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Chapter 412 - Following the bread crumbs

Chapter 411 – The twelve high lords

”No good deed goes unpunished huh? ” Liam ’s face twitched. He remained silent for a moment as he did not want to make any rash decisions on an impulse.

A couple of seconds later, his expression once again turned calm and indifferent. He looked at Hiriyu and asked casually, ”By when do I have to appear in front of the King? ”

”Leader. ” The demon blinked. He did not understand what kind of a question this was.

Typically when summoned by the King any demon would drop what they were doing and rush to the Lord as soon as possible.

Their life depended on it. However, their leader was calmly asking such a question. What was he supposed to answer?

”Leader! ” Suddenly Hiriyu exclaimed after remembering something.

”You must visit the King immediately. Otherwise, there is a chance that his highness might send someone from the twelve High Lords. ”

”Twelve High Lords? Who are they? ” Liam wrinkled his brow. This was the first time he was hearing about them.

”Sorry, leader. ” Hiriyu shook his head. ”I have no information about them. I don ’t think anyone has ever seen them. ”

”There are only rumors that these twelve high lords are demons from the abyss. They are said to be emissaries sent to every kingdom from the abyss. ”

”But no one has ever seen them in person. Once when a powerful demon lord tried to destroy the eastern garrisons for a blood sacrifice, the twelve high lords took action. ”

”Only this much is common knowledge. ” Hiriyu solemnly explained.

”So you think that if I don ’t go meet our ’King ’ on time, these guys might come after me? ”

”Yes, leader. ” The demon answered sadly.

He really admired and worshipped this garrison leader but now it looked like he was not going to be around any longer.

Even if he was not punished by the King, he might still be probably demoted from the position. These kinds of occurrences were very common in their Kingdom.

Hiriyu saw the leader walking away, engrossed in his thoughts. The man walked over to the garrison terrace, mounted the huge white fox, and then the two of them took off wordlessly.

Seeing them leave, Hiriyu could only sadly sigh. ”Thank you leader for everything that you have taught me. ” He silently nodded and walked back in.

However, contrary to what he was thinking, the man sitting on the white fox was not in the least sad. In fact, he had a huge grin on his face.

Liam ’s heart was pounding in excitement. ”Finally! Something is going my way! ”

”Abyss… Abyss… Abyss… I have been hearing about this place for a long time and now I finally get some clues. ”

”Heh. I don ’t even have to go searching for them. It seems they will come to me willingly. How wonderful! ”

Growl! Luna shook her head with a big smile, her mood reflecting Liam ’s mood.

Liam chuckled in amusement at the little fox ’s actions, but the smile did not last long. Despite everything that was happening, time was still running out quickly.

And before it did, he needed to collect as many trump cards as he humanly could. Only that would ensure some sort of stability in the future, for what was about to come.

And something like the abyss should definitely have some treasures that he could use. The problem was that was he strong enough to plunder them?

Liam gazed at the vast sky indifferently, stroking the soft fur on Luna ’s back as the duo flew to the eastern part of the territory.

This was not the location of the Demon King ’s castle. In fact, the castle was located in the western parts, in the opposite direction to where they were headed to.

So why were they going towards the east then?

This was because, in the eastern regions, the conditions were a little more favorable for vegetation and plant growth.

Since he was momentarily stuck in the nether realm thanks to the ravens, he needed to find the herbs required for the body cleansing potion right here in these lands.

Another reason was that, in his last life, Gu Zhun, his ’master ’, the person who tortured him day in and day out, the person whose fate he had stolen in this life… when he had obtained this recipe from the same quest and prepared this potion, he only managed to do it during this time when the nether realm was being explored.

Because of this Liam was quite confident that the herbs required for this potion were here in the Nether realm rather than the Xion realm.

So even if the ravens had not chased him out here, he would have come here anyway. This was his only clue to finding the location of the ingredients.

As he mulled over the recipe and the herbs he needed for this potion, Liam ’s thoughts wandered to the events of the past.

He couldn ’t help but think of the Gu family, and Gu Zhun and the miserable life that he had lived.

The thoughts of the past flitted through his head and his gaze turned ice cold, but he quickly regained his equilibrium.

Someone else might find it peculiar that he had still left his enemies alone, the people who had caused him so much misery and even made him wish for death several times.

However, Liam did not care about that.

”Heh. Only someone weak would be obsessed with revenge. I will not focus on such insignificant things. At least not yet. ”

He snapped out of his thoughts about the past and went back to thinking about the recipe. Among the ten herbs that he needed, he only had two at the moment.

Would it really be possible to find every other herb on the list in this realm? Or did he have to go somewhere else also?

He tried his best to rack his brain and think of anything else that might be useful, but no matter how much he tried, all the roads pointed only to this world.

”Fine, I guess I will just start with the areas which the Gu family explored. ”

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