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Chapter 410 - Where are my rewards?

Chapter 409 – Coalition of the Righteous

Hu… Liam ruffled his head letting out a deep breath. ”They signed the slave contracts, right? Those two guys? ”

”Yes, ” Mia nodded.

”Ok, then we should have them continue what they are doing. Maybe even give them some bread crumbs. ”

”You think that this information is legitimate? That guild really has the soul healing potion or its recipe or whatever? ” Mia looked up.

She did not want to count on this before but now after hearing Liam ’s words she became slightly hopeful.

Liam paused and then sighed a little. ”I think that the chances are very high, but getting this might not be easy. ”

”They are in a different kingdom which makes them out of our reach at least for now. Even if we manage to corner the guy, it will still be difficult to get the information from his hands. ”

”Something like this, a soul healing potion, is extremely valuable. He won ’t be willing to share it. We could try some violent approaches but some people are very proud. ”

”They might even take the recipe to the grave with them rather than sharing it. ” Liam explained.

Though it seemed as if he was stating mere possibilities, only he knew that King Dante was indeed such a person.

That guy would really rather die than submit and give away something of his to save his life. He was also egotistical and narcissistic. This was not going to be simple.

But at least, they now had a start and knew where to look and this was progress. ”Don ’t worry. We will get it soon and we will help Rey. ”

Mia nodded as she also agreed with Liam ’s words. This was better than not having any clue at all. She watched him as he finished the rest of his drink and looked like he was about to leave.

”Oh! I almost forgot! ” Mia hurriedly exclaimed.

”Hmmm? Something else on your mind? ” Liam assumed that she probably wanted to talk about her transformation after the body cleansing potion.

But unexpectedly, Mia said something else, ”I am not sure if you are aware yet… the six guilds who attacked us, they now merged together! ”

”Eh? They did that? ” Liam chuckled in amusement but then he suddenly stopped. ”Hmmm? They did that? ”

”Yes, they are called ’Coalition of the Righteous now, ” Mia added. ”I don ’t think they are planning to let us go so easily. ”

”Now that they have restructured their guild, I think they should be once again gearing up to attack us, put a bounty on our guild members- ”

Mia continued talking but Liam was no longer listening to her. He was rather thinking about something else… how could these six guilds have possibly made a comeback?

He had thoroughly demolished them. Thirty of their members were dead. Permanently. Other than that, he had looted several items from them.

First, he had trapped them in the spatial rift where their guild reserves should have surely been wiped out.

And then, he once again slaughtered them by luring them over to the ’Rock Temple ’ dungeon.

These two blows back to back should have technically erased these two guilds off of this world and yet here they were… stronger than before.

They had even joined together to form a bigger guild. Something like that needed the trust of the other players which meant that they needed a lot of gold coins and items.

Since Liam had already taken away these things from the six guilds, how could they possibly manage to gather everything right back? In no time at all!

Something did not add up and he had a feeling that he already knew the person behind this.

Who would possibly benefit when his enemies bounce back after suffering serious losses by his hand?

He could only think of one person, the one person who made all his moves from the sidelines and used his team of experts to almost steal his inheritance.

Liam hadn ’t crossed paths with that group in a while now. So he couldn ’t help but wonder what they were up to now.

He did not even know if he was still a target or if they just randomly butted heads. At that time, he couldn ’t focus on the group because he had too many things but now, it was time.

”Hmmm… we definitely need to investigate more, ” Liam mumbled to himself. He did not want to be caught off guard one more time.

Perhaps now, he could get ahead of the other group and take the first shot.

”What? ” Mia asked in confusion.

”Those two guys. Alex ’s new lackeys. I have some work for them to do. ” Liam grinned.

He might be correct or he might not be correct, either way, this venture would definitely yield some interesting results.

”Coalition of the Righteous huh? Who are they trying to fool? Heh. ”

”That is an interesting name indeed. ” Mia as well had a subtle smiling expression as she sipped her drink silently.

”By the way, how much did your attributes improve? ” Liam asked and the two of them continued chatting for a while when suddenly a black cloud started forming outside the window.

Liam only need a single glance to know what it was.

The heck! So soon? Did they not literally handle a bunch of ravens before coming here? It ’s starting all over again?

And of course, as soon as he started becoming anxious and a potential life threatening situation popped up, the dull background noise in his head once more became prominent.

The undead soul was acting up and Liam felt as if his head was going to burst open.


”No! Not today. ” Liam shouted and made a quick decision.

The timing he had calculated for the next attack was wrong.

Things were happening much faster and he had a bad feeling about this batch of ravens, so instead of fighting like the previous encounters he now decided to flee!

”Mia, listen I will meet with you later. ” Shouting incoherently, he quickly opened the nether portal and jumped into it.

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