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Chapter 423: Level 50 status screen

Chapter 422: Tit For Tat?

[Ding. You have received 1000,000 experience points]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. Your pet Luna has leveled up]

[Ding. Your pet Luna has leveled up]

[Ding. Your pet Luna has leveled up]

[Ding. You have reached Level 50]

[Ding. Congratulations. You are the first player to reach Level 50]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have earned the title ’Stage 1 Ranker ’]

[DING. World Announcement: Player Chang Liam has successfully reached Level 50. This achievement is etched in the walls of fame and his glory will be sung for all eternity!]

[DING. 5000 gold coins have been rewarded, 5000 fame points have been awarded.]

[DING. World Announcement: Player Chang Liam has successfully reached Level 50. This achievement is etched in the walls of fame and his glory will be sung for all eternity!]

[DING. 5000 gold coins have been rewarded, 5000 fame points have been awarded.]

”Of course, you would announce it to everyone. ” Liam chuckled. However, he did not have the time to think about that right now.

Just like he got the notifications, the others also would have gotten it.

And before the four staring at him could realize the obvious, his body shifted and he moved as fast as he could.

Kouske only needed a second to summon the death knight again so he did not want to risk things.

He might be Level 50 but that thing was Level 80 at the least and not to mention, he had already died to the guy once.

Ka Ta Ka Ta Ka Ta

Liam ’s figure disappeared and while everyone blankly stared not knowing where the person in front of them went, he silently appeared next to Anya.

”What? How? ” The Russian blonde shrieked and quickly started casting spells but she was already too late.

A purple sword flashed around her, and weirdly the sword was not touching her. She couldn ’t block it with her staff, she couldn ’t dodge, she couldn ’t do anything.

Was this because of the difference in agility or perhaps… some new technique?

Anya had never seen anything like this.

Before she could make a move or even understand what just happened, her chest armor was cracked, her throat was slit, and blood spurted out uncontrollably.

Only now did everyone realize that Liam had attacked her. They had only just seen him disappear but he had already attacked Anya… and killed her?

What kind of monstrous strength was this?

”HEY! ” The berserker near her whose job was basically to protect her watched everything go down dumbly. He simply could not do anything.

This was the difference in their stats?

”FUCK THIS SHIT! How the hell is he here! ” Madan screamed like a teenage girl.

Kouske ’s hand trembled and he quickly summoned the death knight back again. It only had about 40% of its health left and hadn ’t recovered completely.

However, its level was 80 and even if Liam ’s level was 50, it should still be able to completely overpower him.

”KILL HIM! Don ’t let him leave! ” Kouske shouted and the death knight grunted loudly, its huge body dashing towards Liam or where Liam previously had been standing.

But unfortunately, the person in question was no longer to be found.

”Barret, what happened? Where did he go? ” Madan shouted.

The three of them who were still standing looked around to search for Liam, but no matter where they looked he was nowhere to be found.ᰍaꪧda ᱅o᱇ꫀl

”Fuck. I know it. He is still here in stealth mode. He is going to ambush us from somewhere! ” Madam chewed his nails anxiously.

”Wait. Don ’t panic. We won ’t lose. We will get him this time. ” Kouske ’s eyes darted from left to right and right to left, cautiously paying attention to every little detail around them.

They had stolen something right under Liam ’s nose and they had gained a lot from it, so obviously he was not going to leave them alive.

He had to be there somewhere around… Kouske clenched his fists as he took deep breaths mentally preparing for the person to pop out of thin air.

He knew that person. He could guess his personality. This was definitely tit for tat for what had happened back in the necromancer ’s cave!

That person ’s strength and power were as such. He would have unwavering confidence in himself and for sure strike once more to kill.

But that was exactly what Kouske needed! That strength and power would become his undoing! The death knight was not the only trump card he had!

”Come on. ” He gritted his teeth and patiently waited.

The three of them did not dare take a step forward, standing still, observing everything around them as if their life depended on it.

A few seconds passed by and soon an entire minute passed by. Liam still did not show up. They continued waiting for a few more minutes but he still did not show up.

At this point, they couldn ’t help but start doubting their assumption. Was he even still here?

”Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Where are you! You bastard! Why don ’t you show your face in front of me if you have the guts! ” Madan shouted out loud.

”Shit. This is all my mistake. Everything happened so fast that I thought he was going to attack me next. ” Barret lamented. ”I was too focused on defending and now I don ’t know where he went. ”

He kept looking at the spot where Anya ’s body had previously been and now disintegrated and disappeared just like Liam.

Sighing at his words, Madan as well felt aggrieved. He stomped on the ground and shouted out some curse words.

”How the hell did he kill Anya so fast? Is there a huge stat boost after reaching Level 50 or what? This is so fucking unfair! ”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, almost instantly, the three of them had a strange look on their faces and they started panicking.

Only now they remembered something crucial. Anya was dead!

And that meant…

”Where is the graveyard? We need to go there right now! ” Kouske quickly dismissed the deathknight and the three of them got onto the mount Madan summoned, a huge Griffen.

The trio then quickly raced to the graveyard which was not too far away.

A few flying nether serpents blocked their path but Kouske did not hesitate to summon the death knight and finished the fight hurriedly.

They then landed in the graveyard, once again resuming their vigilant lookout. But this time the three players were no longer confident.

All three of them had a dreadful look on their faces.

A few more minutes passed by just like this in silence when finally a figure materialized in the graveyard.

”Anya! ” Kouske exclaimed anxiously.

”What the hell! You incompetent idiots! How did you let me die! Fools! I am the healer. Your job is to protect me! ” The blonde ’s flat chest heaved up and down in anger.

She looked like she was about to rip a new one, but stopped midway. Anya noticed that everyone was looking at her weirdly. ”What? What happened? Did you all die too? ”

No one answered her, everyone remaining suspiciously silent.

”Kakaya? Don ’t just stand there like stupid freaks! ” She twirled her hair in annoyance and then she finally noticed it.

Something was different. Something was missing. They hadn ’t died in a long time that she had almost forgotten what it means to die and what happens when a player dies.

Anya ’s face changed, her angry look now replaced with a constipated look as she nervously touched her head.

”No. No. No. Fuck. Fuck. No! ” She muttered under her breath, almost too afraid to do it, but she had to. Her hands lifted up and she touched her head, her hair, only to find out that…

The emerald crown was missing…

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