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Chapter 421: Someone else is here?

Chapter 420: Golden goose

While Liam was busily eyeing all the items the four players had on their selves, a loud thundering sound snapped him out of his thoughts.

A big rock flew to the side he was hiding in and he quickly moved away.

”Heh. Alright, I will do a tally of my loot later on. For now, I should pay more attention to the fight. ”

Though he did not plan on facing the monster in front of him, he wanted to gather a little bit more information about it. It was better to know its weaknesses.

Just then some of the dust and smoke cleared and Liam was able to get a better view of the giant these four and the death knight were up against.

Immediately he was shocked.

The giant in front of him was a humongous lump of earth, but it did not have any face. At the spot where its head and face should be, there was a thick red miasma enveloping it.

[Faceless Giant ???]

”What the hell is this? ” Liam ’s gaze moved from the giant ’s face to the rest of its body and he was even more shocked!

From top to bottom, the faceless giant was covered in shining ores and gems, and several precious herbs.

He only recognized a few but he had a feeling that the rest as well were equally precious. This giant might as well be a walking treasure trove.

”So that ’s why… ” Liam murmured. He now understood why these four were here fighting against the earth golems.

He had come here relying on the information that he had from his past life. Though he was using it for free, to collect this information, the Gu family had spent a lot of resources.

So how did these four arrive at the exact same location?

They were also there to collect the treasured flame fragment.

They were there when he was about to explore the necromancer ’s hideout and once again they were here now fighting against this faceless giant.

Liam wanted to assume that these four were stalking him but he knew that he would definitely be wrong.

Instead of him, these four were rather stalking all the profitable zones and from the looks of it, they even had better knowledge than him when it came to where treasures could be hidden!

Just what sort of nonsense was this? How could these random four players have better knowledge about secret spots than him, a person who had come back in time?

Liam chuckled wryly shaking his head and looked at the four again who were seriously dealing damage to the faceless giant.

He did not think about things too much because he already knew that there was another person on their team. It was not just these four.

And that fifth person… Liam was now almost 80% sure about his class and his capabilities.

The fifth person had to be some kind of oracle, maybe a person who could see fortunes, and divine the future. He could also tell that the person was not all that powerful yet.

Otherwise, he would have predicted his presence as well. Or maybe he predicted him and also predicted that their team wouldn ’t lose no matter what?

He was fine either way. ”Heh. I will take this as a challenge. ” Liam chuckled.

After some calculations, Liam decided to change his plan of action. These four were far too precious for him to take them out completely right here and now.

One shouldn ’t kill the golden goose. It was better for him to bleed them slowly over time.

If these guys could detect precious treasures then all he needed to do was tail them and grab the treasures right from their hands.

Liam let out a small sigh and then sat back leisurely watching the show. He wanted to see which way the fight was going to go before he took any action.

A few seconds passed and then a few minutes passed. Soon almost an entire hour passed by. However, the fight was still raging wildly with neither side willing to give up.

Anya ’s legendary item was probably helping them keep up. They had managed to bring the giant ’s health down by 50% but were struggling to take it down any further.

It looked like the fight was going to take a while.

Liam meanwhile did not remain idle. He started moving around and collecting all the herbs from the fallen earth giants.

Everyone ’s attention was completely on the elite and there was a lot of dust and smoke on the battlefield, so he was able to smoothly move around and collected a lot of herbs.

Some of the herbs were even what he needed for the potion. With the loot he collected, he now had 5 of the ten herbs he needed for the high grade body cleansing potion.

All in all, it was a good trip. He hadn ’t done anything and yet had gotten a big haul.

But he was not done yet. The main course was still waiting for him.

Liam once again hid behind a big boulder and again started observing the fight. The faceless giant was now at 40% health. It was going down very slowly.

And it looked like the group had already exhausted themselves. The death knight was also beaten and battered. How were they going to deal with the rest of its health?

Just as he was thinking about it, suddenly Kouske retrieved something from his inventory space. The others looked at him in nodded and the group started moving further away.

Liam immediately became alert. Something was definitely going to happen. What were these guys going to use?

He saw something small and golden on Kouske ’s palm and the next instant, the guy solemnly threw the ball in the direction where the death knight and the faceless giant were in a deadlock.

Also, at that exact moment, the death knight was also unexpectedly dismissed. The huge sword and the undead disappeared into thin air, leaving behind only the faceless giant.

And before that faceless giant could even make a single move, the golden ball landed at its feet.


A loud explosion rang out.

Just from the effect of the explosion, one could tell that the explosive used was a very powerful one. Liam could feel the strong waves of the blast all the way from where he was hiding.

”Oh, so this was your backup plan. ” He grinned as he exactly knew what was going to happen now. These guys planned to take out the rest of the faceless giant using explosives.

But they could have done it from the beginning? Why do it only now? Was it because they did not have enough?

That did not matter now.

Liam took a look at the whopping 50 million health points of the faceless giant. Now only around 15 million were left but it was still a lot.

They were confident enough to take care of this with just explosives?

His question was answered when a few more explosives joined the first one. Every single one of them was extremely powerful and removed big chunks from the faceless giant.

This combined with the damage the four players were still dealing, the big health bar was quickly becoming depleted.

”Tch. Why are you in such a hurry? ” Liam knew that he had to do something soon. Earlier he had a lot of time but now he did not have much time. He needed to act fast.

He took a deep breath and observed the situation one more time before making the final decision. He then activated [Stealth] mode and once again disappeared.

This time he did not move away. Rather he moved closer to the faceless giant.


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