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Chapter 426: Aren't L A Genius?

Chapter 425: A fun day?

”Hey! Look over there. Isn ’t that woman gorgeous? ”

”Damn. Why the hell is she standing in a bus? ”

”Must be a model for sure. ”

The group of youngsters on the bus did not bother to lower their voices at all. More like they couldn ’t as they admired the seductive beauty in front of them.

Shen Yue fidgeted with her fingers and pulled her t-shirt down awkwardly, but it did little to nothing to hide her curves.

Standing next to her both Liam and Mei Mei were only barely controlling their laughter.

Of course, they knew that it was a serious situation but Shen Yue ’s expressions were so funny that they couldn ’t help it.

”Sis, you have so many fans! Please don ’t cheat on my brother! ” Mei Mei pouted.

”You! ” Shen Yue became even more embarrassed. She looked at Liam from the corner of her eyes but the guy did not come to her rescue. He was just having fun.

Especially around his sister, the man really had a warm loving smile which she couldn ’t help but want for herself as well. He was the most dependable sincere person she had ever met.

As she silently stole glances at the brother, the said brother and his sister continued joking around and they finally arrived at the destination, one of the high-end malls in the city.

”Huh? This mall? ” Mei Mei was confused.

”Ya, why don ’t you both do some shopping? We have some time. ” Liam smiled.

”What really? ” The young girl became instantly excited. They had been staying at home all this while and barely stepped anywhere outside.

And before that, they did not have any money. The two siblings in fact hadn ’t done anything like this for a long while.

Even when their parents were around, money was tight so they did not have any experience like this.

Liam chuckled as he could literally see the little girl ’s eyes twinkling. ”Yup really. Go nuts. Buy whatever you want. ” Unexpectedly, he then turned to Shen Yue and added, ”You too. ”

”Ah but… ” Shen Yue stammered in shock.

She couldn ’t understand this person ’s behavior. He was doing everything a boyfriend would but he did not show any interest romantically? Was she friend-zoned?

Seeing her dazed, Mei Mei pulled her away. ”It ’s alright, sis. Come let ’s go. ” The duo then waltzed from one shop to another as Liam patiently accompanied them without grumbling.

Though Mei Mei did most of the shopping, he also picked out some clothes that he would need and the duo lavishly spent money.

Shen Yue was the only one awkwardly standing. Different clothes were shoved into her bag forcefully and she awkwardly accepted them as there was no chance for her to refuse.

She was already mentally preparing to come back the next day and return so that she could transfer the money back to Liam.

The shopping spree was soon over and Liam ordered all the packages to be delivered to their apartment so they didn ’t have to carry anything with them.

He then ordered a cab and the three started visiting various food stalls in the city, some cheap ones and some expensive ones based on their reviews.

For some reason, all three of them had monstrous appetites. Maybe because they had been roaming around the mall or maybe because they had been playing the game all day and night.

This time even Shen Yue did not hold back. At first, she was shy and tried to eat daintily in front of Liam but seeing the brother and sister having so much fun, she also let loose and enjoyed with them.

The three had a lot of childish fun wolfing down all sorts of food items. They spent a couple of hours on it and finally stopped at a high-end restaurant to finish the restaurant hopping.

”Brother, what ’s gotten into you today? ” Mei Mei giggled, all hopped up on sugar.

”Nothing. I just always wanted to taste the food at this place. ” Liam chuckled and shrugged. Seeing him so happy and carefree, the young girl smiled.

Mei Mei was very elated to see her brother enjoying himself like this for once and she hugged his right arm with a soft sigh.

Shen Yue blushed as she suddenly had the urge to hug the person ’s other arm, but she quietly walked next to him.

The three then sauntered into the place. ”Table for three? ” Liam asked, rapping on the desk of the receptionist.

”Welcome, Sir and Madams. You are lucky, this is our last free table. ” The woman led them to their booth on the corner.

The three sat down and Liam ordered a whole bunch of items. It looked like it was a lot but as they started digging in, everything began to disappear.

The three of them chatted and enjoyed and the evening was proceeding pleasantly when suddenly a loud voice interrupted the cheerful atmosphere.

”I want my usual booth. Cough cough. Can you not understand what I am saying? Bitch, I want it so make it happen. Cough. Cough. ”

”Sir, please. ” ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

”What? Do you know who I am? I am from the Gu family. I can make you disappear! You better be careful of what you are going to say next! ”

A chubby youngster opened the door of the booth brashly and walked in, coughing violently.

Behind him, there was the apologetic receptionist and beside her was an elderly woman, dressed elegantly. However, she showed no signs of intervening to stop whatever was going on.

In fact, she had a proud look on her face as if she was supporting the chubby youngster ’s actions.

The said youngster did not bother covering his mouth as he continued hacking up and then finally paid attention to the three people sitting inside the booth.

”You! Scram! ” He was just about to unleash some more polite words when he suddenly noticed the beauty in front of him.

”Ah. ” The chubby youngster ’s jaw dropped to the ground and drool visibly leaked out of his mouth. He almost couldn ’t believe that such a beautiful person existed.

No, he had seen more beautiful women before this one was different.

He just had to have her.

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