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Chapter 419: Fat Juicy Sheep!

Chapter 418: An opening!

Luna continued to linger in the background and sitting atop her, Liam carefully observed the situation first.

This had happened coincidentally and he had not gone looking for them, but since their paths crossed, there was no way he was going to let them go just like that!

But he did not act rashly.

This time he was not dealing with no name guilds or third rate guilds. He was dealing with a group of people far more astute and strategic, not to mention talented.

It would be foolish to underestimate them and go in without proper planning.

In spite of the fact that his abilities were currently a step above theirs, chances are high that they have a few trump cards up their sleeve. This encounter was probably very risky.

The last time they had clashed he had lost his life and they had also managed to steal something from right under his nose.

However, that was because they had the element of surprise on their side which this time, he had.

So, despite all the risks involved he was still not planning to let this rare opportunity slip by. He needed to pay them back for everything after all.

Also… Liam ’s gaze hovered on the earth golems, the group was fighting against.

These golems were different from the rock giants he had fought previously and the metal golems his sister currently possessed.

They had plants and ores stuck on several crevices and spots on their body.

It was as if these plants were growing on these golems, nourishing by their lifeforce and the blood of their enemies. These could be extremely valuable.

These could also very well be the herbs that he was looking for. He had already decided to fight them and this only confirmed his decision.

But Liam still did not act… he patiently stayed back and continued observing.

This was because the giant death knight that was also present along with the four experts was no longer Level 80.

Liam could not observe the details of the death knight any longer probably because Kouske had bound to it or something similar, but he could still notice the levels of the earth golems. They were each Level 60 and the giant death knight was pummeling them left and right. None of the earth golems even had the slightest chance to fight back.

The movements of the death knight were even more agile and decisive compared to before when Liam had dealt with the same guy.

It also seemed to be holding a different weapon in its hand. It was a pitch-black weapon with a bright blue glow surrounding it.

And apart from that huge thick sword in its hand, the death knight also had a metallic chain around its wrist.

It swung the sword and the chain alternatingly and demolished the earth golems around it.

Just from observing the fight for a few seconds, Liam could tell that the death knight ’s health was probably still full.

It did not have single damage on it and the earth golems were also clearly not able to fight back. This was good news for the four experts but not so much for him.

”Hmmm… All conditions seem to be too unfavorable for me at the moment. Should I maybe leave? ” Liam frowned as he narrowed his eyes and continued to observe the fight.

He did not want to let them leave but at the same time, he did not want to walk into a death trap.

”I need an opening, ” Liam muttered, watching the death knight slaughter everything. That should have been his loot!

And unlike the golems he got from the mecha gnomes, this guy looked like he could level up, so it would have been a lot more useful.

”I wonder what kind of pet is that? If I kill all four of them, then can I bind to that death knight? ” Liam patiently waited thinking through various possibilities.

All he needed was a small chance, just one opening to take advantage of, but the group was doing very well. There were absolutely no slip-ups.

How could there be when they had such an overpowered undead servant by their side!

”Tsk. Tsk. ” Liam clicked his tongue and continued to wait while the number of earth golems was slowly dwindling.

And unfortunately, all he could do at the moment was this, wait from afar and silently cheer for the other side.

”Move faster! Come out and attack that thing together! ”

”Why not split up and attack the smaller humans first! ”

”Come on, don ’t you guys have an Elite or a field boss? ”

Liam shook his head helplessly. Though these earth golems were around Level 60, they were far too dumb and their movements were clunky.

Now he understood how the Gu family had defeated this bunch of golems and grabbed all the herbs from the fallen giants.

These four were actually yet to do that. They were still busy fighting the group so they did not have time yet to scrape away the herbs from the dead giants.

”If only… ” Liam suddenly stopped talking and his gaze flickered as he noticed something from the corner of his eyes.

In the distance, where the group of four and their giant death knight were fighting against the earth golems, all of a sudden a huge dust cloud started forming.

At first, it was small but it quickly picked up the pace and started becoming bigger and bigger. Of course, if Liam could see it from the distance, the group of four also noticed it.

The death knight as well noticed it as its attention now turned from the earth golems to this giant sandstorm.

And just as everyone was wondering what was happening, something huge and big stepped out of the sandstorm.

It was a massive giant earth golem!

Since its size was humungous, even Liam could clearly see it and the three question marks floating above its head!

It looks like the elite of these earth golems appeared after all and… along with it… an opening also appeared!

Liam grinned and he finally made his move!

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