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Chapter 433 Herbs! Herbs! We Accept All Typesof Herbs Here!

Chapter 432 – A bad quest?

”Spirit force… what is that? ” Even though this was the second time around for Liam playing this game, he was still not familiar with this term.

However, except for this term, he was familiar with everything else. True to its rating, the Emerald Crown was stupidly over-powered.

It was no wonder that the group of 4 could hold out against that high-leveled elite for so long.

They did have the help of the Level 80 death knight as well but someone needed to heal that death knight and a crown like this at the hands of a healer should do the trick!

Also, these stats were the Level 1 item stats. It was given in the description that the crown could be evolved.

So if Anya had already managed to evolve the crown at least once that would explain why she was so over-powered.

More importantly… above all else… Liam knew one other secret.

He knew that there was a way to bring this Crown to the outside real world. This was the main reason he was excited.

Looking at it right now, it might seem impossible but Anya had done so in her previous life. So it was definitely possible.

Did she perhaps put all her efforts into leveling up the Crown and may be at higher levels some clue about it could be obtained?

”Hmmm… that should be the case. ” Liam examined the stats carefully and then closed the system interface.

Mei Mei, on the other hand, still continued to stare at Liam dumbfoundedly. Did her brother just casually toss her a legendary item?

Everyone else as well had the same expression.

They didn ’t get a chance to look at the stats of the Crown but they heard the word legendary and that was enough to make their scalp numb and scare them senseless.

A legendary item for god ’s sake!

Things like that were completely unknown in the game until now!

And now the little girl possessed such an item?!

This little girl was going to become OP!

Suddenly they couldn ’t help but wish that they also had siblings like Liam. He took care of everyone to some extent but of course, the little girl got the most attention.

Seeing Mei Mei standing like a stone, Liam flicked her forehead. ”What happened? You don ’t like it? Is it too heavy on the head? ”

The heck? Everyone who heard this wanted to bang their heads somewhere. Not liking a legendary item? Too heavy? This brother and sister pair was too much!

If it ’s too heavy, please give it to me, I will wear it!

Mei Mei was also drowning in embarrassment. This brother of hers!

She shook her head furiously and looked at Liam with hesitation and clouded eyed. ”Brother. This… is it really okay if I have this? ”

”Yes, you have nature affinity. This should suit you. You don ’t like it? ”

”Brother! ” Mei Mei stomped her feet. This was the second time. ”Of course, I like it! That is not the issue here! ”

After playing with the group for so long, she knew that a lot of talented experts were there even in their small group.

There was one other shaman and three hunters who should all technically be high in nature affinity.

They were so much more skilled than her and had also been working hard and leveling like maniacs.

So she couldn ’t help but feel uncomfortable accepting this heavy crown in front of everyone when she did not do anything to deserve it. Won ’t this cause problems in the team?

Liam on the other hand did not seem to care about this at all.

”Well, if you like it, then you should keep it and use it properly! Didn ’t you want to become strong? ” He simply shrugged.

Ah… Mei Mei nodded. She saw that her brother was serious and did not argue with him any longer. Yes, this was blatant nepotism but she couldn ’t care less. It was her brother.

She let out a sigh and hugged her brother tightly. ”I will not let you down, brother. ”

”Ha Ha. Ok. Then we are all going to be counting on you. You better pull your weight! ” Liam patted her.

Next to him, Luna looked at the little girl with attitude and bobbed her head up and down smugly as if she was also saying the same thing Liam was telling.

”Ok, we should keep moving now. To get good drops like this, we need to start hunting a lot more high-leveled elites. You guys are ready, right? ”

Liam ’s words were like sparks. They instantly uplifted the mood and everyone was more than ready to start grinding again.

With a legendary item dangling right in front of their eyes, the whole group was very motivated. Everyone quickly prepared to leave.

All of them had one mount or the other, but not all had flying mounts. Just as Liam was thinking about how to make arrangements for this, Shin Soo walked over to him scratching his head.

”Bro, Hi. I don ’t know if this is relevant, but I thought I will just let you know… I mean in case… ”

”It ’s fine. Even if you think that it ’s remotely important. You should always tell me. ” Liam patted him on his back.

”Ok, boss. ” Shin Soo nodded and then quickly started filling him in.

”As I said, I am not sure if this is relevant. In a small city a few miles back, some of the demons were collecting herbs by hawking loudly. ”

”They said that their leader ’s daughter was very ill so they needed all the herbs they could get their hands on. ”

”I covered my head, did some rudimentary disguise, and tried the quest. ”

”It was a good repeatable quest. It gave a good amount of experience points in exchange for herbs but it did not give any money in return. ”

”So I only submitted it a couple of times with the herbs I had in my hand. That ’s about it. Sorry if it is not of much help. ”

”Since you asked for anything that was herb related, I thought that I would just let you know about this. Aha ha ha. ”

Though repeatable quests had a lot of value, this one was not as good since herbs were something extremely valuable.

No one in their right minds would exchange such valuable items for experience points that could simply be earned by grinding for a few more minutes.

This was why Shin Soo ignored it straight away and walked out of the city after doing a couple of rounds. Now also he only mentioned it on a whim just because.

However, after hearing his words, Liam became unexpectedly quiet and then grinned, his lips curling upwards.

Perhaps if one was playing this game for the first time, they would look for quests like this to take the shortcut and level up fast.

But he was not playing it for the first time… so his eyes were on something else entirely.

”Heh. Time to make a trip to this city. ”

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