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Chapter 430 - ls it there or not?

Chapter 429 – What if…

Shen Yue looked at Liam and for a second, she trembled subconsciously not knowing why. There was something different about him and the way he looked at her.

Was it because he was standing so close or was it because…?

She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath before continuing. ”I am not implying anything. I just want to know the truth. ”

Liam paused for a moment. He did not reply immediately. He could see the woman in front of him shaking and yet she was boldly confronting him.

He should probably feel impressed by such a person but unfortunately, she was touching his bottom line right now.

If it meant that she could even remotely harm him or his sister, he wouldn ’t hesitate to end her right here and now.

He really did not want that to happen. He had come to know her to be a very kind and caring person.

However, such people most often tended to be self-righteous to a fault and that was not going to work for him.

So should he tell the truth and roll the dice or lie convincingly and part ways. After all, she saved Mei Mei once and this was something that he owed her.

On the other hand, she already knew way too much. If she did not betray him today, what if she betrays him later on?

Liam clenched his fist, a million different scenarios running through his mind. But the thing was he already knew what he had to do.

And just as he was about to open his mouth, unexpectedly the woman in front of him moved.

Shen Yue let go and hugged the man tightly.

”Huh? ” Liam was startled.

”I am sorry. I am so sorry. I did not know how much of a burden I have been on you. That time when those people tried to attack us. Again when we got caught in that witch ’s temple. ”

”Every single time you were the one who helped me out. Right from the beginning, you took care of me without asking me for a single thing in return. ”

”Why are you so good to me? ”

Liam was speechless. He could tell that Shen Yue was sobbing on his chest. He could feel the woman ’s heart beating out of her chest.

This was not someone who was upset with him. He placed his fingers on the girl ’s chin and tilted her head up a little.

”You don ’t care that I killed those people? ”

”They deserved to die. They wanted to do cruel things to me and Mei Mei. If this is real and not just a game then… ”

She shuddered thinking about what could have happened if she or Mei Mei got captured by people like that. ”You are not wrong. They are wrong. ”

But Liam did not stop there.

”Those are not the only people whom I killed. I have also killed other people for no reason. I have probably killed a few innocent people here and there too. ”

Shen Yue gulped.

”And I am not done. In the future, I am planning to kill more. That guy from the Gu family whom we met today, I am going to kill him. ”

”In fact, I am going to kill their entire family without leaving anyone behind. I have to kill them even if not all of them deserved such an extreme punishment. ”

”Do you still think that I am not wrong? ”

Shen Yue now truly looked shocked. She kept staring at Liam, not knowing what to say. The person he was describing… such a person was truly heinous.

How could she still think that he was not wrong? How could she still love someone like that?

Seeing her face change, Liam bitterly smiled. See, he was not wrong. There was no one in this world who would understand him and care about him unconditionally except for his sister.

However, before he could finish that thought, the very next instant, once again something unexpected happened.

Shen Yue shut her eyes tightly close and shook her head.

No. No. No. All of his words were confusing her and more importantly, the life-changing truth that she had just learned was also making her nervous.

But the truth was right in front of her. It was all along in front of her.

Liam might be saying a lot of things but from the day she knew him, she had only seen him do one thing.

And that was to shower love and warmth on the people whom he cared about. That was his true identity no matter what else he said.

”You are not wrong. You are still not wrong. ” She firmly replied.

”You don ’t care if I kill a hundred or a thousand or perhaps even more people? ”

Shen Yue sighed and nodded. ”You are not a monster to go on a killing spree like that. And if you did do that, you probably have a reason for it. ”

”Heh. So you are just going to trust me blindly? ” Liam chuckled.

However, Shen Yue still looked serious, ”Yes. ”

”May I know why? ”

”Because I know you. ”

”Is that all? ”

”I… I… ” Shen Yue stuttered. She had come so far and she did not want to back out now. She gripped her shirt edges tightly and finished it. ”I like you. ”

”Hmmm… ” Liam ’s eyes widened. It was not like he did not know this. He was not dense but he did not expect her to come out and say it like this.

He looked at the woman whose face was now fully flushed and her body that was trembling slightly.

What was he supposed to say now? For god ’s sake, he was just a second away from killing the girl if things had gone south and now she confessed?

He ruffled his head uneasily and took a step back. ”Ok. We should log back into the game. It ’s been too long and I have something important to talk to you guys. ”

”Ah… ” Shen Yue ’s face paled. He didn ’t say anything to her? She just stood rooted on the spot, completely frozen. Her eyes were already glistening.

Seeing that she became visibly wilted, Liam ruffled his hair again and decided to smoothen things a little bit.

”About the other thing, I think we should talk about it later when everything becomes more stable… I will be right here with you even then, so nothing will change. ”

”We cannot afford to lose focus right now. Do you understand? ”

Shen Yue blinked. So she was not rejected? Or was she still rejected and these were just words to console her?

Liam sighed. This was still not resolved?

He decided to use the same tactic he used on Mei Mei. He had a feeling that it would work.

”Don ’t think about all these things now. We need to work hard and survive. ” He took a step forward and patted the woman on her head. ”Can I count on you? ”

”Ye… yes. Yes. of course. ” Shen Yue wiped her eyes. ”I will always stand by you. I didn ’t know before sorry. Now I will work hard. I will definitely work hard. ”

”Alright. ” Liam nodded with a gentle smile. ”Thank you in advance then. ”

”So… I will go to the game capsule and log in now? ”

”Yes, I will contact you both inside the game. ”

”Ummm. Ok. ” Shen Yue looked again at the warm smile plastered on Liam ’s face and she once again blushed furiously before heading out.

”Heh. She is also so protective. ” Liam almost felt bad for not responding to her properly, but the truth was he also did not lie to her.

The timing right now was far too crucial for him to be entrapped and entwined in the arms of an enchantress. Maybe if her profession was different, things would have been a lot easier.

But after seeing Gu Donghai ’s behavior back at the restaurant, he did not want to underestimate her charms and allure.

Back then, the guy almost looked bewitched by her. What was that? Were things already beginning to change?

”No, I am thinking too much. I am giving that trash too much credit. ” Liam shook his head. There, of course, was always a possibility like that. He did not dare rule that out completely.

But there was still time for that and there would be a major announcement and the fact that he was not affected by her allure also meant something.

Otherwise, if her abilities were really leaking into the real world, then no man including him would have been able to resist her.

He would have probably already taken her to the bed.

Liam contemplated things carefully, not letting his judgment be clouded. Did she look the same as before or more beautiful?

The answer was definitely more beautiful!

”Hmmm… What if she is indeed more alluring than usual but my mental strength increased? ” Liam ’s gaze changed as this seemed to be more plausible.

He had recently been pushing himself to the extreme a lot. What if all those painful circumstances gave him more resistance?

He suddenly became stiff as a frightening thought popped up in his mind. Was mana already present in the world?

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