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Chapter 424: Date night?!

Chapter 423: Level 50 status screen

Meanwhile, somewhere a few miles away from the area… Liam was grinning ear to ear, seated atop the white fox.

”The thing about having an item that every single player would covet… is that you should be able to protect that item. He He He. ”

”Doesn ’t it look beautiful, Luna? ” He twirled the emerald crown in his hand. He was not one to admire a woman ’s jewelry item but the one in his hand was truly exquisite.

The green gems on the crown sparkled brilliantly under the sunlight, but the most important aspect was not its beauty.

This was a legendary item Liam was holding in his hand. Now that they were out of harm ’s way, he brought the crown closer and observed it properly.

”Inspect. ” He mumbled and tried to take a better look at the crown and study its attributes, but unfortunately, nothing popped out.

He even tried to equip it and when he did, it only got slotted as a trash item with no attributes whatsoever.

[Emerald Crown]

[Health +1]

”Hmmm. Don ’t tell me that a legendary item can be bound only to one person in its lifetime! ” Liam frowned.

After a minute he then shook his head with conviction. ”That shouldn ’t be the case. This crown should have been forged by someone a long time ago to reach the status of legendary. ”

”So obviously it had had more than one owner. Hmmm… Maybe it works only on women? Or perhaps someone with high nature affinity? ”

He observed the crowd for a few more seconds and then tossed it into his inventory space.

”I guess I can test all this out with Mei Mei. ”

After all, he had stolen the crown for her as her build and Anya ’s build had several similarities.

Though one was a shaman and the other was a healer, both of them relied heavily on nature magic. ”Hmmm… it should work out… mostly. ”

Liam nodded and then shifted his attention to his own personal growth. The crown was not the only thing that he had stolen.

Thanks to the experience points from the faceless giant, he finally reached Level 50!

Level 50 was an important milestone in the game. One could even say that this was the true starting point of the game.

”Tsk. Tsk. Too bad I couldn ’t get the loot from that giant. ” Liam clicked his tongue but he was still smiling ear to ear as he did not care about that too much at the moment.

After all, there were still two or probably even more people he needed to rob from that group. It was alright to allow them to keep some stuff momentarily.

And as for the level 80 death knight which was the biggest threat standing in his path, he only needed to reach the same level and that threat would no longer be relevant.

Or maybe he did not even need to do that. From what he knew, chances were that the death knight was an item-bound summon.

Perhaps all he needed to do was to hunt down and kill the guy once to snatch the deathknight away from him.

He could have done it this time as well but there were too many what-ifs hanging around and he did not know for sure.

So he went in for the kill that he was 100% sure would yield something exceptional like the precious legendary item.

In the long run, the legendary crown definitely had more value than the death knight anyway.

Liam silently gazed at the distance in the direction where the group should be at the moment. He had a sudden thought but then he shook his head. ᴀʟʟɴᴏᴠᴇʟғᴜʟʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

”It is too soon. They will definitely be on the watch and attack this time. ” He clicked his tongue and opened his system interface to check out his new and updated stats.


Name: Liam

Species: Human being

Gender: Male

Level: 50

Class: Soulmancer

Titles: Rolling in Debt, Perfectionist, Soul Devourer, Pioneer, Gresh Kingdom Duke, Thol City Garrison Leader, Stage 1 Ranker

Pet: Luna, Talon

Health: 5187/ 5187

Mana: 5050/ 5050


Vitality: 137

Stamina: 137

Strength: 137

Defense: 137

Intellect: 137

Agility: 137

Unassigned points: 12


Every level up gave 2 stat points for each attribute and since Liam had distributed all the stat points uniformly over time, all of his attributes were yet to reach 150 units.

And for the last level up as well he had 12 unassigned stat points.

”Hmmm… I will distribute these points also evenly. ”

”Every level up after Level 50 should give me 3 stat points for each attribute. Depending on how things proceed now, I will start to assign these points more selectively. ”

He made some mental calculations and then looked at the next part of the status menu, the skills window.

His gaze anxiously searched for the familiar words that he had missed up until now. Liam could already feel it, but he still wanted to verify it by making sure.


[Mana Manipulation], [Nether Manipulation], [Throat Punch], [Slash], [Sword Dance], [Spirit Slash], [Spirit Wrath], [Stealth], [Pickpocket], [Unlock], [Tame], [Awaken], [Demonic Summon], [Ice Shard], [Lightning Bolt], [Fire Ball], [Lava Rain], [Soul Forging], [Soul Sensing], [Summon Soul Undeads], [Dismiss Soul Undeads], [Nether Fire Storm], [Nether Fire Serpent], [Mana Net], [Frozen Earth], [Trapping vines], [Fire bullets], [Nether Scythe], [Wind Blades], [Ice burst], [Lightning Snake], [Earth Spike], [Venom Burst], [Ice Blanket], [Intermediate Ice Manipulation], [Intermediate Fire Manipulation], [Intermediate Lightning Manipulation]

Trade Skills: [Alchemy] (Master Level), [Forging] (Master Level), [Mining] (Intermediate Level), [Herbalism] (Intermediate Level), [Cooking] (Beginner)

”Hell ya! ” Liam punched the air seeing that both his sword spirit techniques, [Spirit Slash] and [Spirit Wrath] were finally unlocked!

This was his first trump card in the Level 50 game!

While everyone still had to comprehend how to use their weapon in balance with their selves, he had already achieved this part in his last lifetime itself.

He might not know any fancy techniques but he knew the basics and the basics were like cycling or swimming, once you knew, you knew.

It was impossible to forget it, forget the feeling of it all.

Liam ’s grin faded as he slowly stood atop the white fox, balancing himself. He then unsheathed his sword and started swinging it just like he had done a million times before.

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