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Chapter 427: End of the world

Chapter 426: Aren ’t L A Genius?

Gu Donghai couldn ’t believe it. The woman in front of him was simply too mesmerizing.

She was only wearing a simple t-shirt but that contoured her obscene body and tempted him to no end. She had the perfect ratio among all the women he had ever laid his eyes on.

Big melons, slender waist, and a face that was incomparably beautiful. How is a woman like this sitting here?

Shen Yue moved closer to Liam as she felt uncomfortable with the guy ’s obvious staring.

Mei Mei as well felt very irked. ”Brother… ” She also moved closer to Liam from the other side.

Snapping out of his trance, Gu Donghai finally noticed the other two people also present in the booth. His eyes first hovered on Mei Mei, looking at her from top to bottom.

Obviously, this one wasn ’t as developed when compared to the goddess in the room but one could tell that she would also be great beauty if she grew up.

Donghai licked his lips in anticipation finally paying attention to the third person in the room. At first glance, he suddenly felt weird. He had a feeling as if he had seen the face somewhere.

But that wasn ’t really a surprise because if it was someone eating here, they must be quite affluent and belong to one of the main families in the city.

So he might have seen the guy at one or the other parties and that was not what was important at the moment.

How the hell did this random plain-faced guy manage to get not one but two beauties to eat with him? What the hell was happening here? Was his family rich?

If so then he was even richer! Hmph!

Only then did Gu Donghai remember the term brother. Now that made sense. He was probably just a loser who was simply accompanying these two beauties like a servant.

He continued looking at Liam as he was thinking about something deeply.

His hands itched to take action now itself but that wouldn ’t be wise. He was already on thin grounds with his father thanks to the assholes from the main family.

He couldn ’t afford to create a commotion here and make a scene. Then his father might truly disown him, but that didn ’t mean that he was going to let this beauty slip out of his hands.

He would rather die than do that!

Gu Donghai ’s eyes once again flitted over to the goddess in the room and his body began heating up like a furnace.

For a second, he forgot all the reasoning he had earlier and all he wanted to do was grab her, rip her clothes apart and take the woman right then and there.

He even started moving and took a step forward but before he could go any further, another hotel manager arrived at the scene.

”Sir, please. The VIP booth at the window with a view of the city is available. Please forgive my subordinate. Please follow me so that we can serve you well and make up for the blunder. ”

Gu Donghai trembled for a moment and then coughed violently hacking up a lot of stuff. He then turned around to leave along with his mother who was silently eying everyone with contempt.

The manager and the receptionist sighed in relief for narrowly having avoided a commotion and Mei Mei was about to let out a sigh when suddenly the guy stopped.

Gu Donghair turned around and pointed his index finger at Liam, signaling him to follow him.

”Hmmm? You want to talk to me? ” Liam smiled. His smile was very polite. In fact, unusually so.

Liam then casually stood up and walked over to him. Donghai nodded at him smugly and then asked his mother to get seated first.

”I have some business to talk to my friend here. You go ahead first. ”

He placed his fat arm around Liam uncomfortably even though it was difficult considering their height difference and ushered him into the restroom. Two of his lackeys also accompanied him.

The three stood toweringly in front of Liam or at least tried to and Gu Donghai cleared his throat threateningly. ”Do you play the game ’Evolution Online ’? ”

”Yes? ” Liam ’s face twitched but he managed to answer with a straight face.

”How would you like 5000 gold coins? Ke Ke Ke? ” Gu Donghai tried to sneer like a villain but he only ended up with another bout of cough.

”What? 5000 gold coins? ” Liam gave a purposefully exaggerated response.

He could already see where this was going… the only issue was that he didn ’t know why fate was tempting him like this?

And of course, the next second just like he expected, Gu Donghai started revealing his true colors.

”Brother, you know much money is 5000 gold coins right? Right now the time is ripe. If you exchange it for dollars you will become a millionaire in an instant. Ke Ke Ke. Don ’t you want it? ”Seeing that the person was sufficiently impressed, Donghai knew that he had him where he wanted him to be.


He furled out his fingers and added, ”And the only thing that you need to do is bring along the two girls with you to a tavern. ”

”Ah, wait before that. This is important. Are you in the Gresh Kingdom? How about those two? Which Kingdom are you three in? They are also playing the game right? ”

Gu Donghai started panicking because this was a crucial detail that couldn ’t be helped. Otherwise, things would become complicated.

And lately, he had been very unlucky as well. Failures after failures and him getting always sick. Surely, he would at least have some luck in this aspect? He begrudgingly waited and…

Just like he wanted, the guy nodded positively!

”Yes, ” Liam replied, no expressions or emotions visible on his face.

Gu Donghai visibly became overjoyed. Finally! Things were going his way!

”Phew! Good then! See we are meant to be good brothers. He He He. Why don ’t all three of you head over to the Big Mug tavern in the Misty city? ”

”We can meet up and I will give you 5000 gold coins alright? ”

Gu Donghai saw that the person was still staring at him so he added, ”No need to worry. I don ’t need anything from you. ”

”I will be very honest here. I just want to go on a date with your sister, that ’s all. Ha ha ha. ”

”Ah. Is that so… ” Liam sighed. At first, it was simply a low-hanging fruit that was tempting him but now this fruit was already in his mouth. How could he still not bite it and devour it?

”Ok. ” He agreed even acting a little reluctant.

”Don ’t worry. I will give you 5000 gold coins. I will also introduce you to the Jade Mountain guild ’s main team. They will take you under their wing and you will earn even more. ”

”Do you understand now? ”

”Ah. Ok. Thank you. Thank you so much, brother. ” Liam once again nodded, this time appearing much happier.

”Hmmm… Let me see. Why don ’t we meet up in 5 days? ”

Though he was a little impatient to get his hands on the goddess, Gu Donghai still gave a conservative date because he was deep down still scared of his father.

But he was not at home often so five days should be good. He nodded and confirmed it.

”Ok, brother. ” Liam as well nodded.

”Alright. You can go back now. ” Go Donghai waved his hand away.

The two lackeys ushered Liam away and came back to Donghai with confused expressions. What was happening? Why was their boss being so nice?

5000 gold coins was an astronomical sum of money! Especially for people like them stemming from middle-class families.

”What? You guys still don ’t understand? Too dumb! Cough Cough. ” Gu Donghai cleared his throat and explained.

”See for girls like that… cough… outside world is a bit too inconvenient. ”

”Ahem. It ’s not like she wouldn ’t agree to be my girlfriend. Heh. Who could resist this young master ’s charms? But it is such a drag to be tied down by one chick. ”

”But inside the game world, we can make things more interesting. Do you understand? Ke Ke Ke. There she won ’t be able to get away from me and there will be no one to help her. ”

”Do you understand now? Aren ’t I a genius? Just one look at that joker, I knew instantly that spineless idiot would sell off his women. ”

”Ke Ke Ke. Sure, I will date them. In a very special way. ”

”As for the gold coins he can dream on. Idiot. Did he really think I was going to give him 5000 gold coins? Ke Ke Ke. ”

”Boss, what if he doesn ’t show up? ”

”Eh? Not possible. But in case he doesn ’t show up, he should be living in our city only. Where is he going to run and hide from me? ”

He coughed some more and then cleaned his mouth before walking back to the booth where his mother was sitting.

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