep grinding and establishing a base first instead of picking on random players for no reason.

Moreover, in this case, he knew very well that everything which happened was Jin Wei ’s fault. He had started this whole thing.

So perhaps… He began to hesitate slightly.

However, before he could respond to anything, Jin Wei ’s sharp voice rang loudly. ”Zemin! Don ’t even think about it! ”

The group leader ’s eyes shifted from Liam to Jin Wei and he remained silent for a moment. Just from the look on the impatient guy ’s face, he knew that he had no choice.

Jin Wei had already threatened to leave so many times in the past. He had a decent following in the group and this time he looked far more serious than before.

If he didn ’t comply with his request, he could tell that he would really leave.

The group leader Zemin sighed and shook his head helplessly. Though his instincts told him that he was making a wrong decision, he couldn ’t help it.

They were just fighting against a single guy after all. So it was also not too risky. In the worst case, the guy would probably suffer under them for a couple of days, and then there would be a new target.

So in the end, he didn ’t think too much about it and waved his hand. ”What are we wasting time for? Let ’s get this over with. ” Even as he said these words, an alarm was constantly ringing at the back of his head.

But it was already too late. Zemin clutched the staff in his hand and started casting a spell. He was a fire mage.

The other players standing around also followed his lead and started shouting aggressively and sending in all sorts of attacks.

Jin Wei was leading the whole fight as he dashed forward even before Zemin could finish his sentence.

In a matter of seconds, the calm forest without any warning suddenly turned into a raging battleground.

Different attacks were flying around and all sorts of weapons flashed brilliantly under the sunlight flickering in through the canopy of dense leaves and branches.

Berat chewed his nails nervously. ”That ’s it. This guy is dead.. ” He silently lit a candle for Liam and prepared to watch the inevitable massacre.

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