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Chapter 422: Tit For Tat?

Chapter 421: Someone else is here?

”BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Oh my god, this is a lot of fun! ” Madan chortled loudly, while Anya wore a frown on her face. She was coughing badly thanks to all the dirt, smoke, and debris.

There was also a thin layer of black filth covering her skin which made her feel nauseous. She hated this entire setup and the blast smell.

Next to them, Barret and Kouske both had indifferent expressions. Everyone was extremely drained and worn out and couldn ’t wait for this fight to come to an end.

”Just throw another bomb and get it over with. ” Anya spat out after coughing some more.

Each bomb dealt around 100000 damage so she knew that the fight was not over yet. They still had a long way to go.

For the next few minutes, the group incessantly bombed the huge giant and Madan kited it using one of his pets, the silver antler.

The stag ’s speed was remarkable as he jumped around taking the faceless giant for a trip.

Every other minute, they had to change locations because they couldn ’t see the giant thanks to the smoke and the debris.

So like this, the group alternated between kiting and tossing the explosives.

This was an extremely expensive way to deal with an Elite, but their circumstance at the moment was like that.

For some reason, they had received a message from their big brother asking them to finish the fight as soon as possible and move away from this area.

He had even mentioned dropping the elite altogether if they couldn ’t finish it soon enough. So without any other choice, Kouske decided to use the explosives.

They had worked very hard after all so he couldn ’t bring himself to let it all go to waste.

Also, they weren ’t strictly asked to leave, they were instructed only to be careful. So he decided against leaving immediately and chose this sure-shot method to kill the elite.

With this Kouske was confident that he would be able to handle the situation and that everything would work out smoothly.

The group continued coordinating without any flaw and the faceless giant ’s health as well steadily decreased.

Soon the giant ’s health touched its last 10% and at that time, the red miasma that covered its face slowly started spreading to the rest of the body.

”Not good. ” Kouske immediately tossed a few bombs at the same time, all aiming for the giant ’s right leg.

The huge foot cracked and burst under the effect of the huge chain explosion, resulting in the big guy staggering and swaying.

The red miasma that was spreading around also stopped as if it was interrupted.

The faceless giant ’s level, power, and health were clearly high but from the looks of it, the elite also had a lot of flaws, one of the fatal flaws being its speed and less variety of attacks at its disposal.

It only had a sliver of health left now. ”Quick. Quick. Let ’s end this. ” Madan shouted in impatience.

Anya also tiredly nodded while Barret stood next to her with a shield protecting her just in case.

The group collectively decided to end the fight and threw over the next batch of explosives after Madan recalled his pet.


The entire place trembled from the impact of the explosions. Heatwaves rippled in all directions and dust and smoke filled the whole area. Nothing was visible. ᴀʟʟɴᴏᴠᴇʟFuʟʟ.cᴏm

”What happened? That should have done it right? ” Madan shouted, rubbing his eyes.

”Hmmm. ” Kouske had a strange expression on his face. ”Yes, that last bomb should have finished the elite. ”

”Anya, can you use your wind attack to quickly clear the area a bit. We need to see what is going on. ”

Anya listened to Kouske and immediately started casting a nature spell.

Several small wind whirlpools appeared around her and they shot forward to quickly clear the smoke and fumes.

And just as the dust cleared, everyone could see the huge thing swaying mid-air.

There was probably only a minute amount of health left in the elite and before any of the four could take action, suddenly a fireball appeared out of nowhere and landed on the faceless giant.

Everything happened too fast.

They had only barely taken a look when the giant ’s now lifeless humongous body fell onto the side with a loud thud, creating a smokescreen and tremor as if another explosive had gone off.

”What the hell? ” Everyone quickly backed away as the mere impact of this sent out several rocks in all directions.

Anya hurriedly used another [Wind Whirpools] to clear the zone and gain more visibility when unexpectedly one of the whirlpools hit something solid and a damage number popped out.

The dust and the debris as well cleared leaving behind the silhouette of a lone player and the multiple loot pieces scattered around the faceless giant ’s corpse.

Everyone stood frozen, shocked senseless. They stared at the faceless giant ’s corpse in a daze. The giant was clearly dead. Even the loot was there.

So who received all the experience points?

And on the other side, Liam had a big face splitting grin.

[Ding. You have received 1000,000 experience points]

[Ding. You have reached Level 50]


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