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Chapter 411 - The twelve high lords

Chapter 410 – Where are my rewards?

After jumping into the portal, both Liam and Luna fell onto the coarse sands of the nether realm desert right outside the Thol city.

Liam stared at the portal wondering if the ravens would also follow them here, but a few seconds ticked by and nothing of that sort happened.

The swirling energy of the portal also disappeared completely, closing behind them, and only then he sighed in relief.

”Fuck. That was close. ” He did not bother getting up. He enjoyed the pleasant sensation as he further sunk into the warm sands of the desert.

With the nether waves crashing against his body, it was as if he was in a beach. The nether also relieved some of the stress in his body and he took a long deep breath.

”So this works huh. Those pesky birds can ’t follow me here. ”

The moment Liam realized that the ravens were not going to leave him alone, he already planned to use this escape strategy as his backup.

Every time these birds had come after him, it had always happened only in the Xion realm and not the nether realm. So he had a hunch that this would work.

The duo relaxed for a bit just lying down and staring at the red skies without doing anything and then finally Liam got up.

”Come out. ” He summoned his group of soul undeads as the region out of the Thol city was a good grinding place filled with lower level demonic beasts.

Almost instantly, a new notification popped up.

[Ding. Your soul pets are enriched by the nether]

[Ding. All attributes of your soul pets are increased by 50%]

”That ’s weird. I have never seen this notification before. ” Liam eyed the buff carefully.

He had summoned out the soul undeads in nether realm even before this but this was the first time he was seeing such a notification.

”Is this because they have leveled up to a sufficient extent? ” Liam could not think of any other reason.

He watched the group of undeads slaughter through the demonic scorpions and rogue hounds and the group leisurely walked over to the city outskirts.

Liam then dismissed them as he entered the city gates and walked through the crowded streets. Thol city was as thriving as always with the demons bustling about busily.

This meant that the garrison was working well and everything was as it should be. Liam grunted in satisfaction taking a quick look at all the surroundings.

With Luna curled up on his neck, he wandered for quite a while before heading over to the garrison tower.

”He He. Time to collect the rewards. ” Liam rubbed his hands in excitement, and Luna mimicked his actions, the master and the pet having the same wide grin.

Considering that he had helped out the demons big time in this war, the rewards he would get shouldn ’t be simple at all.

Perhaps he could even get rare herbs?

”Hmmm… where is a good herb farming spot in this world? ” Liam pondered as he walked into the building.

The alchemy recipe that he received from the beggar lord had been weighing heavily on his mind since the moment he got it.

He wanted to start working on it as soon as possible.

Though that guy warned Liam that this would be difficult to concoct, maybe even impossible, he had the confidence to do it.

After all, in his previous lifetime, someone had already accomplished this feat. So technically he should also be able to do the same.

He mentally went over the short recipe and everything that it required, trying to understand and think about the nuances of the process as he climbed the stairs of the tower absent-mindedly.

Just as he turned around the corner, a familiar big demon quickly rushed forward and greeted him.

”Leader. ” Hiriyu bowed.

Liam snapped out of his thoughts and nodded at the demon, ”Mmm. How is everything going? ”

”Leader… ”

”He He. Tell me, are all the garrison leaders impressed with us? We should be famous by now right? ”

”Leader… ”

”That should have taken care of the small tax problem we had also. Oh! I completely forgot, are those two back yet? ” He felt a shiver just thinking about the two seductive demons.

”Cough. Cough. Leader… ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam stopped, finally noticing that something was amiss. He turned around to look at Hiriyu who now had an anxious panic-stricken expression on his face.

”What happened? ” Liam instantly had a bad feeling. Now that he had a chance to look at all the demons in the garrison, something was definitely up.

By his calculations, the entire garrison should be celebrating right about now but instead, almost all the demons had grave serious expressions on their ugly faces.

”What happened now? ” Liam asked again and this time Hiriyu replied with a sigh, shaking his head.

”Did the other garrison leaders contact us back? I gave them the strategy and they won the battles, they should have definitely responded to that? ”

Hiriyu once again shook his head. ”We did not receive any communications from the other garrisons, leader. ”

”Hmmm? Then what happened? Why do you look like this? ”

”Something bad happened, leader. We did receive a message but it is from the King himself. ”

”Huh? ”

”Leader, you have been summoned by the King of our territory. ” Hiriyu shuddered.

”That is a bad thing, how? ” Liam was still confused. He had after all contributed a lot to these demons so he was probably being summoned to get rewarded in person?

As if he could read his thoughts, Hiriyu once again shook his head. ”Leader, I already investigated this matter. ”

”The court has declared you as a traitor. The king has summoned you to personally hand out the punishment. ”

Liam ’s eyes widened as he silently listened to the demon spill all the details. It looked like whatever he did had backfired.

His information was too good so the damned bastards had labeled him as a traitor instead of thanking him for the service.

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