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Chapter 420: Golden goose

Chapter 419: Fat Juicy Sheep!

”Luna, stay here. Don ’t move anywhere unless I ask you to. You should absolutely not come near that place, do you understand? ”

Liam jumped off the white fox and then repeatedly warned her before dashing towards the chaotic place where everything was unfolding.

He immediately activated [Stealth] as he closed in on the area.

In reality, he did not have any devious, complex, or convoluted plan. He just had a simple plan that all gamers have followed since the dawn of time.


When the death knight would be busy fighting against the monstrosity, he would take the chance to pop up behind the four and finish them all one after the other.

It was a simple and efficient plan.

It was going to work out 100% and if it didn ’t he could always run away, thanks to the monstrosity over there. 

Liam was confident that as long as the death knight was alive and well, the monstrosity ’s aggro would be fixated on the death knight and no one else.

Ironically, this was the same situation the other party had used to kill him. However, unfortunately for them in the end he was the one who had won that fight too.

Liam chuckled wryly and circled around to come closer to the battle zone. Just in case his stealth wore off, he made sure to position himself behind a huge boulder. 

He then stood back and waited, ready to enter at any moment. Everything was far too chaotic at the moment so he did not go in just yet.

The dust clouds themselves had not yet fully cleared. He could only see the outline of the monstrosity that was several feet tall. He wasn ’t able to tell what it was.

However, even though he couldn ’t see anything properly… just the aura the giant emitted was more than enough to put Liam on high alert.

”What the hell is that? ” He stared at the giant for a couple of seconds, watching it sway its big arms and block the first attack and the second attack of the death knight.

One clearly overpowered the other. The death knight was not going to last long. Liam could tell that much just from this first exchange of blows.

His gaze then shifted over to the group of four standing behind the death knight. 

With that death knight acting as a tank, the four were pelting as much damage as they could on the giant monstrosity.

Kouske was commanding a group of skeletons and some fleshy undeads. He seemed to have improved since the last time they had met as he now had control over about 30 undeads. Pa nda

Novel He was also using a shiny staff and casting some dark element spells.

Standing next to him, a thin flat-chested beauty was healing the death knight and at the same time casting several debuff spells on the giant.

She was wearing a particularly eye-catching crown on her head that seemed to be made of emerald gems. A faint golden aura seeped from this crown, mixing in with the allure of the woman.

Liam observed this crown and a look of surprise flashed past his face. This was because he had already seen this crown before in his previous lifetime.

This was the trademark legendary item that Anya, the nature witch possessed. All her photos and fanfare always included her and this crown.

The most circulated photo was one where sat on a throne with an attitude like a Queen with this remarkable crown on her head.

Of course, the stats of this crown was never revealed, but everyone knew that it was a legendary item.
And now, she already possessed this legendary item!

Liam looked at her busily weaving spells in the air and then looked at the death knight facing the big giant. He did not have any choice but to change his initial assessment.

This group might have a fighting chance against the high-leveled giant after all!

Not just her, but the ones standing on the other side also seemed to be equally capable. Liam observed the fighting style of the other two when once again he was shocked.

Madan, the fat and chubby hunter had a big flapping bird by his side which was not in the least any ordinary bird. 

It was a harpy, one of the rare pets in the game, capable of dealing a lot of damage and also dangerous mental attacks.

He also had three other chimeric beasts which Liam could not recognize. 

There was definitely a possibility that he had evolved some of the common beasts in this world to bring out different and unique beasts.

Right now, this ability was not too daunting but as the game progressed if he managed to bring out an army of these chimeric beasts, then his strength would be explosive. ᴘᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

Liam clicked his tongue and glanced at the last member of the party, the berserker. 

He carefully looked at him from head to toe but nothing seemed to be special about this person. Perhaps he was yet to meet with his destiny.

”Heh… this is interesting. How come I did not think of it before? ” Liam suddenly chuckled.

As he was observing these four experts, he finally realized something obvious that was right in front of his eyes!

The truth was that he had stolen Kouske ’s fate successfully. 

Without the legacy from the necromancer ’s cave, he was no longer someone who would become a pillar of human civilization.

His army that had rivaled even the first wave of the great beast horde that had invaded the planet was no longer going to be present.

Sure, he was still a talented fighter and might achieve some greatness but he was never going to be as great as he previously was.

However, the same was not true for the other three. The three experts of the group apart from Kouske were all ripe for taking.

They still had their own fate and unique destiny and were on the correct path to becoming someone truly powerful and terrifying. 

For example, Anya ’s Legendary Emerald Crown. Now that she was equipped with that, her growth would be unstoppable.

But on the other hand, for his own team, Liam was only able to secure something for himself and Shen Yue so far. That too Shen Yue ’s special class was purely coincidental. 

For the others, he did not have any sort of special trump cards. Even his sister lacked something solid to rely on.

And since Liam ’s knowledge of these things was rather lacking, there was little he could do about it.

However… now… everything changed. 

Three fat sheep had delivered themselves right to his doorstep! 

Why stop with just stealing from Kouske? Why not steal from every single one of them?

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