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Chapter 43 - Bear King Part1

”Eh? What just happened? ”

”Why was leader Wei shouting so much? ”

No one was able to grasp the meaning behind what they saw. All they could understand was the fact that Liam had replenished his health with a potion.

Even the leader of the group Zemin was in the same boat. ”Regroup. Regroup. Attack with coordination. Don ’t blindly rush. Pay attention to where you are sticking your weapon. ”

Jin Wei ’s death was like a wake-up call and the battle once again started with Zemin giving more active instructions.

”He can ’t last long on just one health potion. Pay attention and bring down his health. ”

”Cast fewer spells and focus on accuracy, ” Zemin shouted loudly. In his hand, a huge ball of fire materialized and he aimed it at the enemy.

But Liam wasn ’t planning to stand around like a target dummy for others to practice their skills on him. His figure once again blurred and this time he appeared in front of another person.

And just like before, his fists flew out, one of them clutching the guy ’s throat and the other reaching for his lower abdomen where he twisted the flesh and the man ’s insides.

Gahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh!

Gu Mu started shouting loudly in agony. His eyes bulged out in pain and his teeth bit down on his tongue unable to withstand the pain.

Meanwhile, a volley of attacks landed on Liam ’s body. Bang. Bang. Bang.

With both his fists still firmly in place, he leaned at various angles, dodging the attacks whilst his feet were rooted at the same spot.

The movements he made were very minuscule and yet he efficiently dodged most of the attacks, that too with the target in his hands tightly held in place.

Gu Mu shrieked. ’Ahhhhh! What is happening? Someone kill him pleasssse! Someone kill me please! ”

He was being waved around in the air like a washcloth rag and the intense pain coming out of his abdomen hadn ’t reduced in the slightest.

He struggled and twitched, his entire body thrashing around violently, but Liam ’s grip was unyielding.

And before long, a loud crisp sound echoed.

[Ding. Your mana meridians have been permanently damaged]

[Ding. Your mana is now 0]

Gu Mu stared at the notification which popped up in front of him, but he was in too much pain to make sense of anything. All he could do was scream and just scream.

And the very next second, something hit his body and he finally fell down limp with his health drained out.

His body as well became dust and was blown away by the wind.

Everyone gawked at this scene with their mouths wide open, but Liam calmly took out another health potion and chugged it down, meticulously saving the empty bottle in the same manner.

What the…?

Jin Wei and Gu Mu are dead just like that?

Just what the hell was going on?

As they continued staring at this madness dumbfoundedly, Liam ’s figure once again blurred.

He now appeared in front of Zemin, the leader. ”Too bad you didn ’t listen to my warning. Heh. ” His words were like someone twisting the knife in a stab wound.

Zemin shuddered. He gulped thinking about how the other two had screamed in pain. He couldn ’t help but fear that the same fate awaited him as well.

As he saw Liam ’s thin red lips curl up into a vicious grin, and his hands reaching out, a loud alarm rang in the back of his mind and he knew that something was about to happen.

The next second, everything happened too fast and without being fully aware of what he was doing, he had already jammed his own throat with the sharp edge of the staff in his hands.

Thud. His body dropped dead on the ground, becoming dust, leaving Liam ’s hand hanging mid-air.

”Huh? Not bad. This one has some brains! ” Liam chuckled. Shrugging his shoulders casually, he then moved on to the next target, a random person on his right.

The players of the group who were already out of their wits watched this scene in a haze. This was the last and final blow to their morale.

Even their own group leader committed suicide! What were they supposed to do?

Earlier today everyone had assembled in high spirits as it was always very entertaining to gang up on a single dog and thrash him mercilessly but the dog turned out to be a demon and was now claiming their lives one by one.

But the worst part was the sight of their strongest member, their group leader directly committing suicide before the fight even began. This made everyone frantic.

Whatever composure they had left was long gone and once again they started attacking the demon in front of them in a frenzy. Because of this, the close combat players started dropping down like flies one by one.

In the midst of this chaos, Liam as well wreaked his own havoc by not stopping what he intended to do. He moved on to one target after another, crippling as many players as he could.

He managed to cripple two more guys before the private group chat of the players blew up with notifications.


”RUN! ”


”Do whatever is necessary, GET OUT OF THERE! ”

Gu Mu and Jin Wei were still psychologically affected after experiencing the torturous pain, but Zemin had luckily escaped from that plight.

So he was conscious enough to talk to the other two and what he feared came true!

The bastard was using some sort of special technique to give them a weird status. Their mana dropped down to zero and their meridians had been damaged.

What this actually meant was still unclear to him, but the words ’permanent damage ’ filled him with fear and dread.

If this status was indeed permanent, then their guild would essentially become crippled before even it was formed. That too, the bastard also targeted the key members one after the other.

Nothing the person did was casual even though he appeared to be extremely nonchalant about the whole fight.

At this rate, their group would be completely decimated!

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