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Chapter 432 - A bad quest?

Chapter 431 – Here! Catch!

”Brother! Over here! ” Mei Mei waved her hand as Luna smoothly slowed down and circled around the group.

”Yes. I see you. ” Liam smiled. He was happy to see that she was not stressed or anxious. Rather she seemed to be in a hyperactive ’I need to help brother ’ mode.

He chuckled because this was not the first time he was experiencing this mode. It was better this way.

Luna landed and he jumped off of the fox energetically. The break from the game along with the nap he took just now was more than enough for him to recover his condition.

Things would have turned out differently if he had failed that soul forging but since he was successful he was able to recover mostly.

However, clearly the same couldn ’t be said for others. Many in the group looked worse for wear. They seemed like they had been working very hard.

”So what have you guys been up to? ” Liam grinned contently.

It was good that they were treating this seriously. He had now almost broken the news to everyone. Only some were left.

”Sir, I came across a ruin a few miles from here. I spent most of the time exploring those ruins. ” Derek answered first.

”Brother, we found a couple of dungeons around that area. We also saw some elites. ” Mei Mei reported next.

”Oh, that ’s quite good. Did you get any valuable drops? ” Liam was surprised.

The last time around, a few guilds indeed came across dungeons in the nether realm but the details regarding that were kept in wraps.

The only thing that were known about them were the dungeon names from the world announcement notifications. So Liam was very interested in this piece of information.

”What are the dungeon names? What type of beasts were there inside? How were the drops? ” He started asking a lot of questions.

Seeing this everyone ’s eyes also turned toward the little girl, all waiting for her words.

Mei Mei immediately became extremely embarrassed, especially since she now knew what was at stake.

”Ah. No brother. ” She tucked a hair behind her ear and added, ”Umm, we couldn ’t explore it properly. They were all too high-level for us. ”

She then looked at Shen Yue standing next to her for support who also quickly nodded. ”Some of them over Level 70. ”

Derek had given a lot more details than they had to offer so the two felt abashed. They nervously looked up at Liam to see his expression, only to find out that he couldn ’t care less.

He simply nodded and then moved on to the next person. Coincidentally, many people had similar encounters. It looked like either the mobs were too weak or too strong.

”It ’s fine. I did not expect you guys to grind a lot. Just the information you have is more than helpful. Mark everything and make a group map which we can tackle later. ”

”For now, we should do some hunting together as a group. The next stage, Level 50 is almost here. We need a lot of herbs. We should start raiding places that have herbs as drops. ”

Liam explained the tentative plan. No one asked him any questions because they all knew that he was Level 50. So it was only natural that he knew more about things than they knew.

”Other than the two spots that came up, did anyone else come across anything herbs related? ” Liam asked again, but it looked like this was all the information he could get.

It was neither too bad nor too good. ”Alright, let ’s get moving then. ”

Everyone was about to set out when Liam abruptly stopped as he almost forgot something important. ”Mei Mei, one second. ”

”Huh? What happened, brother? ” She turned around and before she could finish her words, something bright came towards her. ”Catch, ” Liam said.

”Ah! Brother, be careful! I almost dropped it. ” The little girl fumbled and caught the item and the next instant her eyes widened in shock. ”What is this… ”

It was a crown and she had seen a few ornamental drops like this before and but she had never seen anything… so beautiful…

The emerald gems sparkled mysteriously and the silver frame of the crown as well had a unique glow to it. From certain angles, it looked even strangely multicolored.

Everyone who was preparing to leave also saw this and they couldn ’t help but stop and stare at the item. It was a remarkable piece of jewelry that shone brilliantly.

Mei Mei ’s eyes were lit up like twinkling stars as she stared at that crown. Shen Yue, and Kang Minah also looked at the crown with yearning.

On the other side, one other girl also eyed the crown with big wide eyes. Luna licked her lips greedily as she placed one paw after another and stalked towards the crown slowly.

But before she could go near Mei Mei or the crown, Liam grabbed her in one swift motion and stared at the naughty little fox. ”Not for you! ”

As if each of his words fell down like thunderclaps, Luna ’s eyes opened even wider. She couldn ’t believe the words coming out of his mouth!

First, it was shock and then her expression quickly changed to sadness. The little fox pouted with her tail tucked behind her legs and walked away in depression.

Liam shook his head and chuckled wryly watching the little beast ’s antics. Was he going to pay for this later?

Anyways… he shifted his gaze from the fox to his sister. ”You. Why are you still staring at it? Equip it and tell me what you see. ”

”Ah ok, brother. ” Mei Mei snapped out of her trance and quickly equipped it. She then opened her system interface to take a look, almost instantly becoming even more shocked.

”Brother… this… this… is a legendary item?

Mei Mei dumbfoundedly stared at the details and then looked up at Liam in shock.

”Hmm? Do you see something? Share the details quickly. ”

Liam could tell that the item was obviously behaving differently in Mei Mei ’s hands. Now he was itching to find out the details.

After all, this was the first legendary item he had ever laid eyes on both his lifetimes combined.

Mei Mei nodded and shared with him everything promptly.


[Emerald Crown]

[Rating: Legendary, Level 1]

Health: +1000

Mana: +1000

Vitality: +100

Defense: +100

Stamina: +100

Agility: +100

Strength: +100

Intelligence: +100

Passive Skill: Life Bloom – The spirit of nature courses through you to rejuvenate your soul, mind, and body; All your stats are refreshed every five minutes.

Active Skill: Spirit Bloom – Call forth the spirits of nature to assist you and your allies. The spirit of wind increases agility by 5%; The spirit of fire increases strength by 5%; The spirit of earth increases defense by 5%; The spirit of water increases vitality by 5%

[To upgrade absorb the spirit force of one thousand players]

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